The Best 10 Virtual Reality Games in Steam 2020

The video games in Steam platform continues to grow in a number of options for those looking to have a good time with their consoles. And, both video amateurs and small and large software producers, find in Steam a giant… Continue Reading →

Best Free VR Games 2020

The best free (Virtual Reality) For many people, video games in RV are a fascinating world of fun. A great alternative entertainment to share and to compete with others. Virtual Reality world has taken a great leap with new playable… Continue Reading →

How Oculus Link works, the labor behind the VR technology

Attempts to immerse users in the visual fantasy of electronic devices have not ceased since the TV screen appeared. And not so many years ago, 3D television was also released. Today, with the Oculus Quest viewer and the Oculus Link… Continue Reading →

Meet the fabulous Creed: Ryse to Glory, also available for Oculus Quest

This is a great boxing game that belongs to the developer Survius. There are many games concerning boxing, there have been many adaptations to the world of video games that have been really good as Super Punch Out or Fight… Continue Reading →

The Best Bow and Arrow VR Games

With Virtual Reality we find a new and better way to live and enjoy the experience of video games. Thanks to this mode, not only your mind is connected to the game. You also feel that your whole body is… Continue Reading →

Red matter: Oculus Quest Review

Red Matter game emphasizes the experience and design. It places the immersion in an excellent way. It is a virtual reality game that becomes a narrative and puzzle adventure. Its plot and its technical section make it genuinely incredible. Now… Continue Reading →

Oculus Quest Full Body Tracking

The VR oculus quest viewer has brought a new system to enhance it. It is an accessory that is sold separately but is completely worthwhile. Are you familiar with the Oculus Quest Full tracking system? This is a system that… Continue Reading →

How to launch Oculus Quest on TV?

Do you want to project the image of Oculus Quest to a TV, with simple steps we can achieve that goal, this option is a good idea if you have a meeting with friends at home, so viewers can see… Continue Reading →

Oculus Quest Bluetooth Headphones

Oculus Quest enables various functions for the user, such as connecting the device to televisions with attached wireless inputs. The sound of this equipment is integrated into the display, with an abrasive quality that allows the user to be transported… Continue Reading →

Best Meditation Apps for Oculus Go

There are several applications in the second generation of oculus (oculus go) a wireless virtual reality device. Meditation is essential in moments of great tension or for situations of great stress. Fortunately, there are now many ways to end the… Continue Reading →

The Best Oculus Go Games for Kids

Oculus announced on October 11, 2017, that it would launch a new independent Virtual Reality headset. This device was called “Oculus Go”. It was a collaboration between Oculus and the great mobile SoC designer, Qualcomm, along with Xiaomi. Like the… Continue Reading →

Oculus Go Best Games to Exercise

When we prepare to use the oculus go we find various activities to entertain us or relax us, either by meditating or watching our favorite series. In addition to the various functions that can have the oculus go, being able… Continue Reading →

How to change the environment on Oculus Go?

Changing the environment in the oculus go can become a bit complicated, but with an internet search, you can solve that problem. The wide variety of backgrounds in the oculus go will impress you. You can choose the one that… Continue Reading →

Best Browsers and Search Engines for Oculus Go

Technology advances exponentially every day, futuristic games have become the present that many fans dreamed of. Search engines can now be used on VR devices like the oculus go, for those who are not very familiar with the technology. A… Continue Reading →

Is Oculus Quest better than HTC Vive?

  If you’re thinking about getting a Virtual Reality headset for you or someone else, you’re gonna want to get the best possible one, and that’s why you’re here, to do what any smart buyer would do: Their due research…. Continue Reading →

Is Oculus Quest Bad For Your Eyes?

We know that every time something new and exciting pops up in the world -and particularly if it’s popular- there will always be the question of whether that something, as wonderful as it is, could be bad for you. It’s… Continue Reading →

Is Oculus Quest better than PSVR?

When it comes to Virtual Reality devices, everything that we’re seeing is very new and hasn’t yet completed the so-called test of time. Nevertheless, this technology is so enticing to everyone that the market has seen a steady flow of… Continue Reading →

The Best Shooter VR games Coming Soon in 2020

There is no doubt that virtual reality games are here to stay. These are perfect for those who are not enough playing with 4K quality, high frame rate and HDR. Certainly, 2019 was a great year for VR games. However,… Continue Reading →

The Best 8 Virtual Reality Games Coming Soon in 2020

Without any doubt we can say that we live in the era of Virtual Reality games. Their extreme popularity has reached the peak, and the number of games that are released each year grows in clarified dimensions. Let´s see which… Continue Reading →

The Under Presents: Oculus Quest Review

The Under Presents is now available for Oculus Quest. For those who know this game is a very thrilling news. However, if you haven´t had the chance to know this game we are going to help you right now. So,… Continue Reading →

The most popular Virtual Reality companies that make games

Virtual reality (or VR) is the feeling of being immersed in an environment with real-looking objects or scenes that are computer generated. It has been a very big step in the games field, and there are Virtual Reality companies that… Continue Reading →

Best 10 Oculus Go Accessories

  Once you have the Oculus Go in your hands, we guarantee that you’re gonna want some extra things so that you can have an even better experience. It’s like going to the movies – sure, the movie itself is… Continue Reading →

Is Oculus Quest Good for Exercise?

Yes, it is good for exercise because Oculus Quest provides physical activities and health-related fitness experiences to users. Quest serves as a reliable exercising device as it allows full-body movements to get your heart rate pumping healthily during gameplay. Quest… Continue Reading →

Is Oculus Quest Compatible with Xbox One?

Tired of sitting on your couch while playing your favorite Xbox One titles? Level up your game by expanding your library of VR games with Oculus Quest through the sideloading process. Is Oculus Quest Compatible with Xbox One? No, it… Continue Reading →

Is Oculus Quest Comfortable?

The Oculus Quest is a standalone device that encompasses all electronic components on the VR headset. Unfortunately, it influences the weight of the headset negatively, adding to a less comfortable experience. Good thing, several products might be the answer to… Continue Reading →

Does Oculus Quest Make You Sick?

Virtual-augmented reality games become a “reality-reality” idea. Despite the progress VR technology has made over the years –streamlined user experience, cost-effective components, and impressive animation –there is a single problem that continues to exist: motion sickness. In VR, motion sickness… Continue Reading →

Does Oculus Quest Have Bluetooth?

Oculus Quest is an impressive VR headset. Yet, it doesn’t have native support for Bluetooth headphones. Although there are ways to connect your Bluetooth devices on Quest, the hassle is not worth it. The Oculus Quest is a tetherless device,… Continue Reading →

Ways to expand local storage on Oculus Go (use external storage)

Have you run out of space on your Oculus Go? Don’t you worry, we will find a solution as we go through this article. The storage capacity on the Oculus go is around 32GB and 64GB, this amount is defined… Continue Reading →

Is Oculus Quest Allowed On Planes?

Whether you just happen to be bringing your Oculus Quest to use one you arrive at your destination or expressly for use during the flight, there’s one obvious question popping in your head. Is Oculus Quest Allowed On Planes? To… Continue Reading →

How to Clean the Oculus Quest: Full Guide

To extend the life of the Oculus Quest and avoid an unwanted accident, it is important that you take care of it and keep it in a safe place. Do not forget that the limited warranty doesn’t cover normal wear… Continue Reading →

2020: 14 New Games Coming to the Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest has more than 100 games and applications and as many anticipated games and others not so well-known will be released in 2020, today we bring you 14 New Games Coming to the Oculus Quest. 14 New Games… Continue Reading →

Best Oculus Quest Multiplayer Games

The fame that Oculus Quest has acquired since its launch on May 29 of this year has continued to increase, especially due to certain titles that connect more than one player in the same space. Yes, we are talking about… Continue Reading →

Job Simulator Gameplay Review on Oculus Quest

“The year is 2050 and robots have replaced all human jobs!” This is how this peculiar game called Job Simulator started. Developed by Owlchemy Labs, this VR game takes you to the near future to participate in various virtual work… Continue Reading →

Journey of the Gods Gameplay Review on Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest has become a brilliant reference of VR since its release on May 21, 2019. And that is partly down to its wireless nature, but people also love the ability to pack it into a bag and take… Continue Reading →

Is Oculus Quest compatible with iRacing?

Do you want to buy a virtual reality headset but you don’t know if oculus quest is compatible with iRacing? It, is not. However, there are a few ways you can still make this work. Check the video below: What… Continue Reading →

Oculus Quest Horror Games for 2020

2020 is just around the corner and like every year, Oculus Connect serves to discover the Oculus Quest games that will arrive in the coming months, as well as to know the technological future of the headsets. But, what is… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate List of the Best Oculus Quest Free Games

Since its release on May 21 of this year, this second Oculus virtual reality headset has taken important steps to expand the VR world, offering an immersive and quality experience at a reasonable price. The Oculus Quest enables wireless room-scale… Continue Reading →

What VR Headsets Are Compatible with Steam?

So, after a while saving your money, building carefully your pc for VR specifications and waiting for the development and improvement of the technology, you have decided that now is the moment for acquire your first headset to play the… Continue Reading →

VR Movies for Oculus Headsets

When we started to see avatar on the movies in 2009, people were starting to consider seriously 3D technology as a proper way to see a movie in a rather interesting way. Time has proven the 3D technology on the… Continue Reading →

The Best 5 VR driving simulators

VR´s main attraction as a system and platform is immersion for the player. There is no doubt about it, the 6 degrees of freedom that is present in many of the VR headsets on the market today, puts it in… Continue Reading →

Our Favorite PSVR Local Multiplayer Games

VR no longer is the individual experience that we used to see in many of the demonstrations where a single person was able to enjoy the technology and everyone else had to see it. With the different innovations specially in… Continue Reading →

How to Factory Reset Oculus Quest?

As with any device there are moments where its functioning is not as adequate or there are significant problems due to update or firmware or some other kind of difficulties, that can rise up to the moment which can really… Continue Reading →

Best VR Music Games

Since the release of Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Dance Dance Revolution, and many other music games, there has always been a possibility of exploiting how the consoles can generate a proper utilization of their interfaces to make instruments and music… Continue Reading →

Best VR Gloves 2020

In virtual reality systems, one important aspect is the headset, is the center of the Virtual Reality experience, where you see the graphics, these are processed and directly put in front of your eyes, to have the most immersive experience… Continue Reading →

Best PSVR Driving Games

Driving games have always been a source of inspiration to test new technologies and new forms of representation of the act of driving a car in a digital form. There have been many driving simulators from the beginning of gaming… Continue Reading →

Best AR Glasses for Driving

Augmented reality has the particularity of utilizing the environment and software to generate information directly to the user in a form that is easily consumable and practical to access in any moment. We have seen the many advantages of Augmented… Continue Reading →

Best AR Glasses Companies List and Products

We are always talking about how Virtrual reality has gained traction enough in the entertainment business, and also in movie production to be considered now a reality that it is quite ready to have a permanent foothold in our lives…. Continue Reading →

Oculus Go Battery Life

Oculus being the all in one headset made for entertainment brings experiences to life in vibrancy with crystal clear optics in great detail. With all necessary processing components, sensors and display systems already built in, it doesn’t require to be… Continue Reading →

Oculus Go is Cheap

The term Virtual reality (VR) dates back to at least 1994. To the time where Nintendo Power Glove and Sega 3D glasses were an immensely popular techno gadget. From then techno industries have been busy in launching several gadgets for… Continue Reading →

How to connect your oculus go to PC and what are the benefits

Virtual reality headsets have been quite popular from past couple of years. They come in two categories. One category involves the headset to be connected to a computer or a console and the second category allows it to be powered… Continue Reading →

Do Oculus Go Apps Work On Quest?

It has been confirmed by Oculus CTO John Carmack that the Quest will be made to support Oculus Go apps “by way of a compatibility layer that makes Quest report as a Go and emulate the Go controller for old… Continue Reading →

Getting a Black Screen on Oculus Go Headset

Virtual Reality has become a mainstream form of entertainment now. Almost all gaming lovers want their hands on new headsets to have an immersive experience in virtual settings. There is a whole variety of powerful headsets available designed to support… Continue Reading →

Beat Saber On Oculus Go

Beat saber happens to be a VR rhythm game launch to Early Access in May 2018. It requires users to slash the beats of adrenaline pumping music as they fly towards you. It gained a massive following ever since its… Continue Reading →

Oculus go Browser: How to use

Using the Oculus Go browser: how to enable Private Browsing on Oculus Go?   Oculus Go does not come with a special browser pre-installed. It runs on software just called ‘Browser’. After further experiments we managed to find that it… Continue Reading →

Setting up Developer Mode on Oculus Go

Oculus Go launched four months ago to a roaring wave of excellent reviews and good sales. Oculus released the hardware without any major faults in its programming which resulted in a smooth and pleasant launch experience. The device has been… Continue Reading →

Oculus go VR Chat and Oculus Rooms

Oculus Go came out four months ago to a wave of excitement. Fans of Oculus welcomed the new addition to the family with overwhelmingly high sales and critical appraisal. What better way to launch a new piece of hardware? Besides… Continue Reading →

Oculus Go Teardown: What we already know

Oculus Go, the $ 200 VR headset launched to an overwhelmingly positive reception. The inexpensive headset sported a surprisingly good marketing campaign and a selection of movies, games, and apps that helped it fly off the shelf. Virtually anybody who… Continue Reading →

Oculus Go Operation System and Developer options

Oculus Go is the newest virtual reality headset developed and released by the Oculus company. It was met by positive reviews and to date has sold recently well. But what hides inside the software and hardware of this little trinket?… Continue Reading →

How to update oculus go

Oculus Go is a fantastic addition to the VR family. It came out roughly 4 months ago and has been doing very well in the already saturated virtual reality market. These are good news for people who shied away from… Continue Reading →

Netflix on Oculus Go

Since the Oculus Go was released 4 months ago, reviewers have been stating it Is the most comfortable and affordable virtual reality software ever made. It has been a long road in waiting for the hardware to be released. There… Continue Reading →

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