Do You Need Glasses for VR

Do You Need Glasses For VR?

Virtual reality is one of the biggest developments in gaming over the last few years. However, it does require the player to place a headset over their eyes, which may present issues if the user wears glasses. Many people with impaired vision ask: Do you need glasses for VR? Today, I’ll answer that question, and explain how to get the most out of virtual reality if you wear glasses.

Fortunately, there are ways to comfortably wear glasses while playing virtual reality games. There are also ways to avoid wearing glasses while playing virtual reality games, if the user prefers to do so.

To wear glasses while playing virtual reality, the most recommended practice is to put the headset on differently so that your glasses aren’t smashed against your face. If you would prefer to not wear glasses while playing virtual reality, there are also ways to do that.

The following article is a short guide on how to use a virtual reality headset if you wear glasses.

How Does VR Work If You Wear Glasses?

Virtual reality works pretty much the same if you wear glasses. You’ll be able to see the screen and play the game while wearing the headset. The main difference is that you’ll have to put the headset on differently.

How to Use a VR Headset with Glasses

To put the headset on while you’re wearing your glasses, gently press the headset against your face first. Make sure you don’t hit your glasses and that the headset fits over the frame. Then pull the strap over the back of your head, and you’re good to go.

If the headset presses against your glasses or feels uncomfortable, then you might need to adjust. Pushing your glasses forward on your nose slightly will help lessen the pressure on your ears and the sides of your head.

If that still doesn’t help, then you might need to adjust the strap on the headset to make sure it isn’t pressing against the frames.

Alternatively, you could use the glasses spacer that comes with the Oculus headset. It gives you a little extra space between the headset and your glasses.

This could help protect the lenses on your glasses and the headset from getting scratched, and help make using the headset more comfortable.

Do You Need Good Eyesight for VR?

While having good eyesight might make the virtual reality experiences better, you can still experience it if you have bad eyesight.

Using Virtual Reality with Glasses

If you are farsighted, then you’ll likely be able to see more clearly while using virtual reality headsets. But if you are nearsighted, the virtual reality experience might become more difficult.

It really depends on the severity of your prescription. The heavier it is, the less likely you’ll be able to play virtual reality games without issues.

It’s recommended to try playing virtual reality without glasses, but if it strains your eyes too much, then you’ll have to find another way.

Can You Use Oculus Without Glasses?

It is possible for you to use the Oculus headset (Amazon link / Manufacturer Link) without glasses. All you have to do is change the graphics settings on the headset, to make the image clearer.

Do You Need Glasses for Virtual Reality?

To change the graphics settings, go to the Oculus app on your computer or phone and open the “Graphics Preferences” option. You can adjust your graphics settings, like render resolution and clarity, here. Play around with the settings until the visual level is something you can work with.

However, adjusting the graphics settings can only go so far. If you’re still having trouble seeing, then you’ll probably have to wear your glasses while using the headset.

Tips For Using VR With Glasses

Before getting a virtual reality headset, make sure your glasses are the right size to fit inside it. The width of your VR headset should be 142 millimeters or less, and the height should be 50 millimeters or less.

If your glasses are larger than that, then you either won’t be able to use a virtual reality headset or you’ll need to adjust the graphics settings.

Once you receive the headset, all you have to do is insert the included glasses spacer. To do so, gently remove the facial interface foam from the headset.

Attach the glasses spacer by pressing it into the place where the foam just was. Finally, replace the foam and the headset is reader to use.

It’s also recommended to take frequent breaks while playing VR, especially if you use glasses. Too much time on the headset can cause eye strain or feelings of uncomfortableness on your ears and face.

To avoid this, take frequent breaks while playing and stop playing if your head, face, or eyes begin to hurt.

What’s The Best VR Headset For Glasses?

The PlayStation VR Headset (Amazon link) is the best headset for players that wear glasses. The size of the headset fits the majority of glasses frames, regardless of size or style.

But even if the headset fits your glasses, users have reported experiencing pain on their nose bridge after using the headset for a long period of time.

No matter what headset you use, you’ll have to take breaks if you wear glasses and play virtual reality games. It’s the best way to avoid eye strain or pain on your face and head.

Final Thoughts About Using VR with Glasses

Wearing glasses while playing virtual reality takes some adjustment, but it’s possible to do so. It’s also possible to still play virtual reality games without wearing glasses if the user prefers that method.

But no matter which method you use, make sure the headset and your glasses are comfortably fitted on your face and head to avoid pain and possible damages.

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