How to Prevent Motion Sickness in VR

How to Prevent Motion Sickness in VR

Some people experience motion sickness while enjoying the immersive world of virtual reality. This can happen whether you’re using VR for gaming or industrial applications. If this is something you’re dealing with you’re likely wondering how to prevent motion sickness in VR. To resolve this issue you really need to explore and understand what causes …

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Do You Need Glasses for VR

Do You Need Glasses For VR?

Virtual reality is one of the biggest developments in gaming over the last few years. However, it does require the player to place a headset over their eyes, which may present issues if the user wears glasses. Many people with impaired vision ask: Do you need glasses for VR? Today, I’ll answer that question, and …

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vr games free

Best Free VR Games

The best free (Virtual Reality) For many people, video games in RV are a fascinating world of fun. A great alternative entertainment to share and to compete with others. Virtual Reality world has taken a great leap with new playable proposals. The passionate player disconnects from his own reality by immersing himself in his Videos …

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