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Amaze VR review

The virtual reality market is saturated; up to date there are over a thousand self-funded indie developers who focus on games, entertainment, and hardware. Amaze is quite a  young company in an insanely competitive market. Other, more well funded companies like Oculus Story Video and Altspace VR have come to a bitter end; companies with a lot of funds and powerful contributors behind them. Why is Amaze VR different?

amaze vr

Amaze did one thing that revolutionized the VR video editing and sharing game. They began filming videos in 180 VR rather than the industry standard 360 VR. Why 180? Because 180 allows for a higher quality and a better in-depth of vision. When companies began filming videos in 360 the general public believed this was the correct way; there was nobody to oppose that notion. But down the line we realised that 360 sacrifices quality and experience rather than enhance.
Amaze VR began filming with a 180 camera from the start. Soon experts in the field began realising that 280 cameras not only improve quality but keep it consistent.

Currently, Amaze VR have has over 50 unique videos in their online library. They range from adventure, horror, and comedy: everything a user needs to feel enticed and entertaining.

For us personally, we think that Amaze VR have immense potential. In an age where online video entertainment is slowly pushing away regular media like Television, it’s important to keep industry standards up to par. If Amaze keeps up this tempo we will surely see some great things from them.
It’s important to note that in recent news, YouTube has began doing some drastic measure for their quality control. If we rely only on them for a video sharing platform they could end up with a monopoly on the market. Amaze could offer an alternative should things turn sour.

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