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Netflix on Oculus Go

Since the Oculus Go was released 4 months ago, reviewers have been stating it Is the most comfortable and affordable virtual reality software ever made. It has been a long road in waiting for the hardware to be released. There were a lot of push-backs and delays and an endless wave of hype that swamped

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Discovery VR Review

Virtual Reality is so often described as a form of escapism for most people. While there is an appeal to shutting yourself out on those rainy and moody days, virtual reality helps you discover and connect with the outside world like never before. Discovery VR helps lovers of the outside experience even more. It is

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Amaze VR review

The virtual reality market is saturated; up to date there are over a thousand self-funded indie developers who focus on games, entertainment, and hardware. Amaze is quite a  young company in an insanely competitive market. Other, more well funded companies like Oculus Story Video and Altspace VR have come to a bitter end; companies with

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Altspace VR review

Altspace VR is shutting down on August 3rd.. This came as a surprise to fans and supporters of the studio; Altspace VR after all are responsible for events such as Bill Nye the Science Guy, Speed Friending, and Microsoft Meetups. Altspace VR has been known over the world as the leading social platform for virtual

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