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v time oculus go

Vtime Review

Taken straight from a science fiction movie, VTime is the answer to every business meeting or date: virtual reality. Vtime stands for virtual time. When we say virtual time, we mean it. This ground-breaking app allows you to customize your avatar anyway you want and socialise with other users. Anywhere you want. Imagine this: you …

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swat academy review oculus go

Swat Academy Review

SWAT Academy sets you to the test as you control the weaponry and tactics needed to grow the best. Update your skills in an intense simulation of warfare training, face to face versus waves of hostile objectives, and survive the attack of zombie people. SWAT, designed to use the new 3D console, designed for you …

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skylight review oculus go

Skylight Review

Skylight contains three available game modes, Campaign, Skirmish, and Multiplayer. The first is the best place to start where you will quickly learn what ships do, in three levels of difficulty. You usually have an easier campaign in combat with Armada than the larger AI discount ships, so you should not have much difficulty. The …

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poker vr oculus go review

Poker VR Review

With the release of Oculus Go, the virtual reality market has grown even more. The international release happened a few months ago and reviews have been overwhelmingly positive for the Oculus Go headset. One of the newest games featured on Oculus Go is Poker VR. Poker card games have been a thing in virtual reality …

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jaunt vr oculus go

Jaunt VR Review

Virtual reality is all we can talk about these days. What started as a science fiction dream in the 50s has become daily life now. We have headsets that can play the most advanced video games and the most beautiful of movies. VR headsets can transport us to exotic places or connect us with people …

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drift review oculus go

Drift Review

Drift is a unique experience from drift’s perspective that takes full advantage of the potential of virtual reality to offer a new and challenging game model. Enjoy very absorbing suspense scenes and, try to avoid obstacles until you find your objective. Take the challenge and travel through 15 unique environments of the main story, to …

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