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Creed, rise to glory_ Oculus Quest Review

Meet the fabulous Creed: Ryse to Glory, also available for Oculus Quest

This is a great boxing game that belongs to the developer Survius. There are many games concerning boxing, there have been many adaptations to the world of video games that have been really good as Super Punch Out or Fight Night Round 4, in fact we could compete with great legends of history, however, we […]

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5 Oculus Quest Horror Games for 2020

Oculus Quest Horror Games

2020 is just around the corner and like every year, Oculus Connect serves to discover the Oculus Quest games that will arrive in the coming months, as well as to know the technological future of the headsets. But, what is Oculus Connect? It is a two-day conference that brings together developers, creators and visionaries to

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Beat Saber On Oculus Go

Beat saber happens to be a VR rhythm game launch to Early Access in May 2018. It requires users to slash the beats of adrenaline pumping music as they fly towards you. It gained a massive following ever since its release due to its fast paced game play, it’s amazing soundtrack and its graphics. So,

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minecraft vr oculus go, pig over rock

Minecraft for Oculus Go

Oculus Go is the newest virtual reality devise released by the oculus studio. It came out four months ago and has been basking in the bright limelight of its success. Sales and reviews for the Oculus Go have been through the roof, with reviewers claiming that the device builds up and improves on already existing

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v time oculus go

Vtime Review

Taken straight from a science fiction movie, VTime is the answer to every business meeting or date: virtual reality. Vtime stands for virtual time. When we say virtual time, we mean it. This ground-breaking app allows you to customize your avatar anyway you want and socialise with other users. Anywhere you want. Imagine this: you

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