The 30 Best Oculus Go Games


Oculus Go Games has had a great year so far, ever since the Gear Virtual Reality (VR) feature was released, there have been hundreds of games and apps developed. This amazing feature gives everyone the opportunity to really relate to the game, it gives them the chance to actually feel like they’re inside the screen. It creates emotions that a normal flat screen TV doesn’t offer.

It’s a whole new world that is still being developed as it’s just the start and better and improved games are coming!

Some of the best releases until now have been Face Your Fears, UltraWings, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Virtual Virtual Reality, Elevator to the Moon, They Suspect Nothing, and Althora.

This list will keep changing as more games are released but as for now, these are the top 30 Oculus Go Games.

30. Ocean Rift

ocean rift

Ocean Rift is the first virtual reality aquatic safari park, this game is very educational, you can click on any animal you come across with and learn every detail. There are 40 fully narrated points you can listen to. Discover dolphins, turtles, rays, sharks, whales, sea snakes, sea lions, and manatees. The game comes with 12 habitats in which you can swim around using the touch controls or gamepad. The environment is very vivid and real, you can come across shipwrecks and coral reefs. The animal’s behavior matches their actual actions, for example a dolphin swirling around. The great star is the white shark; you are actually locked in a cage, as it swims around you.

29. Dead Secret

dead secret

Dead Secret, the game in where you are a reporter in 1965 and the scientist Harris Bullard dies; but you’re convinced it was a murder even after the police department announced that he died of a natural cause. You investigate the crime scene and develop some theories. Since this game is set a few years back, it means you have to solve the crime with old strategies, going through clues from newspapers or letters and even following some leads. The game consists of 5 different plot twists, meaning there are 5 endings. The game has available the VR feature but it can be played without it too, but you don’t get the full experience.

28. Dead and Buried

dead and burried

It is the best first person shooter game in Virtual Reality. It has available a single-player option, multiplayer and most importantly the co-op option; which has in-game purchases where you can have access to new weapons and health. The game features a Wild West theme, where you can have the occasional 1v1 shoot down. You can also do things like rob a runaway train or team up with bandits in order to stop a large group of creatures. You can even discuss strategies to defeat a higher lever opponent. There’s a target range in single-player where you can practice your aim and get the highest score!

27. Drop Dead

drop dead

This isn’t another predictable VR game. This game brings a new experience with the Oculus Touch, improving not only the quality but it also makes the game a lot more challenging. If you are ready for jump scares then this one is for you. This can be played as single-player or multiplayer, where you have 3 timelines in which you can defeat the many hordes coming your way. With the help of pistols, sticky grenades, gadgets, and fusion cannons, you can get through every mission and unlock a new one. You even have access to survival mode in which you can fight alongside your friend and see how long you guys can last.

26. Rock and Rails

rock and rails

Shoot, play and rock on! You can jam alone or with a friend on a journey of 9 different levels and you have the option of choosing between 3 characters. Throughout your journey you travel on a rail all over the city in which you encounter different creatures and objects. But it’s all about the Rock ‘n’ Roll. As long as you have fun with a guitar or bass, which you can choose at preference. It honestly feels like you are riding a rollercoaster when you’re going around the whole place. The audio adds a whole different effect to make this a greater game.

25. End Space

Best-selling Gear Virtual Reality game; a single-player game where you are Minos Starfighter from the United Trade Consortium, you are set on a mission to protect the company’s secret jump-drive technology from Tartarus Liberation Front insurgents. You have to protect yourself from the organization in which you can encounter various situations like dog fighting. The weapons are powered by an energy reserve that has to recharge after every use. After each mission you earn credits and unlock new missions, you can upgrade your guns and missiles; and always go back to improve your high score in old missions and earn more credit.

24. Daedalus

This is the most surreal game, set in a surreal world. Daedalus, the main character, is imprisoned by King Minos due to all of his knowledge about Creta’s Labyrinth, which he wants to keep secure. Daedalus travels the intricate labyrinth in his dreams every night, he tries to look back at every step in order to gain his freedom and escape his tragedy. You must find the three triangle platforms in order to carry on. As you level up the architecture becomes more and more confusing and puzzled, you have to look at every detail in order to figure out what to do next. Be patient with this game above anything!

23. The Well

This game is set in an unrealistic world, like actually, it’s set in another planet where civilians live in peace for a while until the Tesh come with plans of destruction. Your role is set by The Oracle, they give you the task of keeping the balance. You have to figure out a way of saving the planet before it’s too late, in your journey you will recruit allies and learn all of Tholl’s mysteries. This task isn’t going to be easy due to the fact that the Tholl is very ancient and you will have to look at things from another perspective in order to find a way.

22. Augmented Empire

It’s the year 2058 and New Savannah has been divided into 3 ranks. The people of the high class live in luxurious homes and in the best part of the city and all of those below live in the squalid depth’s. You have the option of playing with 6 different characters across 26 missions. It features 10 hours of gameplay. The control of the game is fairly easy and there are a lot of options you can explore. This game offers tactics, gunplay and even upgrades; and it has cool graphics too. You get to make different choices, which is great for future replaying.

21. Cloudlands Minigolf

Award winning, Viveport Developer of 2017, is a game that everyone can play. If you’re looking for a more chilled virtual reality game then you’ve found it. This game requires little body movement but it gives the full experience at minigolf. But it isn’t a typical game of minigulf, there are many obstacles that make your life hard and frustrating. You can design your own complicated maps for online players out there and you can also play with theirs. You can either play alone or you have the choice of playing against maximum 4 players. The graphics are very clean and the colors provide a very relaxing feeling.

20. Pet Lab

This isn’t a normal dog and cat game. You can create your own little creature that you can train and grow with. You can have access to the egg hatching in which you can decide the shapes and sizes. You have your own kitchen in where you can make different potions from ingredients such as ears, tails, horns, and furs; you can even decide the color of each add-on. In training, you can improve your pet’s skills so they can later participate against other pets. There are many options you can explore around your lab. There’s even an option to sell your pets for rewards.

19. Coaster Combat

If you’re not a fan of real rollercoasters, then you won’t be a fan of this game because it all feels pretty real. Travel through different maps where you can shoot at rewards that are in your way -or maybe on the sides- to collect them. You can even challenge your friends and play along beside them to see who finishes faster and gets the most rewards; you can throw things at each other in order to keep you from collecting rewards. The locations and tracks vary every time you play, you can be in a mountain or at a haunted house.

18. They Suspect Nothing

The single player game that lets you experience what it feels like to be the last human on earth. Which is something a lot of people think about. You’re left with a bunch of robots that put you up to many random human detection tests. There are 5 instructors that keep tab of your progress that will eventually decide your future. But don’t worry if you’re not comfortable with some of the tests you can simply pass the “mission”. It has graphics to die for and you have a full voice cast too. You also have access to 20 mini games in which you can replay to improve your high score.

17. Skylight

You can travel through space and go through 36 different missions alone. Or ,you can go to multiplayer, which has an option not many games have; you can play against other opponents but you won’t both have to be online at the same time. You can just choose your orders and go back to continue playing once your opponent has played their turn. There are 3 campaign options, easy, normal or hard. The new Deluxe Edition has new missions and ships. There’s a large 3D neon map that tells you your position and you can see what’s happening in the battle.

16. Althora

Althora, futuristic graphics, it’s a whole new planet. The task is to find the lost treasure, which was hidden by a mythical emperor. You can freely explore the land, on which you will discover clues and puzzles, which you will have to solve in order to get closer to finding the treasure. Your journey will develop in 5 chapters on which you will see the amazing scenery brought by the game. This is a single-player game that does not require internet connection. The warm colors used by the game provide automatic relaxation and calmness. And throughout your adventure, there will be a flying robot accompanying you.

15. UltraWings

UltraWings has made a huge impression on the gamer world. It’s the first aerial-themed game. In order to have full control and access to the aircraft, the game requires the Oculus Touch, with this you can interact with every single button at sight. Get the full experience by exploring each mission across the islands, which are fully developed, you can fly by cars, boats, and even seagulls. Be prepared from random situations like emergency landings or flying through tough objects. There are also races available and you may have to perform spot landings. You can earn money to purchase new aircrafts or airports, with the Virtual reality feature you can a real experience.

14. Virtual Virtual Reality

Virtual Virtual Reality, award winning VR experience, it’s not much of a game but much more. This app is set in the future, where you are a new worker at Activitude, which is a company that offers artificial intelligence (AI). Due to this new technology, society has changed and everyone is looking for a purpose. The virtual reality (VR) features let you travel the 50 virtual virtual realities, which allow you to know more about Activitude and their work; or you can also break free from all of this technology before you lose everything. This is an experience like no other that will blow your mind.

13. Lucifer’s Mask

This is quite a dark game with cheerful graphics. The game basically informs you about Lucifer’s origin and the afterlife, according to the game the afterlife formed by those who sinned first. Apart from the religious point of view, you can fly, walk on walls, and fight without controllers. There are some scenes of the game where it automatically changes in between first and third person. The game consists of 10 levels in which there 4 environments. There are also some cut scenes through your journey. You will encounter some enemies but in some levels, you can actually avoid them.

12. Wheel Rush

The setting of the game is in space, where there’s a ring, on where you ride a monocycle. As you start the game, rewards start appearing, and you must collect them in order to gain more and access some features, there are three lanes on where you can switch depending on the obstacles you get. There are also shields, which you find throughout the game that give you an extra chance if you hit anything. You can always beat your high score but the longer you go on the harder the game gets, with new obstacles on the way. In the menu, you can purchase skins and color in order to customize your monocycle and get the best version to beat your score.

11. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Steel Crate Game’s Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is the most intensive game out there; you are left with a bomb that has wires, symbols, codes, and buttons that you don’t understand. It’s a multiplayer game but there’s a catch: there is only one player that can see the bomb, the other players have a manual and they have to guide you through the whole process of diffusing it. There’s no going solo with this game, the bomb will change appearance for each play which also changes the manual so don’t make the mistake of doing something before listening to your team! This game is VR supported; you can enter the room and swap out with your teammates so they can defuse the next bomb!

10. Face Your Fears

Face Your Fears is an entire spooky game, free-to-download, where there are multiple experiences with different scenarios. In every situation, you can find a fear. It can go from standing on a tiny platform of a skyscraper and you’re looking down, as if that’s not enough stress, there’s a huge fight going on beside you that include a huge robot and an airplane. Or, for less adrenaline (but still intense) scenario, you’re in a room surrounded by darkness where you hear random noises and objects start to move and then come the jump scares. There’s a new update featuring Netflix’s Stranger Things, where you get to experience what being in the “Upside Down” feels like.

09. Republique VR

Award winning Republique, expanded into the virtual reality business, named Republique VR. In this game you can play 5 episodes that follow the storyline of Hope, who needs saving. Along the journey, you have to make decisions for her, like deciding where to hide or how to avoid being seen. This game takes strategies and planning beforehand. You can even take things from the guards when they look another way, which gives you rewards. Bringing this game from a flat screen TV to VR has really given it a more realistic feel that will keep you hooked for 8 hours.

08. B-Team

There’s an alien invasion, you will have to encounter many obstacles, explosions and traps. So beware on everything. There are enemies that have higher ranks and require you to do a lot more thinking, they have different puzzles that may take you a while to understand, but with the help of your special weapons and your team, you can great through many waves. These aliens aren’t carrying normal guns, they have heavy firepower. You can also change in between characters to get the full ride. The first person shooter gives you an experience like no other. You get full access to do personalization and there’s a lot of technology revolving the game.

07. Elevator to the Moon

Elevator to the moon, award winning game in which you are Lunarnaut, a character that should supposedly be helping the President of the World; who has the insane idea of building an elevator to the moon. He’s always giving you orders and screaming at you (actually screaming) but you can always ignore his craziness and explore the elevator. There are certain things he wants to keep private but you don’t have to listen. Discover all the things you can do like breaking stuff around you or hacking everything, you can even eat some cookies. Make whatever decision you want to see a different outcome.

06. The Missed Spaceflight

It’s 1978 and you’re a Polish astronaut that has been chosen to send to space while three of your friends stayed home. You have a real shot of feeling what it’s like to be inside a spaceship, you can see the whole control panel. It was actually one of Samsung’s dreams to be part of a project like this one. You get the full experience, from the moment you take off to the moment you enter space; you even get the turbulence as a secondary effect and other minor obstacles. You get to feel the gravity and you can see the objects floating, which is honestly so cool.

05. Anshar Online

The sequel we have all been waiting for, Anshar Online, after the release of Anshar Wars and Anshar Wars 2 back in 2015, Ozwe Games have finally given us what we want. You can play with gamers all over the world in co-op mode and get through 50 challenging missions. Get the chance to play against components (or friends) to show them who gets more kills and who’s the fastest to do so. With every mission, your stats such as level and skills change, which gives you a better shot in the next fight. You get the full experience in customizing from changing ships to fully editing it; you can get new skins, weaponry, and new abilities with every upgrade you make.

04. Oculus Rooms

This is a great place to chill with your friends, you can fully customize the room to your taste; and you can even replace the wall decoration with Facebook photos. When you invite your friends over you can play tabletop games, jump into other apps, listen to music, share photos or watch TV and movies. There are multiple avatars you can choose from which you can also customize. There’s a new update in which you can insert 360 degrees videos and post livestream comments. Now you can hang out with friends without having get dressed and drive to a location.

03. Catan VR

This is a great way of having a relaxed evening. You can play board games with up to 4 players around the world or you can add your friends and play with them too. You can make deals with players and trade cards and choose what you want in return. This is like a normal classic board game, where you will experience stress and get competitive. You can choose your avatar and people will be able to see it when they play with you. The graphics are good, and the room provides great vibes in which you feel very comfortable at.

02. Dreadhall

White Door Games’ single-player, Dreadhall, rated most highest VR horror game of 2017. Where you’re all alone and have no idea what’s coming towards you. Every map is different and you will never be orientated. With the virtual reality headset (VR), you will be able to explore, discover, and travel the game! You will experience a list of infinite feelings and your adrenaline will get as high as it has ever been! But I warn you, if you’re one on those people that can’t sleep after watching a scary movie then good luck falling asleep after a round in Dreadhall. This isn’t just a jump scare game, (not that there aren’t any), it’s a journey that brings you mixed feelings and you will never forget.

O1. Wands

Ever dreamed of becoming a wizard? This is your greatest shot at it. This is a first person game that lets you combat players online with your magic wand, which you can fill with lots of spells. You can battle the players for power and reputation. You can learn about what each spell does in your workshop. You will also be amazed with the fight locations. You can get un-lockable characters and you will be able to show them off in each battle. There are certain shields you can use against spells in order to protect yourself from your opponent. There are constant updates in which you get brand new characters and spells.

These are the Top 30 games by Oculus Go Games, released until now. Some of them have new updates available in which new features and packages have been included.

Keep an eye out for those and for future app releases!

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