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For many people, video games in RV are a fascinating world of fun. A great alternative entertainment to share and to compete with others. Virtual Reality world has taken a great leap with new playable proposals.

The passionate player disconnects from his own reality by immersing himself in his Videos Games in RV. With Virtual Reality you can feel that you are living the game and you can experience new and fascinating sensations. This great technology provides a complete immersion for the player.

Those videos games in RV we can get for free

This playable proposal has taken off and reaches us through Bethesda, Ubisoft or Sony. With them we can start the trip to Virtual Reality experiences we wanted to have.

Another one that enters this Virtual Reality world is Valve while Oculus and HTC revalidate their presence in hardware. Sony goes ahead with PS5 preparing its launch.

Nintendo can join

This video game model can be encouraged to be part of Videos Games in RV. Although there are many doubts about the possibility of this combination of Nintendo and Virtual Reality.

With the latest Nintendo Labo VR kit and with the new version of Switch it becomes a bit more possible. This more powerful version with new improvements in resolution and performance suggests that there may be new proposals.

Seven suggested Videos Games in RV

For Nintendo Switch, seven titles are planned in video games with the virtual reality option. With them the proposals of Video Games in RV will increase.


This game has closed scenarios where you can turn the camera in any direction. To this is added a motion controller to make it even more immersive. The only doubt is when the jumps and blows that it sends you through the air come into play.


This character has always played to be a very nice diorama. That is why the possibility of having it even more alive in your nose makes it more attractive.

In it you will find static scenarios that you can turn to your liking. Only those complicated parts that limit the movements with the camera need to be resolved.


With the static screen but with a floating board. The idea in this video game is that you have more reach all the pieces. However, its menus and visual style make this game more static and less immersive.


In this mode you will have the possibility to guide your troops with your movements on stage and with 360 degree turns for greater control of the angles.

It is another example of how virtual reality takes you further away from the FPS genre and projects you to less problematic genres. Making it more attractive to return to the magnificent world of Mario.


Nintendo has already contemplated the mix of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with virtual reality in recreational. That is why it is one of your clearest options and to run the experiment with SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY the next one will undoubtedly be Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


This is another proposal that has everything to make your version in Switch in virtual reality mode. It already works on PC and mobile phones for Samsung Gear VR and transferring it to the Nintendo format does not include any further complications.


Closing with this fabulous game that has enjoyed so many generations and that has been innovating. It proposes a great challenge for this modality. Being the craziest Battle Royale that has passed through our hands.

If you end up half crazy after several games of Tetris 99. Feeling that you are immersed in it will be an insane experience, leaving your eyes and sanity completely in the game.


With those light and simulative experiences, it opened the way to much more ambitious games with more exclusive design modalities in this format.

Allowing adaptations dedicated to games of a greater caliber such as DOOM Skyrim or Borderlands 2. With a broad and solid panorama of contiguous games, the proposal is to give more presence with the best virtual reality games.


As an amazing experience, virtual reality is always described. There are dozens of free VR games that will leave you in the first hours of the game with your mouth open.

Lenovo Explorer is one of those that promotes virtual reality glasses on PC being the best selling on Amazon.

TheBlu – The Whale Encounter is one of the best and the first virtual reality experiences that everyone should experience. You can enjoy it for free on HTC Live.

It is an experience of few minutes but that nobody can forget. It immerses you at the bottom of the sea and you see yourself in the bow of a huge sunken ship when suddenly around you huge fish begin to emerge.

You can not miss this experience if you have these glasses for virtual reality.

The Lab this Valve game so genuine is like a compilation of mini-games where you can enjoy the wonders of virtual reality. Also available on HTC Live comes in eight varieties and fun experiences.

In these experiences you can defend a castle from possible invaders, attack a group of ships and dodge laser shots.

Among other experiences of free games in virtual reality we can mention the following:

Spiderman Homecoming – All

Face your Fears – Oculus Rift

Dreams of Dali – HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

Coco VR – Oculus Rift

Nefertari – HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

All are of great impact of very good quality but above all they give you a virtual world of fun


We know that virtual reality is not a recent invention. Its beginnings many may remember with something simulate 3D in movie theaters using special glasses.

Now this modality is more available to everyone and with devices that easily adapt to any taste and to all budgets. Not only has it facilitated the access of those who wish to experiment with virtual reality, but finally I adapt the format to video games.

To immerse yourself in such wonderful experiences you will need extra space and some accessories. With which you will have very different sensations and visions

 You will see the great difference of being in the Skyrim with a traditional command to be wielding using a motion sensor in battle where you will find yourself face to face with immense and powerful dragons.

So make a new list and consider every detail. About what devices you will need. Up to possible adaptations in your spaces and measures to address virtual reality from your home.


The vast majority have iOS and Android mobile devices. The first thing is to verify that your mobile is suitable for virtual reality and that it adapts to the necessary accessories.

That your software is compatible with the app that will be used and of course that the resolution of your screen allows you to fully live the experience.

The screens between 5.1 and 5.7 inches are ideal. With a perfect internet connection it is easy and fast to download updates for the software.

Some important factors that you must consider to use your mobile device with virtual reality. For example its weight, its connection options, everything will depend on the content you want to see and that suits your vision glasses.


To have a perfect space and scenario for virtual reality, another important factor to consider is the lighting of the environment.

And in reality the room will be much better for virtual reality being as dark as possible. That is why it avoids direct sunlight by lowering the blinds and lowers the intensity of the lamps.

When it comes to the PlayStation camera, these light conditions make it easier to follow the helmet lights. Similarly in the lights of the PS move.

So take into account every important detail that gives you the ideal environment to live a new experience in virtual reality.

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