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Best Oculus Quest Multiplayer Games

The fame that Oculus Quest has acquired since its launch on May 29 of this year has continued to increase, especially due to certain titles that connect more than one player in the same space. Yes, we are talking about multiplayer games!

There are more than 30 multiplayer titles on the Quest that you can enjoy with your friends or in which you can meet new people to hang out, and that’s why today we bring you a list of the best Oculus Quest Multiplayer Games!

Best Oculus Quest Multiplayer Games

Even though multiplayer games are played more frequently on the Internet and through a computer, VR has dove into this wonderful mode, allowing people from different parts of the world to connect and get to know each other without leaving their homes.

And based on this idea, we bring you the best Oculus Quest Multiplayer Games. Let’s get this party started!

Dance Central

Dance Central is back, featuring chart-toppers from the 1970s to today’s biggest hits! Designed from scratch for VR, this multiplayer game immerses you and your friends in a virtual dance club where you are the life and soul of the party and nobody steps on your feet.

Dance Central includes 35 soundtracks and allows you to customize your look, take in-game selfies and dance, chat and party with your friends at the same space!

You can also compete against them or against strangers on both the Oculus Quest and Rift Platform to see who is the best of all, as it supports cross-buy; that is, buy once, play on both Oculus Quest and Rift Platform! Pretty cool, right?

And how do you play it? Basically, as in Xbox, our goal is to imitate the dance steps of the character we dance with, as if it were our mirror, but now we are another character and there are also only two difficulty levels and unique choreographed routines for each song.

Rec Room

Half social network, half game, this must-have multiplayer game cannot go unnoticed on this list since it can be considered one of the best!

Rec Room is an impressive title with thousands of rooms with multiple designs, games, battles, laser tag and pirate adventures you cannot miss. Besides, in this VR community, you have virtual social interactions with friends or strangers through cross-platform!

So, choose a very funny hairstyle, a beard or a pirate hat for your avatar to start playing; also, you can customize your own bedroom and have access to a huge number of maps, rooms and games created by people.

Dead and Buried II

Launched on May 29, 2019, Dead and Buried II is the Quest sequel to the popular Old West duel game released on Rift and GO. It is a multiplayer shooter in a supernatural western world where you hold your gun and destroy hordes of horrible creatures.

It has two competitive modes, the free-for-all Deathmatch battle or the cover-based Shootout. Besides, you can make new friends in the Town and show them your new guns and grenade launchers through the multiplayer mode, or play with a bunch of bots. Get ready!

Pavlov “Lite”

This is, for sure, the VR version of counter-strike! However, Pavlov is a quite good FPS shooter multiplayer tittle with maps, game models and a lot of zombies to destroy.

Play online with strangers and friends or offline with bots that replace the real people. Also, as this game is more realistic, you need to train and check out all the guns before go into the battle. Keep your guard up!

On December 19th, this will be a must-have title and probably, the best Oculus Quest Multiplayer Game.

VR Karts: Sprint

Developed by Viewpoint Games Ltd, this game also seems to be an Oculus Quest version of another game; in this case, the well-known Mario Kart, a series of racing video games developed and published by Nintendo.

VR Karts is a very immersive game with some cool stunning tracks, powers and weapons to slow down your opponents, both bots in the single player racing experience or strangers in the online multiplayer mode.

Besides, you can customize your own kart, choose the Championship Trophy Mode or use speed pickups to boost you to the finish line! However, if you’re prone to motion sickness, this probably isn’t for you.

Epic Roller Coasters

Do you like roller coasters? Well, this multiplayer game is just for you! You will face situations and scenarios that probably you will never face in a real roller coaster! Are you ready?

You can choose four different modes, the Single player, where you take a solo ride; the Multiplayer with selfies, friends and strangers; the Shooter mode with high speeds targets; and the Race mode, where you take control of the little kart and try to reach the finish line first!

In addition, each trip comes with an exclusive kart and weapon that you can exchange with everyone else! Ready? GO!

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

You are at a party and you don’t know what to do? Keep talking and nobody explodes is the solution! This game is perfect to play with your friends and test your friendship!

Players need to work together and use their communication skills to solve each puzzle successfully. One player uses the headset to defuse the bomb, while the others are the “Experts” using their phone, iPad or whatever.

These Experts must guide the VR player by deciphering the information found in the Bomb Defusal Manual of each level. But, hey! Your Experts can’t see the bomb, so you will have to describe it. Quickly!

This is a great co-op game, super fun for people who are not using the Oculus Quest headset. To play, you just need one copy of the game, two or more players and the free Bomb Defusal Manual available at www.bombmanual.com. That’s all!

PokerStars VR

We have to admit that at least once in a lifetime we have all played poker and were so fascinated that we tried online computer versions. Well, not anymore! PokerStars VR is here to stay!

Sit down at a table with friends or strangers and play like in a real game. Pretend to smoke or holding a cigarette, take selfies, put you chips down and eat a snack just like in a real game, because it’s a real game!

That’s why this is one the best Oculus Quest Multiplayer Games of them all! So look at your cards, spend fake money and play PokerStars VR! Right now!

The Under Presents

This game it’s too hard to describe. It’s like being in a crazy dream where you interact with other players (Are they?), manipulate time with the spin of a clock’s hand or see a performance from another world on a postmodern Vaudeville stage!

So, the first thing you need to know is that a lot is happening here. The game integrate theatre, narrative and live interactivity, while immersing you in a fascinating world where you must pay close attention to understand what is going on.

The Under Presents is divided in two parts. One is the main story, which somehow explains how and why this mysterious place exists. Besides, it revolves around The Aickman, its passengers and the tragedy you begin to unravel on your own.

The second part is about The Under… or The Under itself is the second part. In this space, players meet and witness ten-or-so pre-recorded rotating acts, as well as one or two one-on-one moments with a character from The Under or The Aickman.

However, there is a special reason why this is a must-have multiplayer game. Players are limited to non-verbal communication through gesture and other abilities. That’s why objects are so important here.

All objects in the world can be held simultaneously by any number of players, and it feels natural! You still had control over the object. Besides, you have the ability to send haptic vibration pulses down your arms.

Pull your index trigger whenever you’re holding an object and all other remote players holding the same object will see and feel a pulse snake its way to them” as explained by Samantha Gorman, co-leader of Tender Claws. And that’s it, you’re already communicating in a very creative way.

Puppet Fever

Another theater on the way! You are a puppet master that plays with your friends! Your job is very simple; you just need to make the other players guess the secret Word Card!

In Puppet Fever, you wear the headset while your friends play using an app called Puppet Fever Companion. It is completely free on iOS and Android; in addition, it has 3 different modes and hundreds of puppets and props.

This is a very fun and simple Oculus Quest game that children and the elderly can play! So take your headset and make up silly sound effects! Are you ready?

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine will be release on December 5, 2019, but it is already part of the best Oculus Quest Multiplayer Games. This shooter game takes you to an apocalyptic southwestern America full of zombies and weapons.

Developed by Vertigo Games, you are armed with motion-controlled weapons and scarce ammo and food, while defeat hordes of zombies and search for human contact.

So, explore huge environments including deserts, canyons, and mines and join a friend in campaign mode or Horde mode. You can partner with up to 4 players! Good luck!

Raccoon Lagoon

Do you remember that adorable and funny game called Animal Crossing? Well, this is the VR version developed by Hidden Path Entertainment until Nintendo joins the world of virtual reality.

In this cute island, you explore beautiful locations, completing tasks for sweet creatures and repairing the island’s broken heart. Besides, full co-op support makes it a relaxing and social experience.

Explore the eight different climates of the island, fish, cook, farm, paint, decorate and talk to each of the island characters. You will not get bored! So, invite a friend if you wish, but be careful with Raccoons!

Cloudlands 2

Minigolf has never been as fun as with Cloudlands 2! Build minigolf courses and play in full sized golf courses, while you hit the links in the clouds, armed with a putter, wedge, and driver!

There are 54 holes in the single player campaign, which takes you through the Green Glades, Magic Meadows, and Reaper Ruins. In addition, with the Level Editor you have 1000 pieces to build and make epic mini golf or full golf holes, as well as upload your creations to allow other people to play.

In the Online Multiplayer Mode, you can play with up to 4 players, using the In-game voice chat and Oculus Avatars fully supported. What are you waiting for?


Developed by FitXR, BoxVR is a boxing workout specially designs by real-life fitness instructors to destroy calories while you are playing with your Oculus Quest.

In this VR gym, there are 12 pages with different classes or workouts plus an online multiplayer, a beginner workout that is less than 10 minutes and boxing classes to get fit.

Every workout is recorded, so that you can control how many calories you burn, as well as set your own goals and see your progress. And do not forget to make your own playlist!

Half + Half

Half + Half is a multiplayer game especially design as a social hub for people to explore, play and talk to other players. Thanks to its five surreal spaces and games, it has become the favorite place of many people to hang out with those friends who are far away.

You can play mini-games like a virtual version of hide-and-seek, or you can dive into a freeform swimming area to explore with your friends or people you just met. Although, the most fun of this game are the avatars.

They are adorable creatures with long arms that move very quickly. Anyway, you really feel like you’re in the same space as another person, even if you both look so funny and ridiculous.

And this is because these creatures and those gorgeous spaces are designed to connect with people you know, and the mini-games allow you to enjoy the spaces with people you just met.

Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!

Yes, squirrels! In this fun experience there are two game modes. In the first mode, thanks to the Oculus Quest headset, one player becomes a large, ancient tree that protects golden acorns and throws seeds or other weapons at squirrels to stop them from stealing their nuts.

In the second mode, the other players (up to 8), using their iOS and Android devices, become squirrels that will try to steal the golden acorns using an arsenal of unique abilities.

That is, this game is both competitive and cooperative for players across VR and mobile devices. Besides, it is quite fun and entertaining!


Even though there is no lack of magical adventures in VR, Wands is probably the ideal place to get your dose of Harry Potter on the Quest. Besides, it is an incredible multiplayer game you cannot miss!

This magical dueling game takes you to an alternate 1880’s with machines, steampower and magic! So become a wielder, improve your skills, collect relics and spells, and duel other players online!

Although we have reached the end of this list, these are not all the titles you can play in the Quest, but most are considered the best Oculus Quest Multiplayer Games. Will you give them a shot?

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