_Best 10 Oculus Go Accessories

Best 10 Oculus Go Accessories

Once you have the Oculus Go in your hands, we guarantee that you’re gonna want some extra things so that you can have an even better experience. It’s like going to the movies – sure, the movie itself is already good, but it’s just so much better with popcorn, soda, and candy, isn’t it?

And that’s kind of what accessories are to the Oculus Go: It is an absolutely fantastic device by itself, but there are accessories -small or big- that can make your experience much better for a relatively low price.

So strap on, here’s our list of the best Oculus Go accessories:

VR Stand by Dinly

Where do you keep your Oculus Go?

If your answer is something along the lines of leaving it around somewhere “safe” while you’re not using it or tucked away inside the closet or, even worse, right there on top of the living room table, then you need to rethink that.

A VR headset is, as you already know, a very delicate thing. Like all devices like it, it is incredibly fragile and can easily be broken – but unlike a cell phone (which are made accounting for sloppy hands) VR Headsets like the Oculus Go are much bigger; easier to break.

So, it’s only natural that a stand just like this is an absolute must-have for all those of you who want to go that extra mile when it comes to taking care of your precious possession.

With the Dinly VR Stand, you’ll be able to place your Oculus Go comfortably wherever you need to – without it collecting dust. The stand is made of hard, durable plastic that makes it easy to place it in high ground (this is very important when you’ve got kids -or pets-) without much risk of you dropping it, because you can easily achieve a firm grip on the stand.

It’s also the perfect accessory to put your Oculus Go on display. It’s really not the same to have to keep it inside a case. And, whenever you’re done playing, you can just place back on the stand without having to completely tuck it away inside a case – which, let’s face it, you can do a few times, but you’ll grow tired of it later and completely forget about the case; it’s not meant for daily use.

In case you ever need to pack it all away, Dinly’s VR Stand comes is 5 separate parts, which you have to assemble upon arrival (it’s really easy, though), and also turns it into a pretty portable accessory.

Bonus round: Wall Mount Stand, by AMVR

Ok, fine; you’re not a big fan of stands. Because they take too much space, or maybe you don’t really have anywhere to actually put the stand – no problem. Here’s one ideal option.

The AMVR mount consists of a very simple wide piece equipped with hooks that will support both your Oculus Go headset and one remote controller.

Installation is quite simple – only having to use two screws for you to fix the mount to the wall.

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 Portable Charger

There is no worse thing in the world that running out of battery while you’re outside – and there’s no power source nowhere near.

On the other hand, there’s no better feeling than having prepared for that exact situation, and whipping out your portable charger, like you’re your own savior, and charging your Oculus Go without skipping a beat.

It’s not about worrying too much; Such a powerful device like this one is just bound to use a lot of power, and there’s limits to how big, and powerful, you can make the battery for a portable device. So, the most reasonable purchase to go with your Oculus Go is a portable charger.

But not just any portable charger (we’ve got good taste); you need a powerful charger than can give your Oculus go not just enough power to resuscitate it, but to keep it going on for at least two full charges before running out of battery.

The 20,000 mAh battery is some of the most powerful you’ll find out there. It claims to be able to provide 5 full charges for the iPhone X, and about 2 and a half charges for the iPad Mini 5. It is a powerful battery that will not just keep your Oculus Go at more or less the same battery level – it will fully charge your device with ease.

The Anker PowerCore is compatible with virtually any mobile device in existence. It has 2 USB ports so that you can charge both your Oculus Go and you phone at the same time – these ports are protected by Anker’s “MultiProtect” safety system to make sure your devices are safe from power bursts, high voltage, and so on.

Upon purchase of this portable charger, you’ll also get a small USB cable (obviously), a fancy travel pouch (yes!), and an 18 month warranty.

We recommend that you get a longer USB cable to go along with this charger. The cable that comes with it is undoubtedly a high-quality one, but it’s too short to be comfortable. Do yourself a favor and get a longer one. There’s a very popular USB cable among Oculus Go user made by Benair – this cable covers a whopping 25 feet of distance and is made from strong materials that’ll withstand a decent amount of stress and heat before giving out. Your best bet when it comes to a long USB cable.

Disposable Face Masks, by Kaizen Spirits

Whether you’re a hygiene nut or not, you better start now that you own an Oculus Go.

If you’ve ever walked by one of those stands at shopping malls where brands let you try their new VR headsets (like HTC and other brands did) you’d wonder why in the hell would people go and willingly infect themselves with pinkeye.

This is not an exaggeration; infections like these are fairly common, just like skin infections are easily transmitted through shared contact with controllers. The best way to avoid things like these happening has been set by doctors for a long time; disposable, impermeable face masks that protect you from direct contact with bacteria.

What Kaizen Spirits offers us here is a pretty good-looking face mask – black, fashionable, and easy to wear. Unlike other masks that might make you look silly, the black color and the print on these give them a real professional look – you’ll feel like an advanced Oculus user just by wearing them.

Beside being built with nonwoven fabric that is breathable and soft on your skin, Kaizen Spirits face masks are also made with antibacterial materials. These face masks are super comfortable, and their design makes them a perfect fit for all types of faces.

There’s something else to be said for face masks, though, further than just the prevention of infections (which is already pretty important by itself). Constant use of any VR headset means that there will be friction, even if just a small amount, making small but frequent damage – both on your skin, on your V headset.

The best way to prevent your skin to become irritated is to use disposable face masks so that you minimize the amount of friction going on in there. It will, in turn, lessen wear-and-tear on your Oculus Go.

While we’re at it – it’s also a good way to prevent build-ups. Your skin -whether you like it or not- will be dirty at any point during the day, and that dirt will stick onto your Oculus Go and, over time, build up. These build-ups aren’t really problematic, but they are a little gross. Even more so if you’re planning to share your Oculus Go with somebody else!

And if anybody says anything about you looking “funny” with facemasks on, kindly point out that you’re not to blame that they find being clean, and hygienic, funny. Then drop the mic.

Oculus Go Carrying Case, by Oculus

This premium case, made specifically by Oculus for the Oculus Go, is one of the best examples of what caring about the customer really looks like.

The Carrying Case is not meant to show off; It is pleasantly discreet, and its size is the exact size for it to hold the Oculus Go + one controller – no more, no less.

Some people think they don’t need a case – until they need one. There are just too many problems that could arise. Sure, you don’t need a case right now because you’re not planning to take the Oculus Go anywhere far – but life never goes as planned. And when the time comes, you’ll pack your oculus go inside you backpack, stuff it full of shirts and socks to absorb the blows, but the whole thing will still move around and jiggle while you walk. It’s just too risky.

Just to be on the safe side, it’s better to keep a case like this around. Since it’s design specifically for this device, they fit perfectly and there is no room for them to flap around and potentially break. Better to be safe than sorry.

Made of soft, anti-friction materials on the inside and of a softer and more resistant variety on the outside, this carrying case protects your Oculus Go from falls, sunlight, and any sort of bump that will inevitably happen while transporting your Oculus Go. It’s also safe to say that the case itself looks pretty cool – it’s ergonomic, minimalistic, and fashionable.

This case has a main compartment for your device, plus smaller, convenient compartments for controllers, cables, and one charger. It is the ideal type of case for you to take your Oculus Go with you whenever you go to class – or if you’re sleeping over at a friend’s house.

Rainbow Zoom Skin, by MightySkins

Some people like to keep it simple – but there’s just a lot of benefits to fitting your Oculus Go -controller and all- with a skin.

First of all, you can have your pick among hundreds of different designs. Although we did pick the Rainbow Zoom skin, it’s all a matter of personal choice. The Rainbow Zoom just makes anyone look instantly cool and futuristic – which augments the impression of wearing a Virtual Reality headset, don’t you think?

But the point of the skin goes way beyond aesthetics. These skins are made of a very special type of vinyl, which is made to be elastic and ultra-thin, while having great protective qualities. This thin membrane will protect your Oculus Go from scratches, wear and tear, and just regular old use. By the time you feel like using a new skin you’ll realize that under the skin, your Oculus Go is still brand new – thanks to the protective qualities of your skin. Just go and take a look at someone’s device who doesn’t use a skin; there’s a noticeable difference after a few months.

So, even if you’re not a big fan of skins, we highly recommend that you use one, if only to preserve your Oculus Go in the best conditions possible. Plus, there are so many types of skins available that you’re just bound to find at least one design that you would like to have on your Oculus Go.

So – protecting your Oculus Go from scratches and other wear & tear threats while making it look cool. Not bad at all.

Dual Skin Set and Mounting Clip for Controller – by Asterion Products

It’s time we shift focus to the smaller, but just as important, controllers. We’ve talked a lot about taking a lot of care and protecting your headset in general – but what about your controller?

With these skins (it comes with two identical skins – one gray, one black) your controller is fully protected from falls and even hard bumps. The silicone material is anti-sweat and it is made to enhance grip – this is accentuated on the lower half of the skin, where you’ll find the patented diamond traction grip design.

As with other skins, this one functions on multiple levels. While they are designed mostly to prevent hard hits upon falling, they were also specifically designed to prevent sweaty palms and sloppy grips. And it will also shield your controller from inevitable wear & tear; It’s no secret that we eat, then grab our device and start playing (or just play while eating).

Great as it is to eat while you play, the food particles you carry -and particularly oils and fat- will stick to your controller, creating build ups which could spell trouble for you.

The other thing that you get with this bundle is the wonderful Mountain Clip. Now, this must have happened to you: You decide that you’re gonna go play for a while, make the time, get excited about it and then go to put on your headset. You look around. You can’t find your controller – where did you put it?

By the time you find it, half of the excitement you had is gone. But it’s so easy to avoid this – the mounting clip is a super discreet, practical way to keep your controller and your headset together at all times. Losing stuff happens to us all, we’re only human after all. And that’s exactly why we can come up with clever solutions like this!

Silicone Cover Mask and Face Pad – HIJIAO

A silicone cover is something you only realize you need after you actually do need it. Let’s imagine a scenario: It’s the holidays, and your friends are coming over for dinner. You brag about how you have an unbeatable score at Beat Saber, and demonstrate with extra enthusiasm just to show off. Confident, you take off your headset and hand it over, saying something like “Who dares challenge me?”.

But what you didn’t take into account is that Beat Saber makes you sweaty – and the whole extra movement plus the added pressure of having people watching you made you sweat a little more than you’re used to. The Oculus Go is moist with sweat, and your friend is mortified as he discreetly tries to wipe it off. You want the earth to swallow you.

What we’re trying to say, ultimately, is that it is super easy to save yourself some major embarrassment that you will spend nights thinking about for the rest of your life: A high-quality, relatively inexpensive silicone mask. If not for yourself, do it for everyone else who’s using the Oculus after you!

HIJIAO’s silicone masks are made of extremely durable, soft silicone. It won’t irritate your skin no matter how much friction is going on. However, we suggest that you refrain from using these masks when temperatures are high (over 90 degrees fahrenheit) – because some of the red or blue color might rub off on you a little bit. Nothing bad will happen, you’ll just walk around like you don’t have some weird color on your face when you definitely do.

Besides that, these silicone masks are an extremely satisfying accessory to use. They’re easy to use, the material goes very easy on your skin, and they are very comfortable. The best thing about them, though, is that they’re easy to clean. You just wipe them down a little and all the moisture and whatever else might be in there comes off immediately.

VZfit Virtual Reality Cycling for Oculus Go & Quest

A bike? No, it’s much fancier than that: The Virtual Reality Cycling system consists of 2 sensors – these sensors can be placed in any type of stationary bike that you already have and they will link up with your Oculus Go, sending it all the information they need.

What VZfit offers is an incredible experience that goes beyond just getting some exercise: Along with your VZ, you get a package of exercise games. The two that stand out the most are:

  1. VZfit Explorer: This app lets you ride through real-world images, enjoying scenery that is completely real – you can go visit any place in the world (while exercising!) and discover new places. This app uses information from Streetview – you can save your favorite rides, create routes which you can then share with other players. A fantastic app.
  2. VZfit Play: This is one for gamers and thrill-seekers. The app combines workouts (which you can personalize, setting the time for each workout) with unique settings and gameplay according to each setting. You will fly, steer a Formula 1 car, or ride a horse all in the comfort of your home. These games can be played solo or multiplayer.

VZfit seems almost designed to silence anyone who still argues that VR devices will promote sedentary lifestyles: There is no better way to get through a workout than to have fun while you’re working out. Even better – these games can be so fun that you will look forward to your daily workout!

The VZfit consists of one bluetooth controller; this you can attach to the bike’s handlebars so you can easily navigate the apps while you’re working out. Then, you have the crank sensor – this is to place right next to any of the pedals, ideally attached to the crank. It comes with an elastic band that’s very easy to use and adjust to any type of bike equipment – it’s small and convenient.

SteelSeries Stratus Game Controller

Now is the time when we finally address all of you more serious, hardcore gamers. The VR experience is a complete thing in itself, yet there is a huge community who enjoys doing more than just killing time on their VR – we’re talking about serious gaming, competitive kind of gaming where a lot of feelings are involved.

For this purpose, we’ve found what might just be the best third-party controller on the market right now: The Stratus XL.

The Stratus XL is made by combining some of the best design features from the most popular gaming consoles in the world – all to make for the best all-round controller for gamers.

It runs on AA batteries – but it’s so energy-efficient that just one pair of these feed it enough power to last for over 40 hours. There aren’t any wires involved, and it connects entirely by bluetooth. You do need to buy the bluetooth adapter separately, though.

The hands-on experience is out of this world: The materials are ideal for your grip – you have two joysticks, a led bar which tells you how much battery is left. As if that weren’t enough, the SteelSeries team put together a software that lets you adjust and customize sensitivity and actuation.

There you have it: An ideal choice for anyone who wants to do serious gaming with their Oculus Go. But be warned: You’ll like this controller so much that you’ll find it disappointing when gaming with other consoles and their respective controllers!

Casematix XL

And for the final item on our list, we bring you the ultimate protective case for your Oculus Go. If you’re the kind of person who just needs to keep their precious possessions as safe snd secure as possible, you’ll love this travel case.

The exterior of this case is made of extremely durable, resistant plastic which you normally see used on toolboxes, or on travel-quality guitar cases. Inside, the case is full of a very particular kind of foam, called “dense shock absorbing foam”. What this means in english is that you could throw that case down a rocky hill and everything inside will probably still be intact, in its place (the exterior might be another story).

This is a case designed for active travelers in mind – when you carry too much equipment, too often, and you cannot afford to give special attention to your VR device – you can just let the Casematix do its thing, not a worry on your mind.

This case comes with 3 already made compartments inside: One for your Oculus Go, another one for your controller, and a small one for the charger. But the inside is made of foam – and there are two areas which can be “customized” – depending on what you want to carry in it, you can cut out the foam according to the space that you need. The great thing about this is that, when done, you can just put the foam back in – do not throw this foam away. It is too valuable!

So, whether you want to take with you headphones, an extra controller, or even an extra Oculus Go, you’ll find that you have more than enough extra space in the Casematix for you to do so without too much hassle.

And finally, we’re done with our list. Although accessories are, by definition, not necessary in any way to fully enjoy your Oculus Go, we’ve made some points are to illustrate why we’re making this list – why buying these accessories is worth it.

To make it short, it’s all about enhancing your already great experience, and about keeping your device in optimal condition. The little details can go a long way.

Thank you for reading, and we hope this list is useful to you!

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