Popular virtual reality companies

The most popular Virtual Reality companies that make games

Virtual reality (or VR) is the feeling of being immersed in an environment with real-looking objects or scenes that are computer generated. It has been a very big step in the games field, and there are Virtual Reality companies that lead in creation of the most popular games of VR.

Virtual Reality companies took the games to another level

VR makes use of various technological devices, such as virtual reality viewers as helmets and glasses. This technology immerses the users in a 360º virtual environment and makes them believe that they are part of it. For that reason we can say that Virtual Reality companies took the games to another level.

Virtual Reality companies provide many services apart of games

So, VR technology has been increasing in a remarkable way lately. In fact, Virtual Reality companies provide services for industries like Video Games ones.

But it also provides service of media & entertainment, healthcare, automobile manufacturing, advertising, education, construction and more. In this article you will find the most popular Virtual Reality companies that make games.

Virtual Reality companies are changing paradigms

Virtual reality is the latest in the world of video games, offering a totally immersive and high definition experience that we had never experienced before. The game, new technologies and social behaviors are interconnected.

All these factors are capable of transforming the way we behave, experience situations and expand our horizon. Undeniably, it is happening right now.

An early adoption to new technologies, experimenting with them and combining them with existing social phenomena and schemes, opens up new opportunities in the entertainment industry. These are common features that the Virtual Reality companies share.

Virtual Reality companies are changing paradigm

Even when Virtual reality is not a new technology, VR games have existed since the 1990s. However, then there was an ambiguous and uncertain future. We are now at a point where, VR games are a viable means and it’s clear that they are here to stay. Likewise, it has gradually evolved from military and industrial purposes to everyday life use.

However is not a secret that one of the biggest industries for VR development companies are video games ones. Without this great technology controllers are essential, but with VR our bodies will be the only controllers we need. Is there something more attractive for game lovers?

Most popular Virtual Reality companies that make games

Due to the big success of VR games, next you will find a list with the most popular Virtual Reality companies that make games.

Oculus is one of the leader Virtual Reality companies

Doubtless any discussion about VR must start with Oculus. The company is located in Menlo Park, California and was purchased by Facebook for $2 billion. Due to this impressive figure we can say it is one of the more important company in the VR industry.

Oculus Rift equipment

Oculus Rift is the main product of the company. It is a virtual reality equipment for video games that provides a more realistic and high definition gaming experience.

The company was founded by Palmer Luckey, Brendan Iribe, Andrew Scott Reisse, Michael Antov and Nate Mitchel. John Carmack as CTO, a guide mark within the video game industry. He was the creator of classics games such as the Doom or the Quake, among others.

HTC Vive is other very important VR company

The HTC Vive is a mix of Ready Player One, The Matrix and the cyberpunk genre. In fact, Vive produces virtual reality glasses designed to use the space in a room to immerse the players in a virtual world. The player is allowed to walk and use controllers to interact with virtual stuffs.

In 2014 prototypes of a virtual reality system produced by this company were shown. Then, these virtual reality glasses were revealed in the Mobile World Congress, in 2015. And for the following year this company won more than 22 awards.

Google, the giant company has a place in VR field

Google is now experimenting in VR field. They have a very intelligent entrance in the Virtual Reality field with the Google Cardboard.

Google Cardboard

They have released the ‘Google Cardboard’ which is a cardboard VR headset that costs only $15! It was specifically designed to put over your cellphone or any other smart device and interact with different apps and games.

Google Daydream View

The ‘Google Cardboard was the first step that led to the release of the Google Daydream View. Undeniably, Google will remain exploring the world of VR and possibly branch out with a larger presence.

Unity, the leader of 3D animation and precursor of VR technology

Nobody can deny that Unity has been a great developer in the field of 3D animation through the years. Consequently, it’s not a big surprise that they have released software compatible with Virtual Reality technology.

In effect, most of the present content used in VR has gone through the Unity 3D engine. For that reason, although maybe some people don’t think about it, Unity has a very important place between Virtual Reality companies.

Microsoft, a big name also presented in VR field

Microsoft has not been left behind in the field of VR. Besides, it is not only focused in VR, but also in Augmented Reality. We probably remember the big phenomenon that caused Pokémon Go in 2016. Well, it was fueled by Augmented Reality developed by Microsoft.

With this technology, you were able to see the Pokémon as part of our world. Today, Microsoft is releasing the HoloLens. It can supports not only games, but a wide number of practical applications.

Samsung, goes beyond the communication technology

Probably, we did not expect to read this name in this ranking. Samsung is widely known as a big company in the field of communication, specialty, in the Smartphone technology.

However, this company could see how promising VR was.

Samsung Gear

Samsung did something very smart: they developed the Samsung Gear, a VR headset with the help of Oculus.

It has an affordable price which make it more palatable acquisition for more casual users than the products similar to this. The headset is for your phone, and you slip your phone right into it.

Samsung has enormous potential in VR products, and for that reason, we can say it is one the most important Virtual Reality companies.

With Magic Leap ‘Free Your Mind

Even Magic Leap is actually a startup company, it is concentrating more in Augmented Reality than in full VR. Unquestionably, this opens up potential for further growth to the point that they could dominate the augmented reality market and has an important participation in Virtual Reality.

So, Magic Leap Company is promoting their Magic Leap One’, with the slogan ‘Free Your Mind’. Right now, they are selling only their creator edition of the VR. But, we are waiting for all the games that are coming soon.

WorldViz take Virtual Reality beyond games

WorldViz is another small company that primarily makes VR apps for using in educating ways in schools.They also develop programs for safety training and architecture purposes.

Snap puts at your fingertips Virtual reality in a free way

We are talking about the company that developed Snapchat, so you discern they are on the top of the technological mountain. You can go to its website here. They’re masters of adding characteristics of augmented reality into their tech. Accordingly, they are one of the most distinguish Virtual Reality companies.

All you can do thanks to Snap

They make you able to access different aspects of augmented reality every day, totally free. The only thing that you need for that is having a phone camera.

You can place 3D models in images or videos of yourself or friends out on a night on the town.

For example, we can name the known dancing hotdog model. The true is this technology is make known to itself to all the people without an extensive production and release of big amount of money.


This company is mainly built on creator content. This technology is put into the hands of ordinary people. They hope to create a VR for everyone through the ‘YouTube of VR’ using their project, the Transport.

One of the most significant objectives they have is have users that publish their own content for others to experience in VR, making it an easy and seamless process for users.

Without any doubt, this enterprise that leader the list of the most important Virtual Reality companies have a lot thing to show us. We know this is a world that is growing every day, and we are anxious to see the news.


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