is oculus quest comfortable

Is Oculus Quest Comfortable?

The Oculus Quest is a standalone device that encompasses all electronic components on the VR headset. Unfortunately, it influences the weight of the headset negatively, adding to a less comfortable experience. Good thing, several products might be the answer to Oculus Quest’s latent discomfort issues.

Users complain Quest’s less comfy experience compared to Rift. This idea is due to Quest’s poorly-balanced weight, as the headset embeds all the components to suffice wireless connection. Companies responded to this issue by creating products that promote a more comfortable gaming experience to users.

Discomfort issues aren’t new in the VR world, yet, you can still enjoy your favorite VR games without sacrificing your health. Make your Oculus Quest more comfortable and secure to wear with the products mentioned in this article. There is also a product you can use if you’re wearing glasses.

Let’s start with the basics.

The Problem with Oculus Quest

Fans started to praise Oculus Quest with its convenient, tetherless service designed to support their most favorite VR games and titles. Quest is a standalone device that does not make use of any wires, smartphones, or PCs. It eliminates VR gamers’ accidental trips over wires as it does not use any cords and cables. Quest maintains Rift’s minimalistic aesthetic design, but with three head straps on to support its increased weight.

Aside from velcro straps, Quest has a slider, allowing users to adjust their lenses’ distance seamlessly. Oculus boasts Quest’s battery that lasts a couple of hours and the ability for gamers to do sideloading. However, users complain about the device’s unbearable pain after using it for a few minutes. A Reddit thread group was circulating online claims that users experience the same pain after wearing Quest’s headset. It leaves them a red line on their forehead due to the straps’ pressure.

Other cases include users having problems on Quest’s bridge sitting on their nose, hurting their faces a lot. Most users claim they can only use Quest no longer than thirty minutes because of its intolerable pain, attributing to its increased weight. Bet you would not consider this device if it will only take you less than an hour to play your favorite game, right?

To get the best fit with your Oculus Quest, you need to adjust the straps manually or consider the following steps:

  1. Take out your Oculus Quest from the box. Remove the unnecessary stickers on the inserts.
  2. Using your one hand, put the Quest on your face.
  3. Use your free hand to adjust left and right velcro straps in a way that you feel comfortable.
  4. Again, use your free hand to adjust the VR’s top Velcro strap until you feel the firmness against the back of your hand.
  5. Remove both of your hands and see if your VR is tight and comfortable enough to use.
  6. Try to tilt or move your head sidewards to ensure that the VR is still aligned on your face.

Oculus understands that its end-users vary from one person to another. With this idea, Oculus guarantees users the adjustments they need to ensure Quest fits their faces. Consumers need to make several changes or adjustments to get the fit they need for their VR devices.

If you’re still experiencing pain after trying out these steps, we suggest that you invest in good devices that will let you enjoy your games more comfortably. These products include the VR Cover, VRNRGY Power Pack, and VR Face Silicone Cover.

Products that Make Oculus Quest More Comfortable to Wear

After minutes of readjusting the straps and playing your favorite game, your Quest headset started to feel heavier. You just shrugged the idea and continued playing your game, to the point where you can no longer tolerate the pain. The “heavy” feeling is specifically due to Oculus Quest’s wire-free design, putting all the electronics in the front of the headset. Moreover, this is the issue that VR gamers complain as they feel a front-heavy feeling when wearing Quest’s headset.

If you don’t want to experience this issue the same as other users, you need certain products that will give you a more comfortable playing experience. Some products ease Quest’s intolerable pain when worn, like the VR Cover, VRNRGY Power Pack, and VR Face Silicone Cover.

Get to know more about how these products work in the next section.

VR Cover

VR Cover


Most users feel the pain around their forehead. To avoid this, you can purchase a VR Cover to protect your head from aching. The product comes with a 10mm and 17mm-thick padding, giving your head a soft foam that relieves the pressure from your Quest device.

The VR Cover costs $19. To use it, you need to attach the foam to your Quest’s original head strap. The thick padding is made of 100% cotton, which gives an impressive cushioning experience that stabilizes your headset to your head. This is essentially a good product for users who feel that their headsets start to feel loose. Another great thing with VR Cover is that you can reduce the light coming from the gap of your nose and Quest headset, which is made possible through adjusting the pleather.

It also soaks up sweat effectively, reducing the chances that you’ll dirt your headset, unlike styrofoam padding. It is also easy to clean, as you can wash them by hand or machine. Lastly, the cotton padding is super soft that sits gently on your face as you play your game on Quest.

VRNRGY Power Pack

VRNRGY Power Pack


Another issue that users complain about is that the Oculus Quest headset seems to pull off its entire weight to your front face. While Quest offers adjustable Velcro straps to support its weight, VRNRGY Power Pack allows you to adjust your headset’s weight load conveniently.

Expect extended two to three hours of battery life with this Samsung-empowered device. The VRNRGY Power Pack includes 7,000 mAh of performance power, giving users up to eight hours of video or game streaming service –it neither overheat nor drains quickly. It features a counter-balance approach that improves your headset’s weight distribution. This device makes it possible to release all the pain and pressure from the headset alone. With this tool, you can feel centered, stable, and flexible in any gaming position you choose.

Lastly, you can eliminate awkward gaming experiences from Oculus Quest through VRNRGY Power Pack’s comfortable straps. It embeds a custom-made, breathable, neoprene strap that offers a comfortable and firm grip for your headset to your head. You can get all these benefits for $39.99.

VR Face Silicone Cover

VR Face Silicone Cover


Users felt pains on their nose bridges and cheeks while playing with Oculus Quest. With VR Face Silicone Cover, you can replace the built-in stock foam clipped on your Quest headset. Similar to VR Cover, the Face Silicone Cover gives snug experience since it has softer and more padding than Quest. If you sweat heavily, this product an excellent go-to solution; it works like a leather cover that allows you to wipe your sweat easily.

VR Face Silicone Cover is ideal for playing high-intensity games as it encompasses characteristics that Quest cannot offer. For instance, it prevents light leakage that will give you a good field of view. It is an environmental-friendly device since it is made of high-quality silicone for users to encounter a comfy touch.

You can purchase VR Face Silicone Cover online through Amazon or eBay, which usually costs around $16.

Oculus Quest for Gamers Who Wear Glasses

Gamers who wear glasses might find it hard to use VRs. Moreover, Oculus Quest has its clients’ back. It includes a plastic piece that users need to install before playing with their headset. People who wear glasses to see confidently can still take advantage of Quest’s services. They only need to do the following:

  1. Find the plastic insert inside the box. It usually has a “glasses” icon on its top corner.
  2. Inspect your Oculus Quest and remove the foam insert.
  3. Press the plastic insert onto the foam pad.
  4. You’ll hear a click sound if it is attached appropriately.
  5. Line up the foam pad with the lenses’ outline.
  6. Press down firmly.

Inserting the plastic piece on the headset does not guarantee users a comfortable experience. After all, individuals who wear glasses can still encounter the same pain as regular users do. In this case, they need a reliable product that will address their needs –this is where the Magnetic Prescription Lens Adapter works.

Magnetic Prescription Lens Adapter

Magnetic Prescription Lens Adapter


Fitting your glasses with your Oculus Quest is not effective, as you only risk your glass from scratching the lenses. Likewise, placing your glasses inside your component is not efficient. You need to take your glasses off as the Magnetic Prescription Lens Adapter does the work.

The Magnetic Prescription Lens Adapter provides an easy and comfortable solution to wearing framed glasses inside your Oculus Quest headset. After installing this lens adapter, you will no longer experience having discomforts on your headset. It costs $26.99 In Etsy and comes with instruction, two 3D-printed magnetic lens adapters, and two magnetic bases.

Final Thoughts

Oculus offers a life-changing product to its end-users, thanks to its Quest VR headset. It continues to receive positive feedback regarding its products, but there are also criticisms. One of those issues is the uncomfortable experience it gives to users while playing their games. Well, who does not want to play cozy, right? But with the right set of snuggly tools, you can still get the best gaming experiences with Oculus Quest. Get these products to enjoy your favorite Quest games today.

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