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Best Browsers and Search Engines for Oculus Go

Technology advances exponentially every day, futuristic games have become the present that many fans dreamed of.

Search engines can now be used on VR devices like the oculus go, for those who are not very familiar with the technology. A search engine is a tool like a google.

The search engine, find what you need, know a location, search information for research, download a file or many more tools we use daily.

Search engines can be as much as google or other common search engines, such as Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Each device uses its search engine, usually, this is an engine that is very similar to the characteristics of the computer, for example, Android technology has default search engines such as Google.

If we take into account some simple features of search engines, we notice that Google is the one that stands out the most, but why? because google has become so complete, the vast majority of users prefer it.

Google and other very good search engines have managed to bring a better user experience, linking the player in a new era of browsers.

Do you know what you need to do to get the best experience with the new oculus? This article is for you!

How to connect oculus with Google?

No more introductions needed. The giant search engine ranks first in the search with an extraordinary 65% difference from Bing’s second place.

According to the latest net market share report, 73% of searches were performed by Google and only 7.91% by Bing.

Google is also dominating the mobile/tablet search engine market share with 81%!

The world’s most famous browser (chrome) with its new update allows VR users to connect for a better experience and make use of webVR (so far this is only supported if you use your PC with Windows 10 software).

The use of this web in virtual reality is from the update 66.0.3359.117. To start with the installation and enjoy this experience, write in the directional bar chrome://flags, once inside it, write in the search engine the word oculus, it will appear immediately the option to link the new equipment.

Select the option of Oculus hardware support, if it is active, the search engine will use the virtual reality view in your device and will give you the experiences of this one.

Normally, everything is configured in default options, although you can also activate or deactivate it when you want, the search engine will simply disconnect from your oculus without any inconvenience.

More and more technology does its job improving the experiences of this webVR.

For example, the company HTC and its virtual reality teamwork with the Firefox, Supermedium and Servo networks. The quality of the new oculus go surpasses the great majority of the market is the first in comfort and quality, being considered a high range device.

The company Mozilla is not left behind

The Mozilla Firefox company is also ready to take your search engine experience to the next level. This version of the browser can also be linked to devices such as Oculus Quest.

Install the browser from the Firefox support page and connect your Oculus device to your computer.

Like any beta version, the browser has some functions and procedures that can be very tedious, such as, for example, for some users, it becomes very annoying to type character by character on a virtual keyboard, specifically, a rather limited operation.

The browser can restore and load backups (files previously saved in the cloud) and synchronize them with the oculus go, so you have the same bookmarks and downloads either on your PC or in the oculus go.

This browser has multiple options when used in the virtual reality device as:

-Privacy mode for users.

-Optimized voice search, with which the user can tell the browser assistant what he wants to search for.

-Videos and 360-degree navigation, for a greater appreciation of the Firefox Reality experience.

Since the application is only in one of its first versions, it is normal that it has some flaws or not fully developed content. All that remains is to wait and see how the project progresses gradually.

Without a doubt, a good browser to use in the Oculus Go device.

How to start Mozilla Reality on Oculus Go?

1. Put on your viewer and turn it on. After starting the device, you will find a navigation bar, where the Start, Library and Search options are located, this must be under the main screen.

Do you know how to use a laser pointer? The navigation of the oculus go is very similar, with the use of the controls, go to the option of search, after selecting it a virtual keyboard will appear, write the word Firefox Reality.

Immediately (depending on your internet connection) the Firefox symbol will appear, select the option download.

3. After installing on the device, you will be able to enter the application whenever you want, it has 3D experiences and simple 2D navigation, allowing you to use the viewer functions or daily navigation.

What other browsers are available?

In addition to browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, there is also the Browser which is a fairly simple search engine specially designed for occult devices.

It has 3D functions or a common 2D navigation, just like the Mozilla browser.

You can quickly install it in the oculus download shop, with a few simple steps:

1. Put the virtual reality viewer on, once it is on, goes to the search option.

2. Following the same steps as the previous installation, write in the search option Browser for Oculus, and select the option download (once you have searched).

Your PC in VR, a considerable option

In addition to the browsers listed above, there is a much more ambitious option for the Oculus. This is the installation of a program in the viewer that simulates a PC. This will allow you to enter your computer files and also perform searches with your preferred search engine.

As you would expect, this program only simulates a PC. It has no new or special features to be used in the oculus go, considering that you can use your computer in the device, that is what makes it attractive.

This application is called Virtual Desktop, and is available for the different versions of the oculus, adding also that when using Oculus Go, it has to be installed both in the computer and in the oculus and then synchronized via Wifi.

With this application, you can substitute the use of the keyboard and mouse for the computer drivers. The device connection usually maintains a latency of around +20 MS but what is latency?

It’s some delays in the exchange of information, a latency of 80 MS is considerably good, but when it exceeds 100 MS, the speed of the device will not be adequate.

To prevent a latency, you simply have to reduce internet consumption on other devices, by closing applications or turning off the Wifi on those devices.

With the use of this program, you can use your preferred search engine, regardless of whether it can be installed in the oculus or is not compatible since the viewer is running the information from a computer.

How to install a virtual desktop in Oculus Go?

Download the application to your computer and the oculus go device, it will link via WIFI to your computer, but before installing the program you should check if it is compatible with your PC.

Requirements to install VR Desktop:

Your computer must be installed with at least Windows version 8.1, a suitable system must be Windows 10 on a 64 bit operating system.

It is recommended that your computer be installed with at least one invidia graphics card (with a minimum capacity of 2gb)

The application is under development on MAC devices, for the moment, users who wish to install it should look for a system similar to the one in the app.

So, which browser to use?

It is recommended to use the google search engine (Chrome VR) because the company is advanced in virtual reality devices, meaning that errors are less likely to occur with the app.

Browsers like Mozilla Firefox Reality is only in the beta phase, with many more imperfections and defects, you can not enjoy a real experience in viewers like oculus go.

In addition to chrome, the company’s browser is adapted to the characteristics of VR, offering you depth in 3D video quality.

Connecting your personal computer to Oculus Go or another VR device simply to use your favorite browser can be quite extreme, but we invite you to consider the browsers listed above, you may like them as you can’t imagine.

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