Ways to expand local storage on Oculus Go

Ways to expand local storage on Oculus Go (use external storage)

Have you run out of space on your Oculus Go? Don’t you worry, we will find a solution as we go through this article.

The storage capacity on the Oculus go is around 32GB and 64GB, this amount is defined by the version that you purchase. Obviously, more storage means a higher price, but it’s worth it.

This device was released on the market on May 1st 2018 and it has the option of adding an SD card that gives you much more storage capacity so that you can enjoy your games, watch photos and videos, and also movies that you can download from Netflix.

The steps to follow to expand your devices storage capacity are very simple, get to know them and get the most out of your Oculus Go.

How to expand the storage capacity of the Oculus Go?

  • Create a folder in the USB unit, SD card or any storage expansion unit. Connect the device to a PC to do these steps.
  • Move your folder of preference, be it a movie or pictures in the folder, and share them to your storage expansion device (SD Card).
  • Connect your SD Card to apps such as RAVPower Filehub Plus.
  • Turn on those apps, after this step you must open the configuration menu of the Oculus Go found on the starting screen.
  • The following configuration are based on selecting the wifi so that his shows you the nearest networks to your Oculus Go device. After this connect to the RAVPower Filehub Plus network.
  • We must start an app that allows us the transfer of storage or media, the most recommended in this device must be media like SKYBOX VR Video Player.
  • Explore diverse folders that are found in the device, find our desired folder, and in this case it will have the name of the movie.
  • After these steps, the Oculus Device will be capable of transmitting big files such as movies to the Oculus Go, videos, games, photos and without affecting this one, expanding its storage capacity significantly, with these same steps you can transmit heavy files to any VR device, besides, you can keep the Oculus Go’s battery going for longer.

The best choices when it comes to data transfer, from and SD card to you Oculus Go device

The RAVPower Filehub Plus is a router for wireless transfers that completely compact. This one also works as a portable charger of 6000mA.

The device works with USB units, SD cards and several other devices such as external hard drives.

It can also use apps or similar devices that transfer wirelessly, such as HooToo, which works practically in the same way as the RAPower Filehub Plus.

Contrary to the first device, this one counts with a bigger battery, specifically 10400mA, but it’s also a considerable disadvantage since it makes it less compact.

It works with USB devices and, more optimally, with SD cards and microSD cards with the proper adapters.

With the Oculus Go, it can transfer files if the proper apps are installed. The best and most recommended option by us is the SKYBOX VR video player, which is completely free.

It is recommended to attach one SD card to the device since it will allow a better performance and in this way it also prevents it to freeze mid game or those annoying notifications that inform you that you don’t have much storage left.

The last step is based in transferring the files from the Oculus Go to your computer or the SD unit.

The Oculus Go support website

This support website also provides a viable solution to the low storage issue in your Oculus Go, here we will explain this step by step:

  • To start the data transfer, we must connect the USB 2.0 cable from the Oculus Go to out computer.
  • Immediately a text window will appear, in which you must click and accept, this way you are giving your PC permission to access your device and thus begin the data transferring process.
  • When you accept, Windows will attach your Oculus Go to your PC, considering it an internal information disk.
  • If this data transfer is being made on the Mac OS (iOS) you must install an app on that computer, we recommend Android File Transfer, this one will allow you to transfer files to your Oculus Go from the computer (since the Oculus works with the Android OS).
  • To access your information in the Oculus you must be connected to the Chromebook or Chrome OS, and after initiating or if you have already initiated, enter the files section.

The last step is based on transferring files from the Oculus Go to your computer or the SD unit.

What if the Oculur VR headset doesn’t show up as a storage device on Windows or iOS?

  • Make sure that you are using the cable that connects the Oculus Go to your computer, this must be the original one and must be inside the accessory box for this device.
  • Make sure that you clicked accept on the computer when the headset is linked.
  • Update the device’s controller.

If these steps don’t work, please go to the Oculus Go’s support website:



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