Oculus Go is Cheap

The term Virtual reality (VR) dates back to at least 1994. To the time where Nintendo Power Glove and Sega 3D glasses were an immensely popular techno gadget. From then techno industries have been busy in launching several gadgets for enhancing user gaming experience. After the launch of Oculus Rift which set off a wave of VR frenzy in 2012, VR gadgets have come a long way since then.

The parent company Facebook launched its new Oculus VR headset with a standalone design similar to the older version. It’s basically a gaming device with a Go app which is meant for movie viewing. It comes with a set of dual hand controllers mottled with four wide angle tracking cameras, which allows users to walk around freely. The design of Oculus Go maintains the same minimalistic look of the original Rift.

The Oculus Go offers a convenient tether less design which means it doesn’t connect to a phone or a pc. The look of it is sleeker than its old models since the Rift’s headphones are replaced by invisible speakers which are very loud that you might need earbuds. It also contains a sliders which is meant for adjusting the distance between lenses. However, it is slight heavier than its previous model which offers a less comfortable experience. It is able to support a variety of VR games such as rhythm game Beat Saber, rock-climbing title The Climb, and shooter Robo Recall.

The quest takes precedence over rift in a number of ways. One of them is that the Quest requires no buying of any additional equipment for making it a resource intensive gaming experience. Not only this, the Oculus Go is cheaper offering a variety of video focused apps and games.

In addition to being very affordable, user can enjoy hundred of apps in the Oculus store. Now you can enjoy doodling in VR with multiple options. But if you want to kick back and stream some videos, oculus Go has a healthy video store as well with variety of live streaming apps. it also comes with a live television features, it’s one stop solution for all your entertainment needs.

How Is Oculus Go the Cheapest?

The Oculus Go is everyone’s favorite budget friendly headset. The best thing about it is that it’s not limited to PS4 in terms of offerings and features. It’s also not as expensive as something like HTC Vive or Oculus Quest. It offers half the price of these headsets. The reason of Oculus Go being cheap is that it lacks orientation capabilities, meaning the user isn’t able to move forward, backward or up and down. If you are not a fan of dancing around the entire room while being o your VR headset and if you prefer enjoying games while being seated then it’s the best option for giving out a movie theater sort of a feel.

Market Price

The market price of Oculus Go is about $199, with 32GB of storage and $249 for 64GB both coming with wireless controller. The Go is cheaper than a Nintendo Switch and way lower than the price of a Gear VR or Daydream VR experience. Which is quite reasonable especially when considering the variety of features it has to offer. Users can avail 20% discount on it on Amazon and Best buy. Through these website you can get them for about $159. If you are a newbie who wants to explore the world of virtual reality then opting for Oculus Go headset will be the choice to start from.

Nobody likes to unbox a new device and go through the tedious job of reading all the instruction in order to get started. Oculus Go free its user from this. Oculus did a great job in keeping this version of the headset minimalistic. It’s grey color keeps it neutral and keeps it non mechanical in looks. Moreover, there aren’t many fancy irrelevant buttons, switches or ports things that make you wonder “What is this button for? . Its every component form the head strap to the power button to micro USB port is simple and self-explanatory.

Wireless Controller

Oculus go also comes with a wireless controller with a built in accelerometer and a gyroscope. Moreover, it also contains a rubber “glasses spacer” which allows a better fit if you wear any spectacles. You might also need a phone with the Oculus app (IOS or Android) to set it up initially.

The Oculus app walks you through the setup processing for pairing the controller and connecting the headset to a Wi-Fi network. It’s also where you browse, download, and buy VR apps from the Oculus Store. Other than these features it also:

  • Brings in More Content

The Oculus Go is packed with a variety of new games and apps. Newer versions of this will bring in more, including the next Vader immortal game a new one from Electronic Arts.

Facebook has also announced some of its own plans for incorporating real life events like sports games or musical performances which will make the experience extraordinary. In addition, oculus spaces will also be added where you can hangout with your friends avatars, watch tv and videos.

  • Improve the Design

Oculus go is not only cheap but it also offers the same experience which a much expensive Oculus Quest or Rift will give. Once strapped on your head , the screen is brought so close to your eyes that it tricks the brain and transports you in another dimension. You are guaranteed to have a better VR experience with quality graphics that too at reasonable rates.

Battery Pack

The battery pack lasts up to two to three hours and it comes with a volume and a power button with a USB-C charging port. Most people who have utilizing tethered VR for years now are tired of the long cable wires which twist around there feet. Moreover, unlike Oculus Rift which is not portable and lives where your desktop lives, Oculus Quest can be moved around with ease.

A comparison of Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest & Oculus Go prices

  • Oculus Rift prices

Oculus rift is a little pricey as compared to Oculus Go. When searching for this VR headset always make sure you grab controllers as well, or else you will end up paying $399 just for a headset. And trust me that’s a lot. A number of sites such as Amazon and Ebay offers discounted prices. These deals offer a bundle package with all the accessories at discounted prices. For instance, you can purchase an Oculus Rift desktop bundle including a full range of all the accessories can be bought for $3,402.99.

Oculus Go Prices

If you really want a VR headset and can’t afford an expensive one, then there is a cheaper way and that is to get an Oculus go. As it doesn’t require extra equipment like a powerful desktop, smartphone or a laptop it is quite cheap and affordable. It has everything it needs in a headset. You also get a hand-controller which makes interacting with menus and playing games much easier than trying to select things with your face.

Oculus Go doesn’t offer a full sized version of visuals. But on the bright side, other degrees are covered in a huge range of apps and games available from the oculus store. So if you’re after a fun VR experience beyond those dodgy headsets you slot your phone into, then we’d seriously advise you check out the latest Oculus go prices below.

Oculus Quest Prices

The Quest stands out in performance from other headsets. While VR dimension requires you to walk around the room to trace boundaries , the Quest allows you to paint virtual lines on the floor by just simply putting on the headset. Its cameras tend to make mapping of your play space incredibly easy. The Quest has the ability to memorize theoretically five spaces and switch amidst them The Quest can theoretically remember up to five spaces and automatically swap between them, so you can move between rooms without repeating the setup. For now Oculus offers a maximum play space which is 25 by 25 feet, the system limits boundaries that are larger.

The new version offers new controllers which are especially the modified version of Oculus 2016 touch design. Users have experienced no trouble with the new set, they are able to stretch their hands on the side and above the headset. The design of the new controls is different from the old ones. The tracking slip has been shifted above your hands from below so, that its easier for head-mounted cameras to look for it. Not only this, the analog stick has also been moved upwards. The basic however, haven’t been changed. The face buttons and dual triggers are still there. It has eliminated a capacitive touch panel which is used to detect user’s thumb so, in this model the control face is slightly narrower.

The market price of Oculus Quest range from $499 -$799 depending on the different variants you are planning on purchasing. However, on sites such as Amazon and Ebay you can find cheaper deals.

Oculus Go with its innovative lens features, ergonomic design , effortless control and wireless capability is the best choice for people on a budget. If you are new to exploring this world of VR headsets and want a high tech gaming experience at lower prices than spending your hard earned dollars on Oculus Go will be worthwhile.


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