Best PSVR Driving Games

Best PSVR Driving Games

Driving games have always been a source of inspiration to test new technologies and new forms of representation of the act of driving a car in a digital form. There have been many driving simulators from the beginning of gaming all the way to Virtual Reality systems, in every form and in every iteration, driving simulators have been improving significantly, to always give the experience of driving in an environment that is as distant to occur as possible.

However with Virtual Reality systems, like the PSVR, the experience changes radically, Virtual Reality essentially transformed the experience of driving a car to a completely immersive situation, where you find yourself directly in front of the steering wheel of any car that you want to drive as long as the developers made it possible inside the game. And there is no specific limitations on how to achieve or to play this games because you can play something as simple as to drive a lawnmower, to a futuristic hover vehicle that can run up to 1000 kilometers an hour.

VR headsets have become more commonplace, and now for a few hundred dollars depending on the experience, you can access very specific type of driving simulators, variying in quality and realism. Each and every one of them offering different methods and forms of how to have a variety in the game itself. PlayStation 4 and the PSVR, have taking their emblematic driving games, and translated them into the platform of Virtual Reality that we see today, making the experience even more affordable and with the quality of the simulation than it is difficult to imitate by their competitors.

In this article, we are going to show you what we believe the best PSVR driving games, to make you the recommendation of which of them can you play and obtain the best experience possible.

Gran Turismo Sport. Driving is for Everyone

The racing classic game from PlayStation, comes in a refined menu form and presentation, that innovates in the form of the modeling, graphics and other systems that makes this one of the most streamlined experiences of racing in any other grand Turismo game. Offering up to 160 cars, much less than in other Gran Turismo serious games, this lack of number of cars it is compensated well enough with a level of detail and simulation in the cars themselves that not many other games can replicate adequately.

The Gran Turismo Sport experience in the PSVR, it is quite immersive the way that it depicts the cars and also how you can feel yourself in each of the 160 cars living a completely different experience by each and every one of them, there is copied assets or anything like that, and even that you can play with many of the conditions that are put in the game. There is nothing else that sells more the PSVR Gran Turismo Sport VR experience that driving a car in a professional track with rain falling and you going over 100 kilometers per hour.

Wipeout Omega Collection. In the future, Racing is King!

If Gran Turismo is the most representative of realistic racing games on the PSVR, we have with the wWipeout Omega Collection the counterpart to this proposal, in the Wipeout games all is about speed, tactics and winning in the tracks, each second it is important to get the maximum speed as possible and go through all the tracks that have been made famous throughout the games of Wipeout, where there is ups or downs and very closed circuits that varied significantly giving the driver a futuristic driving experience like no other game has ever been able to do it before.

The Wipeout Omega Collection is one of the best integrations of PSVR systems, there is nothing in the game that can be played on the screen version that cannot be played on the PSVR, all the details and intricacies of the vehicles that have been compiled for this collection are present and available. The sound is immersive and engaging, and all the experiences augmented by the soundtrack making this game an absolute must on every PSVR collection and one of the most recommended driving games on any platform available.

DriveClub VR. Massive spaces, Massive competition

This is a significantly recent entry on the PlayStation driving games collection, mostly because as a new franchise and less than an innovation that it is focused mostly on the multiplayer aspect, that allows the players to gather in clubs and to make specific types of races with various types and number of vehicles. This creates an environment of competition where different clubs up to 6 players each, race together and gain experience and levels of the players in different tracks around the world.

This increases the global interest of this type of game that it looks for creating a more connected community of driving gamers, who are looking for a more casual experience, with some of the components of driving simulators that are present in games like Gran Turismo. The main component of this game is that allows with an easy introduction and very accessible control systems, to permit the players to gather different types of cars to play directly in events such as drift, sprint, race or time trial.

DriveClub VR Is the version that it was released for the PSVR, and it is one of the versions that allows the players to have the same experiences as the core game but directly applied to our Virtual Reality simulation system, this allows to have an immersive type of control, to directly apply on the vehicle, increasing the amount of types of games directly because of the new immersion system that has been developed period the game has the same components even the multiplayer, so automatically is a local VR game that allows the players to have the same clubs on experiences without sacrificing too much by playing it with the PSVR.

Dirt Rally. Tarmac, Snow, Gravel and VR

The king of driving games in the modality of rally, comes back to the PlayStation, and more specifically the platform of PSVR offering several new forms of playing and driving, in a way that has not been seen before on any rally game ever. The PS VR experience of Dirty Rally offers a new horizon for the players who look for one of the most grueling competitions for drivers around the world, to be simulated directly in front of them in Virtual Reality. Coming in a bundle, the VR version and the standard version, these games are completely the same only differentiated by the interface in which are played.

The team of developers at Code masters, have created a proper experience that translates the demanding style of racing that it is the rally competitions around the world, to a new setting in a way that it is almost unrecognizable to any other game. While it does not have the graphic fidelity of Gran Turismo, what it does not offer us in that department, It is compensated it quite enough in the form of the racing challenge, and the immersion or being yourself driving your car at all speeds in the forests and different places in Europe where these rallies have become famous.

One of the very important things in this type of games, is the cooperative aspect of having the driver and the copilot interacting with each other, in the case for Dirt Rally, you can have a second near you speaking directly and hearing the driving instructions for the track on your headset, increasing the amount of realism of the experience, putting yourself front and center of one of the most exhilarating type of races in the world.

Sprint Vector. You are the driver and the vehicle, go!

In an interesting variation of a PSVR game, Sprint Vector, offers us one of the most interesting experience ever device in this kind of medium. A style of game that you are a sprinter, that means racer, who runs, skates and moves directly stablishing how it’s going to tackle the different obstacles that are in the track that you are racing in. You are directly running through the different tracks where you are competing with other players as well, in an aesthetic similar to the wipeout games, and with the different mechanics that we can find in other competitive styles of driving games such as Mario Kart , where you can collect boosters on other types of tools to sabotage the rivals on the circuit or increase your speed.

One of the most important and most interesting aspects of this game is that you by being a sprinter in this game, you have to use your body to prepare yourself and to direct your movements using the PlayStation move controllers. The interface is quite smooth and gives more pf an immersive experience by running through different obstacles that can mean winning or losing in just mere seconds.

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