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The Best 10 Virtual Reality Games in Steam

The video games in Steam platform continues to grow in a number of options for those looking to have a good time with their consoles. And, both video amateurs and small and large software producers, find in Steam a giant market for entertainment.

With the advances in virtual reality that arrived in the market in recent months the enthusiasm and expectations of the players have grown. And the momentum with which developers work has also grown.

In Steam, developers often get ahead of the projects that will come soon. We have made a compendium of what will be the best games. Let’s see what we will meet next year.

1. Zombie World Apocalypse

Steam brings us this game that will introduce you to a post-apocalyptic scenario full of zombies and creatures whose appearance will leave you with bristly skin. The immersive feeling of devastation and loneliness will give you a strong sense of suspense to keep you with your finger on the trigger.

This is how you will feel while traveling through this laboratory to which you have been sent on a research mission. When the creatures begin to appear, you will have to test your aim by firing rapidly while they advance with hunger towards you.

They are many and have a surprising variety of behaviors. So, aim well and hurry up. Otherwise, you will have to run, or they will eliminate you. It will be a challenge to your survival instincts. The feeling behind the glasses can leave you frozen.

You can’t just keep hidden. You have important missions within the territories invaded by thousands of voracious zombies. If you do not fulfill your mission, the apocalyptic events will end with humanity.

2. Beat Know

It is a dynamic game in which, with your two sabers, one blue and one red, you tear down the lights that you find on both sides of the road. The lights are blue and red, so you must tear them down with the saber of their color.

You must consider the direction of the block arrow to cut it in that direction. You will need to have your full attention in the game in order not to be wrong. If you play well, more and more lights will appear. There are five degrees of difficulty. You can play in group or individual mode.

It will be an exercise and a lot of fun, because the sequence of lights is presented to the rhythm of a rhythmic music in this surreal world of neon lights. Rhythm and concentration will lead to your body in a vigorous dance session.

3. Last Man Sitting

In this game there is a group of men with white shirts and black suits. All sitting in the same office in green swivel chairs and armed with large guns. As soon as the game starts, they start shooting and the disaster forms in the office.

The physics of the game is striking. The types have a somewhat inert dynamic. Like rag dolls, they don’t get up or lower their feet to roll the chair. They move through the inertia created by their shots; that is, if they shoot forward, the chair goes backwards.

4. Sands of Salzaar

The scene of this game is the ruins of an old desert empire. There are only tribes left who fight for control of what has been left of land and civilization. Players have different character options to travel and face the world around them.

The scenarios will have changed every time you get to play. There will also be new rules of the game. You will find an infinite variety of challenges and riddles to solve in order to fight and win over the enemy tribes that appear.

Another interesting part of this Steam game is that you must recruit and train soldiers who face other troops and defend you. Build your attack strategies and tactics. As you reach victories, you add territories and expand to obtain resources and organize yourself better.

A game becomes very interesting when victory depends on both physical strength and the level of organization and military intelligence. Become a general!

5. Circadian City

Circadian City is a game where you can choose a character to build his life and start living it. It is an optimistic and romantic game. You arrive in the city to start a new life. At first, your classmates and neighbors will be strangers; but you will be making friendships that will enrich your life.

After sleeping, you can go out at night to look for friends, to connect with life in the city. In the meantime, you should also take care of yourself. Do not forget to satisfy your basic needs. You have to eat, relax, energize and seek happiness. There is also a wide variety of environments where you can develop your life. You can be a farmer, a miner, a player, etc.

Also, the game is barely going to start. There is a lot of project ahead. While you play, the creators will be making expansions of spaces and including options. They want to please their players and you can say if you want a new feature.

Imagine that the game grows in the future and you continue to see your contributions there.

6. Agent Emerson

Agent Emerson has more than a game, a movie where you are immersed thanks to virtual reality technology. Here you will be David Emerson, the protagonist. When you start the adventure, you find yourself tied up on the couch of a huge laboratory.

When you wake up, General Tony Denison, the person who has you under control, will speak to you in a hologram. Then you will understand that you have to free yourself using your ingenuity and then escape from that enclosure full of surveillance and security systems.

You will have the help of agent Lyndsey Fonseca. But will it be trusted? According to the plot, she is not very honest and in the trailers she appears fighting against you. It is an action-packed experience at the height of great movie films. It was released on January 3, 2020.

7. The Burning Descent

This is a game of fights and shots in virtual reality. It is up to you to take the role of a fierce mercenary and fight to the death against other competitors in the colossal sands of a majestic colosseum.

You can teleport like a gladiator dressed in extraordinary powers. Teleportation helps you to go from one stage to another and also as a defense and attack tactic in the same arena. You will be amazed by the powerful, robust, futuristic and sophisticated weapons that your opponents carry and that you can acquire yourself.

Each round lasts five minutes for you to eliminate your opponent, or at least, beat him on score. The score you receive will depend on your skills. More precise blows, faster, sharper decisions, aim and reflexes. Your legs will also enter the game. You can duck and get up as part of your tactic.

Search the record

The game also has a developer record. This is the highest score that any player has reached in this game. We suggest you take advantage that the game was just released on Friday, January 3. Therefore, the record score has not escalated so much and it is still quite feasible to achieve it.

There is a lot of action on land and air. But if you suffer from vertigo, do not worry. The game has an advanced approach to the virtual reality system. Therefore, the movements you perceive will be quite consistent.

8. Space Station Invader VR

Enjoy this virtual international space station. Walk it, jump, throw yourself. Visually experience the feeling of weightlessness. Assimilate the dizziness of a novice astronaut.

Although it sounds very relaxed, the truth is that there is an important and risky mission to fulfill. In the space station there is a nuclear plant and enemies that want to use the energy to make the earth fly in pieces have infiltrated.

Hurry up. Learn to use the different weapons, rifles, grenades, shotguns and other so that you can defend the ship and also the planet earth.

9. Drone Racer VR

Steam brings us a drone race game armed with your own ingenuity. You can use view in FPV or TPV mode if you wish. Or change from PC playback mode to VR and vice versa.

You can choose your type of drone according to the strategy you plan. Combine the drones with your body. Some may be propulsion, planning or propeller. Keep in mind that the structure you build does not affect performance or center of gravity. This way you can fly better and faster than other competitors.

Play alone, in team or all against all

You have ten types of objects to install to your drones giving them power or installing components that damage or hinder the opponent. If you want, you can rehearse or play alone. You also have the multiplayer option with your friends or other players that you get on the net.

You can also play as a team. In this way, the important thing is that a member of our team wins. They can choose the most agile player to be the one who crosses the goal, while the others will dedicate themselves to assure the passage and hinder the opponents.

The circuit does not always have to be the same. There are six world maps that you travel and 36 tracks so you never get bored.

10. Electrix: electromechanical simulator

This unique game is for those who love to disassemble, review and repair all kinds of artifacts, devices, resistors and advanced technology components. For those who are passionate about knowing every part of infinity of teams … and then go out talking like an expert.

It is an electronic equipment repair game with a touch of mystery. If you like to fix devices, but no one trusts you yet, here you will find a huge virtual workshop full of old and new things.

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