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Best Meditation Apps for Oculus Go

There are several applications in the second generation of oculus (oculus go) a wireless virtual reality device.

Meditation is essential in moments of great tension or for situations of great stress. Fortunately, there are now many ways to end the worries and one of them is with applications. I assure you that with them you will relax remarkably, discover them here!

The oculus go is far superior to other virtual reality viewers, both in price and video quality. This wireless device has excellent video quality, offering you sharpness in the image and HD quality.

But have you ever thought about relaxing with the use of this device? For the curious, let me tell you that it is possible, as there are many apps for meditation. Release all that stress from work or get out of a boring routine with the Oculus.

Meditation is important for the body because it makes us reflect on the problems, you can reach a point where you get the answer to those difficulties.

Devices such as the Oculus Go will help you to take off into an unknown world of virtual reality, you will simply disconnect from the space where you are located and you will find peace of mind.

Every day it is more remarkable how these applications exist. At this rate, in a very short time, these apps will become a trend among the Go community.

We will present in this article 2 free applications of Oculus Go to relax and meditate. They are ideal for relaxing a bit.

Calm Place

This app invites you to escape from the routine or tense moments, just put on the Oculus Go viewfinder and escape to another reality. It is full of harmony and methods to relax, consider it a new window in your life!

Take about 5 minutes of your time and escape to this new world, you can decide when to take your section. You can also choose various methods to relax, be it breathing exercises or a simple harmonic space.

If you want to start a constant routine we invite you to take a 7 day course with the predetermined program.

This program comes with a system already created, or you can develop your special place in a few minutes. Experience changes in the weather, time, atmosphere or sounds creating the illusion of being in a space free of bad energies.

The program was developed based on medical studies with specialists in Stockholm and the second largest hospital in Sweden.

It is currently being tested for the next version, where it provides the experience for psychiatric patients. These tests are meticulously studied and if they produce positive results, specifically to reduce stress and anxiety.

The calm place will be improved by comments in the AppStore, feel free to leave your opinion of it.

Find out more about it here.


The app has a familiarization tutorial, has solved the anxiety of many people and we are sure it will relax you too.

Guided Meditation VR

This is an app that will travel you around the world once you put on your visor, choose from diverse and exotic ecosystems.

Expand your mind with different environments and sounds, due to the high quality of the equipment, you can detail the noise of waves, rain, and wind without a major problem.

You can walk around the area and find the perfect place to relax.

The program comes with a guide to choosing the best system, the one that fits your needs or you have the option to build your own. It is a personal trainer of your mind, follow the exercises in the guide as they are also very positive for the body.

If you want to know more about this app go to.


These were 2 of the best applications to relax, verified by specialists for a better result, the 5 stars are around in these 2 apps because of the help they have given to different individuals.

But, how can there be such a detailed VR in terms of graphics? This is thanks to various functions, either graphic or sound quality, this 2nd generation of Oculus has changed the perspective of virtual reality.

Does relaxation with Oculus benefit the user?

The cause of many ailments and health problems is stress. A healthy lifestyle (sport, proper nutrition, abstention from harmful vices such as smoking or alcohol) cannot guarantee the maintenance of good health if you are faced with anxiety and worries generated by work and life.

Stress and tension are the greatest threat to our well-being and are related to serious heart and neurological diseases. Therefore, learning how to relieve anxiety and create the right moment each day to engage in leisure and relaxation is an important gesture for physical and psychological health.

When you enter a relaxation application in the oculus go, we welcome you to a harmonious place, with which you can escape even 20 minutes of the pressure of everyday life.

Relaxing using the oculus go VR viewer makes improvements in your body that you cannot imagine.

5 best benefits of relaxation using the oculus go

Relaxation is good for the heart.

Stress increases blood pressure and puts you at risk for heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems. Relaxation is essential to heart health because it relieves tension, eases the mind, and reduces adrenaline levels.

Relaxation improves the functioning of the immune system.

A 1990 study conducted at Carnegie Mellon University showed that chronic stress is related to a decreased immune system. Those who suffer it have a double risk of getting a cold compared to those with low or normal stress levels.

Relaxation improves mnemonic ability.

Stress tests attention and concentration skills, making it difficult to store information. Stress can also accelerate the degenerative processes of Alzheimer’s syndrome.

Relaxation keeps depression at bay

Stress eventually causes states of sadness and discouragement, and in severe cases can lead to depression. Relaxing helps raise serotonin and dopamine levels and keep depression at bay.

Relaxation helps you make the right decisions

It’s intuitive: when you’re stressed it’s hard to think clearly. Taking a moment to relax before an important decision can help clear the mind and find the right balance to reflect and make the right assessments.

Therefore, relaxation is essential to our health. With the help of these applications, you will feel much more relaxed by doing sessions in these windows offered by the oculus go.

A much quieter environment and with a low volume instrument will help users who perform these activities.

The best for the end, meet Satori Sounds VR

Rated as one of the best apps to relax, Satori Sounds is available for devices such as oculus rift, htc and oculus go.

This application will immerse you in a total state of tranquility and harmony, at the time of placing the visor you will be transported to a zone of complete calm.

With the simple selection guide, you will be transported to the most peaceful places in the world, with carefully studied kinematics to offer the user the most peaceful places in the world.

In addition to this, you will be immersed in HD audio, provided by the same program and projected thanks to the headphones on the sides of the device.

HD images, mantra or nature sounds, plus 360 degree vision, what more can you ask for to obtain inner peace, it is recommended to take at least one session a week.

How to get the best state of relaxation with this app?

To enjoy this experience to the fullest, we recommend that you lie down on the couch, on your bed, or in the area where you feel comfortable, place the viewer and select your favorite environment in the app’s library.

There are more than 7 places you can visit, with different themes, perhaps a beach or a forest are the best places to achieve the expected goal, relaxation and release of pressure.

After you have selected your 360 degree landscape, the app will ask you to choose the most suitable sound for you, a sound that closely resembles the selected landscape is more than enough to enjoy this unique experience.

We recommend that you set an alarm when you enter the app, as in most cases, people tend to relax too much, causing them to lose track of time.

This application is 100% recommended to escape to a very different environment from the daily routine, in a comfortable place, and with some sleep, the feeling of relaxation will be very fascinating.

The game can be obtained at the oculus apps page, this is around 3 dollars, a very cheap price compared to other apps,

What are you waiting for? Take some time for yourself and your health, you’ll get great results.


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