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Oculus Quest Bluetooth Headphones

Oculus Quest enables various functions for the user, such as connecting the device to televisions with attached wireless inputs.

The sound of this equipment is integrated into the display, with an abrasive quality that allows the user to be transported into a new world, full of adventures and things to discover.

This device is excellent in terms of sound quality, a small problem with this detail is that, as the speakers are added to the viewer there is no privacy, any viewer can hear the activities that take place in the viewer.

In addition to this, the speakers can be covered when exercising, sweat can obstruct them and the sound projection can be considerably reduced.

But can this problem be solved? Of course, there is an additional accessory that can be attached to the visor. A wireless headset can be the remedy for this problem, although this would increase the cost of the visor of course.

Is it necessary to use headphones in the Oculus Quest?

The most recommended headset for use in the Quest Oculus device is the SpectraShell OQ9, which is developed to work exclusively with the Oculus.

The sound quality is kept equally abrasive, with deep bass sound effects, very similar to the standard speakers of the device, this headset is connected to the sides of the oculus.

To exercise with the Oculus Quest these headphones are phenomenal, as this will not lose the sound, generally, the sound tends to decrease in exercise due to sweat, with the SpectraShell OQ9 headphones and solve that problem.

One of the things you should know about the Oculus Quest and take into consideration if you purchase this accessory is that the battery will be more likely to run out quickly because the system is overworked by a connection that may not be necessary.

About comfort, there is no need to worry, the headphones do not interfere with any of the bands of the Quest, in addition to this, the headphones are made with a flex band very similar to the aesthetic design of the Oculus Quest

It should be noted that most conventional hearing aids are not suitable for working with the VR display, you must find one that complies with this feature, there are varieties, some that can be connected by Bluetooth and others that can be connected with the wiring.

Despite all this, only two of them are in optimum condition to provide you with the best experience. These are original VR technology headsets that are like a ring around your finger (although unnecessary) and will meet your expectations

The SpectraShell OQ9 is also conditioned to work with this device.

The big problem with hearing aids that connect via Bluetooth.

The process usually becomes very tedious, at first, we have to find a hearing aid that meets the same characteristics of connectivity by Bluetooth.

After that, we have to open the developer system and make some specific settings, such as opening the side loading and connecting the oculus to another device to change the android version.

This generally does not work in all devices, some users have found this procedure to be successful, but in most cases, the result is not always the expected one.

It is very likely that by taking this step, you waste your time, as we do not want you to have an unnecessary work, we recommend that you use a headset that does not have to be connected by Bluetooth.

Headphones in the Oculus Quest, which is the most recommended?

The use of hearing aids can be positive in some ways, but the oculus is a device that is not able to use them in a certain way. Since it is a fairly new device, the use of hearing aids can have certain defects such as

In addition to difficult connectivity with the device via Bluetooth, there is also a problem with both versions of headphones (connection via Bluetooth or manual connection via a cable).

This problem is presented by the latency that is usually very common when these connections are made, as a result, the user can hear the sound sometimes after an action has been executed.

This issue is not yet fixed, but it is also very unlikely that the error will be solved. The CTO of oculus said that the problem has not yet been solved.

The Oculus Quest is a device that takes the experience of the game as a fundamental factor, meaning that a game with delayed sound can be a very bad experience for players.

How to connect SpectraShell OQ9 to Oculus Quest?

The good thing about this headset is that it can be connected very easily, on the sides, the Oculus Quest has some openings, these are the audio ports, just connect them, you can enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Surround sound is not lost when connecting these headphones, they are almost completely developed to Oculus devices.

How to connect a wireless headset to Oculus Quest?

This process can be very difficult but not impossible. As mentioned above, devices that are connected via Bluetooth can work, but in the vast majority of cases, this is not the case.

If you want to install a wireless headset in Oculus Quest, you must make sure that it is compatible with the Oculus, otherwise, it cannot be installed in the device.

The first thing to do before starting the installation is to enter the Oculus application on your phone, the goal being to unlock the developer mode.

When you open the application on your phone, you must go to the device settings, (within the app) and then select the Quest headset option.

Once inside the app settings, you must go to the arrow on the right, this will automatically display more configuration options.

Just when you are displaying more options, you will find different settings, you must select the developer mode button, you must activate the option, select the button to activate it and we will start with the actual installation of the headset.

Entering the installation of a headset in oculus Quest.

After unlocking the developer option, a page will open automatically, this means that we will already be modifying the device settings.

We have to create an organization to activate the headset in oculus, after placing it, we will start the oculus session.

The name of the organization can be anyone, this step will not affect it in any way, but it is mandatory to create a name.

After these steps, we must select the option to submit, (we accept the organization’s policies, as well as the terms of the agreement).

We have already concluded with the simplest parts of the installation, now, we have to go to the most complicated:

We reopen the Oculus application on our phone.

After this step, we go back to the same steps, go to the app configuration (inside the application) and select more options.+

After opening more settings (found on the right) then we go to the Oculus headset options.

If they don’t appear immediately, select the arrow at the top of the screen.

After activating the option, we must install an APK, this step requires that a program is installed in the PC, besides this the oculus must be connected to the PC to complete the installation.

The best way for this program to enter the Oculus Quest without any problem is called SideQuest.

We proceed to download the SideQuest and run it, you may see a notification that Windows protected your PC, likewise, we must run it if you do not get the message, everything in order.

After installing the SideQuest, we proceed to enter the Windows 32 folder and run the SideQuest.exe file.

A few steps from installing the wireless headset in Oculus Quest

We are about to conclude the installation of the program, as a first action, we must connect our PC to the Oculus Quest.

We select to connect to the device in our PC, inside the SideQuest application, we must allow a debugging of the USB device and after this, we launch the application to synchronize.

After this, the installer will create some folders determined as unknown sources, this is in the Oculus Quest in the library section.

Install a Settings_1.0.apk application then add this installation to the SideQuest repos folder.

We finish with the hard work, now we must go to oculus TV, the platform of oculus movies and series, we select the black box that says unknown sources.

To finish we press the Bluetooth option, and we look for the devices to which it can be linked.

This last step is usually the decisive one to conclude the installation if you did not manage to synchronize the headphones, it is a result that can be expected, very few headphones can be linked this way.

Instead of doing all this work, it is much better to purchase the SpectraShell OQ9 wired headset

Concluding remarks

Again, the Oculus Quest system does not require the use of a headset because it has built-in ones, but if you want to integrate additional ones, buy the original ones sold by the company.

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