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The Best Oculus Go Games for Kids

Oculus announced on October 11, 2017, that it would launch a new independent Virtual Reality headset. This device was called “Oculus Go”. It was a collaboration between Oculus and the great mobile SoC designer, Qualcomm, along with Xiaomi. Like the Samsung Gear VR or the famous Oculus Quest, this device does not need to rely on a mobile phone.

This great device has been popular with children and teenagers because of its simple learning method with wireless controls and various menus.

The good thing about this is that the little ones manage to learn with interactive games. There are many games that children can enjoy. If you are curious about what they are, read on!

These are the best games for kids in the Oculus Go

With the growing reputation of this device, many families are using it to share their moments. Thanks to the different games offered by the Oculus Go franchise, children and teenagers will now be able to include their parents in each game.

Let’s see below what those games are to enjoy:

– Augmented Empire:

If you want to spend time with your teenager, they’ll love this game. The game is set in the year 2058, in the dystopian city of New Savannah.

In this city, you will find 3 different levels. The game is turn based, artistically very good, well structured and suitable for teenagers.

– Vacation Simulator:

If you and your beloved little ones need to get away from the bustling city, schools and jobs, join Vacation Simulator! A simulator that offers the widest and most interactive scenarios for you and your little one to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

This vacation is guided by robot assistants, where you can change your look, and play various games of chance such as basketball tosses or sandcastle building.

In addition to these game modes, you can enjoy meals in the app’s restaurants, something quite interactive with the user, especially for the little ones in the house.

Various sports are also found in this app such as, for example, one of the most famous activities on this island is snowboarding.

The game can be found in the oculus go the store and is around 30$, a bit high for a game, but we assure you long hours of fun and adventure with the kids who use the visor.

– Wonderglade:

Wonderglade is a game for all ages. Wonderglade helps you enjoy the company of children, teenagers, and adults. It contains classic, highly interactive games where you can laugh, spin and even spray.

A game that is characterized by being very interactive with the user, you can perform various activities in this small but magical town of Wonderland, save the buildings from fire.

Play in a quite peculiar farm, we don’t want to go into details so you don’t lose the excitement of having this game.

The product is in the oculus go shop completely free, we assure you that this game will keep the little ones at home entertained for several hours


If you want to experience an adrenaline rush along with your little playmate, RUSH is your video game par excellence! In RUSH you can feel the wind as you descend the beautiful mountain slopes. You will be able to move in zigzags, dodge ledges and plummet to reach the goal.

Oculus Go applications for your child

If you want to find more than just games for your little one, here are some of the many applications Oculus Go has for your child:

1. Jurassic World Blue:

If your little one is a dinosaur fan, he’ll love this game. In Jurassic World Blue, he will transport you to the age of the dinosaurs with the help of Blue, your friend Velociraptor. In this game, you must survive the island’s eruption. You will be able to fight your enemies and interact with other dinosaurs.

It is one of the best games of oculus go, made with a unique quality and resolution, besides children, this experience can revive the dream of many people who saw the first movies.

In this game, Blue will play a fundamental role, he will defend the user on the island and will guide him through it in this virtual reality experience.

The game is based on a short synopsis, which explains that the ferocious dinosaurs have taken over the island. This Jurassic reign will last for a very short time, as the island is immersed in a somewhat chilling atmosphere, an event is about to happen.

The island is being threatened by a natural catastrophe that could end the plague of dinosaurs, but also the life of the user.

Blue will be your faithful companion on this journey, he will protect you from big dinosaurs while you keep on searching for water, food and other survivors.

The experience of this game will be calibrated so that no errors occur in the image, these improvements are mostly a compilation of errors that were shown in previous dinosaur games.

With quality in Hd and an immersive sound in its entirety, you will venture into this new experience of viewers, we are sure that you will like both you and the little ones at home.

2. Ocean Rift:

In this application, you will be in a water park with all kinds of marine animals. Your child will be able to learn about the habitats to be explored. From sea lions to whales. And dinosaurs!

Also, you can meet species from all over the world in this immersive animal world, something quite recreational and relax for many people who may suffer from stress.

In the game, there are about 12 habitats found in various parts of the earth. From a large coral reef, where you will encounter a variety of fish, such as the clownfish in the movie Nemo.

Reaching a point where you can be inside a shipwreck, but not as a protagonist, but rather, as a boat can become a very entertaining ecosystem.

You can see any kind of animal in this application, without the need for trips and at any time you want.

This application brings with it an explanation of each species, for example, if you are a turtle lover, you can swim in their ecosystem and learn much more about them.

Marine animals, visiting a desert, or going to the African continent to meet fierce lions with an instrumental harmonica in the background, a relaxing and interesting adventure is assured.

In Ocean Rift, you can move without any limitation, as the game takes place in the water. The player can move the controls as if they were swimming.

And with surround sound the experience is much more complete, we are sure that more than one child will be fascinated to go around the world meeting new animals.

This app can be very interactive with the player and also has the possibility of having fun while learning.

The game can be found in the oculus go the store, with a price of approximately 7 dollars, taking into account its quality, its interaction and extensive ecosystems, it is an excellent price.

3. Mission ISS:

If you have a teenager at home and he or she likes space life, he or she will love this application. In Mission ISS, you’ll be in charge of moving around the ship and taking walks in the middle of space. You’ll be able to learn about the work of NASA astronauts.

Interstellar travel has never been closer than in this video game, valid for all space travel enthusiasts. In this app, the player can spend long hours getting to know the rocket launchers.

Besides this you can see how the interstellar space station is, with a quality video in HD 4K, the player can know it the day of an astronaut in space.

This game is in the oculus go the store, completely free, with a video quality like this game has, it should cost about 7dollars.

A little bit reduced playability but it compensates the quality of its image, what are you waiting for to download it!

Other Oculus Go games suitable for children

For the little ones of the house, we have reserved their section. It is no surprise that Oculus Go also offers interactive and fun games for the little ones. Regardless of age, these are fun virtual reality games that will keep your little one entertained.

Remember that it is important that your child does not become corrupted.

Here are some other Oculus Go games for kids:

1. Pet Lab:

It is based on the famous game Tamagochi but in virtual reality. It is a simulator based on raising animals. Your child can domesticate fantastic and magical animals and make friends with them. In it, you can also create positions and personalize your pets.

2. Minecraft Gear VR

The famous Minecraft game now moves to virtual reality in Oculus Go. A game to build and adventure through very simple mechanics.

3. Star map:

If your child is a fan of the stars and the solar system he or she will love this game. You can move around while you look at and identify planets, stars, and constellations.

4. Bait!

For your child to relax and learn about fishing and everything related to it, we recommend Bait! It is a relatively famous game that teaches you the art of fishing. You can play with other players.

Tricks for Oculus Go that your little one will love

The Oculus Go awaits many tricks that players have been discovering. To help your son or daughter enjoy this clever device, here are its tricks.

Many of these are curious, others are fun, but we can assure you that they are very interesting. If you want to know these tricks, read on:

(The credits lead to the Virtual Reality Oasis Channel. Check it out!)

1. Change the “Home” theme of the Oculus: If your little one wants to give a twist to his “Home” theme, surprise him by following these steps:

a. Open the Hidden Object Home menu.

b. Go to the Bookstore or “Library” section.

c. From there, go to the Tutorial part. There you will find the basic steps on how to use the controls. But for now, that is not of interest.

d. At the end of the tutorial, when you are finishing, we will see that it guides us to the Themes of the Hidden House menu. It includes amazing views of fantastic cities and more.

2. Linking your Xbox controls to Oculus Go: If you have a teenager who enjoys Xbox controls more and you want to link them to Oculus Go, check out these steps!

a. Please note that not all Xbox controllers can be linked to the Oculus Go. The only controller you can link to your Oculus Go is the newest one. (Xbox One S Wireless Bluetooth Controller).

b. Go to the Oculus Application.

c. Make sure you are close to your controller.

d. Go to the Control option in the Oculus menu.

e. Press the “New Control” button.

f. Go to the “Control Pair” or “New Control” option.

g. Turn on your Xbox controller and activate the Bluetooth button.

h. And finally, your controller should automatically link to your phone.

3. Customizing photos in “Oculus Room”: To have your little one take pictures left and right and display them in Oculus Room, follow these steps:

a. Go to the photo gallery while in “Oculus Room”.

b. Now, just press the “Customize” part of the small menu.

c. There, you will notice how the pictures on the right side start to change as you modify the photos.

More games available in Oculus Go for kids, teens

In Oculus Go you will also find different interactive video games for the youngest player and teenager. Thus, the experience of video games is increasingly improved.

With the growing innovation of the Oculus range, many video games are following suit.

More games are available on Oculus Go below:

– Wonders of the World:

If you’re looking for a game for all ages and above all, one that learns about historical monuments, Wonders of the World is perfect for you and your family. In it, you will be able to sail to islands where there are statues like the god Helios.

– Locating Luna:

In the all-purpose game “Locating Luna” your little one will have to search for her lost puppy Luna. You’ll have to go through various stages and help yourself from the microphone to find your lost dog.

– Open World:

If your kids like adventure games, they’ll want to play this game. In Open World you are left in the middle of the mountains. You will have to help yourself with mysterious spells to find fantastic objects. Also, you will have puzzles to distract your child for hours and develop his or her wits.

– Pro Bowling Social:

If you want to spend time with your kids and family, Pro Bowling Social will be your game par excellence. It has a multiplayer mode, and you can challenge them to different bowling games.

– Coco VR:

In the famous Disney Pixar production, we’ll accompany Miguel, Ceci, and Hector through the fantastic world of Coco. It is a game for all ages where you will enjoy a beautiful experience.

– A Night Sky:

In A Night Sky, your little one will be able to be under beautiful stars and constellations during their vacations with their favorite characters. He will be able to learn from the constellations, connecting them and revealing fantastic creatures.

– Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

In this fun game, you will join Red, Chuck, Bomb, and the Blues to save the lost eggs. You can explore the remote island where your enemies, the little green pigs, take their vacation.

– Floor Plan:

If your child is over 10 and you’re looking for a game that’s right for him, Floor Plan is a very good investment. Floor Plan is a game of wit and adventure that takes place in an elevator.

Yes, in an elevator! Your little one will meet fun and curious characters along with interesting objects. On each floor, you’ll meet different characters. Plus, you can unlock mysterious secrets waiting for you in the elevator.

Is the Oculus Go suitable for children and teenagers?

Many parents want to provide their children with the best and most suitable things for them. The idea is that they will learn many things along the way, and what better way than with virtual reality?

The Oculus Go is recommended for the youngest in the house so that they can differentiate and learn what they like best; video games.

Many companies have implemented and introduced very interactive games for the little ones. However, parents doubt whether this device is suitable for their children. The answer is a resounding yes.

The Oculus Go has introduced amazing games that can provide fun and learning in one game. Thanks to its interactivity, children can enjoy new sensations. For teenagers, there are also these aspects.


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