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Netflix on Oculus Go

Since the Oculus Go was released 4 months ago, reviewers have been stating it Is the most comfortable and affordable virtual reality software ever made. It has been a long road in waiting for the hardware to be released. There were a lot of push-backs and delays and an endless wave of hype that swamped around its fan base, but the end results speak for themselves. The Rift teamed up with Samsung to bring one of the first virtual reality headsets. It was priced at over 300 dollars, which is not a lot to ask for a powerful VR machine. The Oculus Go, however, comes at 200 dollars and is lighter than the rift.

With the array of apps and games available on the Oculus Rift, there are some that stand out and are available from day one. The Netflix app, for example, is something that every virtual reality buff could benefit from. After all, we love movies don’t we?

Watching Netflix on the VR headset is a seamless and easy experience. Once you launch the application you are transported to large empty room that resembles a theatre room. The screen in front of you is quite large – 100 inches virtual television. The colors schemes are excellent: black seems denser, the more vibrant colors seem to stand out more, and the built-in headphones function well enough. The ability to move your head and experience the move as if you were actually in a movie theatre is a nice addition. For those of you who would like to lie in bed and chill with some Netflix on VR, there are also a flight mode integrated that freezes everything in place so that you can enjoy the movie without any jitters or stutters.

Overall, Netflix is a nice addition to virtual reality. It takes us one step closer to actual VR optimized theatres. Who knows, maybe one day all movie theatres will be purely virtual?

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