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How to update oculus go

Oculus Go is a fantastic addition to the VR family. It came out roughly 4 months ago and has been doing very well in the already saturated virtual reality market. These are good news for people who shied away from buying the hardware on day one. Now, with reviews similar to this one, the end consumer can educate themselves and make a rational and informed decision whether they would purchase the VR headset.  

Unlike other device, like computers, phones, and games, the Oculus Go virtual headset rolls out updates automatically. The end user does not have a say in whether they want the update or not. The major software updates roll out once a month (sometimes every two months) and add needed apps, changes, or updates. Oculus have been quite clear about their goals for the Oculus Go headset. They intend to update it regularly and keep the systems active and up-to-date.

The newest update was released June and made several important changes to the software. Some new apps and features were added to streamline the user experience and clear some unwanted bugs.

  1. Oculus Home

Some new features were added to the Oculus Go Home screen. Version 1.26 features implementation of Dash panels and a more intense environment. New items that improve the interactive screen are going to be added, due to positive feedback.

  1. 5K Video & 360 Videos

The new software update will enable seamless streaming of 5k video and 360 videos. Users will be able to enjoy their favorite videos in a much better quality than ever before.

  1. Special Item

New special ‘hidden’ items will be added to the Oculus Go. These items will be featured as rewards or Easter eggs that will let users customize their Home screen.


The Oculus Go will have many more updates in the future. It is a bit strange that users cannot choose whether they want the upgrade to be installed, but we are sure that Oculus just want to make sure their device runs as smoothly as possible.

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