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Minecraft for Oculus Go

Oculus Go is the newest virtual reality devise released by the oculus studio. It came out four months ago and has been basking in the bright limelight of its success. Sales and reviews for the Oculus Go have been through the roof, with reviewers claiming that the device builds up and improves on already existing VR technology.

What are you using your Oculus Go for; movies, music, games, or internet browsing. Luckily for you, the Oculus Go can do all of these things and more.

Speaking of games, there is an indie darling that refuses to die. We are talking about Minecraft, of course. There have been versions of Minecraft for almost any platform – PC, PS4, XBOX, Nintendo, and now, virtual reality.

The arrival of Minecraft for the Rift and Oculus Go was a nice surprise for the younger (or older) generation of gamers who want a bit of nostalgia their way. It is not a new game, so it didn’t necessarily move millions of Oculus Go headset boxes, but it was a major selling point.

The software for the game is run on Window 10, if ran on pc, and ran on your android phone if you have one. The controls were optimized to be accessible with the virtual reality controller so that players will enable to navigate the game world without any problems. Unlike the Rift, Oculus Go does not have motions sensors. Meaning, you cannot physically stand up and goa round the Minecraft world. That might be a benefit, more than a dividend as a lot of users reported that the motion tracking gave them headaches.

The graphics are standard for Minecraft. The game runs at 60 FPS or 60Hz which gives it a smooth and polished feel.

The addition of Minecraft to the Oculus Go is a wonderful idea. It brings new and old players alike.

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