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Oculus Go Teardown: What we already know

Oculus Go, the $ 200 VR headset launched to an overwhelmingly positive reception. The inexpensive headset sported a surprisingly good marketing campaign and a selection of movies, games, and apps that helped it fly off the shelf. Virtually anybody who managed to already get their hands on it has had only good things to say.

But what secrets does the headset hide? Let’s find out by breaking it apart.

The founder and ex-employee of Oculus took it upon himself to post a few images online of his ‘broken down’ VR headset. Palmer dismantled the Oculus Go and showed the insides of the device for fans and technology experts in order to educate and scratches their intellectual interests.

The first thing that the public grasped on to was the battery. The Oculus contains a 2600mAh cell battery which gives the device roughly three hours of active time. Palmer stated that this battery could just as easily be upgraded to an 18500, which is roughly the same length as an A cell battery. This upgrade would significantly lengthen the active time of your Oculus Go headset. Furthermore, 18500 type batteries are less susceptible to overheating and as a result would have a longer lifespan. Judging by the lifespan of other virtual headsets, an upgrade to the 18500 could last the entire shelf-life of your console.

Located on the faceplate we can see copper heat sink plates that are used to better distribute heat. This allows the Oculus Go’s Snapdragon 821 processor to work overtime without fear of burning out. It is worth mentioning that this processor is the same that was sued in the Google Pixel smartphone. The processor was praised for its compatibility and miniature size.

The rest are just parts of the devise that we already knew existed. The most worthy mention is the battery which too many users might find to be a blessing. Handheld consoles and VR technologies use a lot of power. Upgrading your battery to something that could potentially increase your running life by three-four times is definitely worth it.

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