Our Favorite PSVR Local Multyplayer Games

Our Favorite PSVR Local Multiplayer Games

VR no longer is the individual experience that we used to see in many of the demonstrations where a single person was able to enjoy the technology and everyone else had to see it. With the different innovations specially in the PS VR platform made by Sony, we now have a very important change on the VR experience by having multiplayer component on many of the games that are made, and some of the others are made specifically for this kind of experience.

While the experience of multiplayer varies very greatly in many games, this is quite an interesting form to have a party with your friends. Where you can play this kind of games and everybody around this involved, because it doesn’t need that every person must have the PSVR headset. Instead of many games rely on the mechanic that the player is on the headset, and their friends are looking at the screen, making it a truly involving experience that makes everybody around to take part of the game in some way of another. PSVR has created a very interesting selection of games where the social component is very important to take into consideration.

in this article we are going to recommend you a few of the games that we ourselves have played extensively , and consider that they are the best examples of the PSVR multiplayer experience, so you can adventure yourself on your friends to have a very interesting playing experience.

Firewall: Zero Hour. Tactical approach to VR multiplayers

Most of us are familiar with games of tactical action, like Rainbow 6, Counter Strike, Splatoon among others. Now in PlayStation VR, there is the version in which you and three other players confronts to other team of 4 players, to see who can control the map and tactically adjust themselves to the situation and win the match. There are many mechanics in this game that are directly inspired by the classics of tactical multiplayer action, and all of them have been taken into consideration in shaping the experience in this game, specially the movements for action.

Most importantly this is a game that has a very good rendition of firearms, and very intuitive gun control systems that actually allow the player to reload easily. Mostly to use the sight of its weapon precisely, and to throw grenades in a very seamless fashion, similar to each and every other of the games that are referenced in this type of game. One very important thing with this game is that you can play with a PlayStation move controller, but there are also peripherals that can give you a modeled from one of the weapons of the game.

This peripheral is available to have a more precise control of the mechanics, however is not completely necessary, because the developers of the game, have ensured themselves that the precision in the controllers maintains itself in all the levels of the experience.

Wipeout: Omega Collection. The King of future racers is taking Vr by Storm!

Everybody has played wipeout, most of us who have played it over the years, have experimented in some way or another playing with friends on split screen, over the different iterations of the series that has given us very thrilling races with cutting edge graphics and a soundtrack very memorable. Wipeout Omega collection gives us a new opportunity to leave again those experiences of the different versions of wipeout in the many versions of the PlayStation consoles come but now available we are multiplayer component directly in VR.

Putting you directly on the seat of one of the famous ships that go through the tracks at speeds of hundreds of kilometers an hour. One of the most recommended VR racing games, creates a very immersive experience in VR by allowing us to experimentate this famous races that we once saw from a third person perspective, now in front of us in a complete redesign of the systems to be accommodated in VR in a very immersive manner.

There are 9 Maps available, which takes specific tactical advantages for every player, there are places to hide, where to put explosive charges, achieve objectives, and most of it is actually destructible environment, so you can create spontaneous advantages where you and your team can easily overcome the other team.


One very interesting puzzle solver game, that has an ambient station similar to many of the indie games that we can play today. You and your friends must solve a number of different experiments where you have to liberate your hands from a very intricate puzzle box that it is in front of you. The setting of this game is similar to the portal games, where you are part of a scientific experiment, and you must solve the puzzle in front of you but also as well has to deal with the constant surveillance of the scientists of the Static Institute Of Retention. Who are looking at you closely to see if you are capable of solving the challenge, this is very important to keep in mind, because it adds a layer of mystery and intrigue to a very immersive game that puts you in a delicate situation where you have to liberate yourself.

Mostly the game is in single player mode, however there are specific puzzles made to be resolved with your friends in corporative mode. The other players must use the PlayStation App to gain access to the puzzle and help you solve it, but keep in mind that the gradual difficulty of these puzzles exponentially increased in cooperative mode with other players. Making the experience more enjoyable because any of the players who is not in the PSVR headset, have to play in a different mode to try to solve the puzzle with a different system that allows them to locate the parts to be solved.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Is the red or the Green wire?

We have all seen in an action movie when the main character must defuse a bomb by cutting a wire or following the instructions to defuse such bomb by a technician in the other side of a radio or walkie talkie. This is the experience that this game is trying to convey on an environment of VR multiplayer.

Up to 4 players, there are specific roles that are made for the each of the players that had the task of defusing the bomb. The twisting question with the game is that the person with the headset has to be the one who is in front of the bomb, while the other players are the technicians on the other side of the communications their eyes.

But in this case the screen of the TV where the game is being played, in this dynamic the player who is in front of the bomb does not have any instructions of how to diffuse it, it is the one who can inspect the bomb in all directions to see if any of the components coincide with all the instructions that the other players are allowed to see. The other players have several documents in a table that they can inspect to see some parts of the bomb that they can go inside an assemble to defuse the bomb successfully.

Of course, that in any of the situations where a bomb of this kind is involved, there is a timer, some wires and some components of the bomb that if not adequately caught or disabled, they are going to make the bomb explode. A very exhilarating experience for the players who want to play something very different and require the outmost cooperation of each of its teammates.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew. Be the Captain and set the Phasers

If you are the kind of people who enjoys greatly every episode of Star Trek and has imagined inside of one of these ships being the captain an adventuring yourself into space, now is the moment for living that experience directly on the wonderful system of VR.

Star Trek Bridge Crew offers a singular experience of converting yourself into the captain of one of the famous ships of Star Trek, over the different areas that spans the series, you can experiment the sensation of commanding a ship along with your friends that occupied many of the stations of the ship. From the helm, engineering among others, you and your friends become the crew that are controlling their own ship and going directly into adventures that evolve the sense of the series of exploration but also of action an adventure by confronting many enemies.

The models used are very specific recreations of the bridges of the ships that goes from the original series all the way to the next generation and even including the JJ Abrams movies. It is a very impressive experience that gives you the most amount of entertainment with you and your friends in a VR environment.


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