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The Best 5 VR driving simulators

VR´s main attraction as a system and platform is immersion for the player. There is no doubt about it, the 6 degrees of freedom that is present in many of the VR headsets on the market today, puts it in another level of experience for the players and for people who are looking at this technology for the first time after reading about it or hearing some friends playing some game in it. Gaming in VR puts you directly into the action, an experience that the traditional experience that playing in front of a TV is not able to achieve or deliver in the same way. Nowhere is this as evident as in a VR driving simulator.

Virtual Reality driving simulators create the most compelling evidence that VR is the next step in gaming.

VR Driving Simulator

By giving something that the current systems and achievements in driving simulators, have not made possible unless that they require any specialized system in an arcade or dedicated screen system. The elements brought in a VR racing simulation can really put the players inside the cars to play in a completely seamless experience.

VR offers now the possibility of having an entire immersive experience without too much expense on the experience by itself. The driving simulators today in practically all the platforms are a combination of cutting edge graphics, realism in the physics system and an engaging experience of driving a car recreated to the most simple of details.

We are living in the Golden era of the driving simulator with titles like Gran Turismo, Forza and project cars 2, but even in VR the competition an offering for driving simulators are more fierce than ever. And like in every good motor race, every pilot is as capable as the machine and it is driving, every turn can be the advantage an every second is the difference between winning and losing.

In this article, we are going to talk of the best VR driving simulators that you can get, on most of the VR platforms today. And the ones who offers you the most variety of experience and the most amount of realism available. It is time to put our hands on the wheel and see all the participants in this race.

1. Gran Turismo Sport. The king of racing simulations now in full VR mode!

It has the greatest number of cars by far of every competitor in the market, one of the most complete compilations of racing tracks around the world, and one of the most compelling models ever made for a car simulator that’s exclusively for console.

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 pro have taken the advantages of the integration of the VR system and had made a proper seamless integration with the experience. The Grand Turismo Sport VR experience is offering the same cars, tracks an all the same issues of the game itself directly into VR. This is one of the most critically acclaimed games and its integration to VR has been applauded by critics and players alike.

2. Assetto Corsa (PC VR). The newcomer fires all cylinders

Develop by KUNOS Simulazioni, Assetto Corsa is a simulator that was released in 2014 common and has had a growing audience since the launch. Since it is considered by many professionals, as one of the most realistic physics models in a driving simulator available on multiple platforms.

While its shortcomings are very well known, as well of its demanding mechanics and systems, this driving simulator has been perfected by its community and its developer, are gaining a foothold that rivals directly with games like Forza, Gran Turismo, and project cars 2.

Its implementation of VR has been one of the most acclaimed, given the fact that it is completely streamlined and very effective on convening the realism of the physics model directly into a first person experience for the driver. The best experience so far for this simulator has been on the HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift, mostly because the developers have worked closely with the companies to ensure a better integration of the systems.

Even so the developers have been indicated that further compatibility with other systems such as the Valve Index will come along soon.

3. Project Cars 2 (PC VR). A new approach improved for the most demanding gearheads

Project Cars 2 is by far the most realistic driving simulator ever made in every platform possible. But most importantly the version of PC has literally created an entire community in less than 2 games, that has separated this game from every other driving simulator.

What makes Project Cars 2 to drive a distance from the rest of the competition, is mostly its dedication to realism not available on any of the other driving simulators. The amount of cars available does not rival Gran Turismo or Forza, but its physics models is literally unrivaled.

Given the fact that their entire developing team, has been on the guidance and constant supervision of different racing teams, that had adopted this driving simulator directly to their simulating systems in their practices by their drivers. But the cars included, are simulated to the last detail of its driving experience, something that has not been rivaled given that even by the details like the G force simulation are recreated in the VR environment.

Project Cars 2 takes the VR experience of driving a car to a whole different level, if you are a dedicated driver and want to experiment the closest thing to a real driving experience, this is the game that is recommended blindly by every expert.

4. Wipeout Omega Collection (PSVR)

The classic PlayStation game is now available on VR, offering a compilation of the wipeout games in one single experience. In this case the VR experience complete the idea of immersion directly in this game.

The Wipeout Omega collection gives you all the best circuits and ships of the classic games as the maximum expression of this saga that has been achieved in a single system. The entirety of the graphics and systems of control have been completely streamlined to work to the perfection in the PSVR system.

This game gives the advantage to the PS VR system and giving the drivers the experience of the arcade with multiplayer available but directly at their homes with one of the most accessible VR headsets in the market

5. Rush (Oculus Quest)

While it’s not driving by itself, MetaQuest’s Rush offers quite different experience for racing simulation in the Oculus quest. This game has been considered one of the best experiences available as an arcade game, an as well as a simulator. This game is a wingsuit racing simulator, that put the players directly into the experience of flying over mountains, just like those videos where daredevils, stuntmans and adrenaline junkies that put those suits, risk with their lives to give the experience of the people of enjoying as flying as naturally possible.

In a similar fashion to wipeout, this oculus racing simulator, allows you the player to make as much tricks as possible while flying down the mountain, to gather more points and skill abilities, that can be used directly to gain the advantage during the race. Also as well as the races in the wingsuit in real life, the closest that you fly to the trees, mountains, rocks and even the ground, more velocity or boost you gain to acquire speed that gives you more advantage doing the races. Rush implements very well the systems of precision of controls of the Oculus quest headset and hand controls, to allow you to navigate easier, and made more precise movements. Because in this game the real difference between winning the race by being the fastest, and crush yourself to the face of the mountain, is mere millimeters.

Also as well this game has the characteristic that there are 4 great mountains as the main tracks available, but there are variations on the path to getting down at the Mountain and by flying directly into them. This gives you 80 possible variations in total, to maneuver quickly, gain velocity, and finish the race in a creative manner.

As a value proposition this game includes single player modes where you can unlock different types of suits and decorations to customize your character. And has also a multiplayer mode up to 3 more players, with this mode, you can make some competitions to race to the finish of the Mountain and come with your friends and as well take the competition to another level by attempting to win the race as creatively as possible.

Choosing the Best VR Driving Simulator for You

In my view, diversity is the spice of life, and you really can’t go wrong with any of these virtual reality driving simulators.

Driving Simulator with VR

Experiencing a driving or racing simulator in VR is immersive and incredible, and you won’t be disappointed with any of these simulators. If your budget allows, try them all!

But a warning, once you experience a driving simulator in VR … you’ll never go back!

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