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Setting up Developer Mode on Oculus Go

Oculus Go launched four months ago to a roaring wave of excellent reviews and good sales. Oculus released the hardware without any major faults in its programming which resulted in a smooth and pleasant launch experience. The device has been praised for its large catalogue of apps, movies, and themes that help you customize your Oculus Go a lot more than its predecessor. Aside from all that It comes with Developer Mode installed into the device. With developer mode you can access exclusive apps and blogs that are only meant for fellow developers. Developer Mode comes free of charge with the hardware. There are no subscriptions or initial payments.

This article will guide you through running, testing, and debugging your Oculus Go applications.

All you need to do to start app development is to enable Developer Mode. Developer Mode lets you have a wider access to the software capabilities of your virtual reality headset.

To set-up your device in Developer Mode, you will need to create a developer organization on the Oculus Website.

  1. Go to https://dashboard.oculus.com/organization/create which is the oculus Go website.
  2. Fill out the sign up information.
  3. Complete the profile. Select an organization name that you will remember. There are no limitations to what the Organization can be.

After you create the Organization name, you can go ahead and enable Developer Mode.

  1. Start the Oculus app on your phone.
  2. Locate the settings menu, choose the Oculus Go headset and enable it.
  3. Choose More Settings from the drop-down menu.
  4. Turn Developer Mode on.

This is all you need to do to enable Developer Mode on the Oculus Go headset. Now you can go ahead and install APK’s, download exclusive developer demos, and even start developing your own software.

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