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Oculus go Browser: How to use

Using the Oculus Go browser: how to enable Private Browsing on Oculus Go?


Oculus Go does not come with a special browser pre-installed. It runs on software just called ‘Browser’. After further experiments we managed to find that it does run well, similarly to Windows Explorer. It is not quiet Google Chrome, but it is not Opera either.

How to open the Browser?

  1. Choose the Browser button in the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Choose the G option for the Google Browser.
  3. Type in the address you would like to visit and hit Enter.

Browsing on your Oculus Go allows you to use the controller as a navigation stick. Selecting something works a bit differently than when selecting with a mouse. When you want to select something with your Oculus Go controller, just hover over the option and click the button. You might have to press harder on the controller button as some users have reported diminished sensitivity.

You might be wondering how to enable Private Browsing on your Oculus Go. Private Browsing comes very handy if you are sharing a computer or phone with siblings, have nosy parents who might peek into your private time, or you just like to keep things neat and tidy, It’s very common for people to use Private Browsing. Luckily, setting it up on Oculus Go is as easy as snapping your fingers. Here is how to open.

  1. Locate the ‘+’ sign on the left of your Oculus Go interface.
  2. Locate ‘Enter Private Mode’.
  3. You will be directed to a Private Browsing Window. You can browse without saving any passwords or keeping a History record.


That is it. Oculus Go lets you browse the internet in the comfort of your VR-Headset without being disturbed by other. Being able to use private Browsing increases that privacy.


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