How to stream your Oculus Go to your TV?

If you are a YouTube or an entertainer, chances are you are familiar with video recording and video editing. Chances are you have previously recorder your videos or a gameplay Let’s Play in the past. With the addition with Oculus Go to the virtual reality headset family, people in the streaming and YouTube business are getting hyped for all the possibilities that they might get.

Bottom line, can we stream Oculus G to a second monitor?

The answer, sadly, is no. Not yet at least. As of May, there is no official way to hook up your Oculus Go headset to a second monitor. You can set up your Oculus Go to record video and upload videos just fine but you cannot directly stream to a television like a PS4 or Xbox. There is a light in the tunnel, however.

The Oculus team has made a statement that they plan on adding official second screen support to the Oculus Go headset. When will this support be integrated? Soon, sources say. How soon is soon supposed to mean? We don’t know. Neither do the Oculus team.

Second-screen support is nothing new or original Most, if not all consoles have had second-screen support at launch or shortly after. A demo version of the second screen support is already in production. Carmack, lead producer for oculus Go mentioned online that they are working on making a functional prototype for the second-screen support work properly. No estimated time has been given, but we are hoping that it will be sooner rather than alter.

Regardless of this little flaw, the Oculus Go has done great in sales and customer experience. Whether it continues improving, we don’t know. We can only hope that the team at Oculus continue doing as well as they have been doing until now.

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