disney movies vr oculus go review

Disney Movies VR Review

Virtual Reality isn’t just in dystopian future novels anymore. It’s here in present day and it’s growing at an exponential rate. We are living in a time where you can pop out for a date in VR and go to Paris in the blink of an eye; you can live inside a haunted house and have ghouls manifest before your very eyes; Virtual Reality Shops are popping up similar to the Vaping Craze of 2015. Hopefully, unlike vaping, VR is here to stay.

It’s no wonder a company like Disney tried to dip a finger in the virtual pie. Their new gig Disney Movies VR hosts such iconic sets like the Jungle Book or Captain America, and Star wars. Sounds perfect on paper right? Disney is famous, after all, for highly detailed sets and characters.

The truth is that Disney Movies VR is slightly mediocre. Don’t get it wrong, it will be able to entertain your 3 year old while you are in the car, but older consumers will be left slightly underwhelmed and disappointed.
The app itself serves as a glorified commercial for the product, not a tie-in or extra content from the same universe. Yes, you’ll be able to see some extra footage and interviews with cast members, but those can be seen on YouTube with higher quality.
Speaking of quality, Disney disappoints with stuttering and slightly fuzzy images and video. We aren’t sure if this is intentional (why would it) or not. Certainly the Oculus Go can handle HD content without exploding.

Overall, Disney Movies VR is an empty shell of a product. It’s not fun and it’s not engaging. It doesn’t take advantage of VR in any way except for some surprisingly awkward moments where an actor is talking and you get a floating bubble over their head with the person’s name. Kind of like Sims. But unlike Sims, not very entertaining.

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