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How do you download a YouTube app on your Oculus Go

The Oculus Go device has been out for a few months now and critics are overwhelmingly positive. From games, to music, to movies, people are suing their Oculus Go Headset for everything. How could you not? The device itself supports HD videos and nice crisp sound while at the same time allowing you to live in a fantastical world from the future. It is like an extension to television.

Some people have been taking their Oculus Go time to extremes by watching 360 degree YouTube videos on their device. The Oculus allows you to experience some videos in a completely different way. Watching a space exploration video is very different when experienced through a VR headset?

How do you download a YouTube app on your Oculus Go? You don’t have to! The Oculus Go is already compatible with YouTube: just type in YouTube in your browser and you will be redirected to the video sharing website. Bet you didn’t know that the device was compatible, did you. That is something that a lot of users were pleasantly surprised to find. In the release information that came with the device launch, nothing about YouTube was mentioned. You can imagine the delight that the majority of the audience had when they randomly searched for YouTube on their Oculus Go.

For your ease, here is how to locate YouTube on your Oculus Go and enjoy HD 360 degree videos.

  • Go to the Navigate section in your oculus Go.
  • Type in YouTube in the search bar.
  • Find a 360 degree video that interests you. There is a large catalogue of 360 videos on the Oculus Go YouTube platform that are fully compatible.
  • Play the video. Once the video starts, there will be an option to enable 360 in the center of the screen. Press it and enjoy your 360 degree video experience!
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