Virtual reality games cooming soon in 2020

The Best 8 Virtual Reality Games Coming Soon in 2020

Without any doubt we can say that we live in the era of Virtual Reality games. Their extreme popularity has reached the peak, and the number of games that are released each year grows in clarified dimensions. Let´s see which the best Virtual Reality games are coming soon in 2020.

Why Virtual Reality games have become so popular?

Currently, the games are like a movie in which you are participating. The adrenaline goes on, you live to the extreme, car chases, shooting matchups and episodes so thrilling they are irresistible. Virtual reality gets more impressive every day because players want to feel more and demand better graphics.

They want the plot lines to be fleshier. And that’s why the companies in charge do their best in order not to disappoint the demands of an audience that wants more and more productions.

The best Virtual Reality games coming soon in 2020 go to the next level

In 2019 we saw very eye-catching proposals offered by PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC, among others. So we can say that 2019 was very good with virtual reality. So, it was full of releases, some of them genuine masterpieces that reinvented the genre of some platforms.

But 2020 is here now and that’s why we wonder, what the present future of virtual reality is? What’s on the horizon? These are some of the questions to which we want to give an answer. Thus, that’s the reason for which we will leave this post with the best virtual reality games that the 2020 offers us.

Highlights of the best Virtual Reality games coming soon in 2020

Of course, we can first mention the number of new games coming up for this 2020. However, one thing we have to highlight is that this year, apart from the new games, are included the latest virtual reality video releases, Oculus Quest.

On the other hand, we have the spectacular transition from virtual reality devices that are PC-based to more independent devices. So that the alternatives in terms of the format, are greater. Certainly, the 2020 appears as the year in which you live a really exciting time for all those who have considered themselves fans of virtual reality.

That´s why it is not only a branch or an alternative to video games. Not, as it would remain a thing of the past, it is transforming into a new current, yes, a new mainstream. So, be proud because you are one of the first who have knitted and enjoyed this current.

Virtual Reality games coming soon in 2020

If you are a beginner in this world of virtual reality, we will talk to you a little about them. These games happen in an artificial environment that are represented in 3-D.

It’s so impressive the quality of those video games that all the time make you think you’ve been transported to the real place where they are recreated. You no longer feel like you’re in front of the seated keyboard, but you’re there, where the action happens. You move, you feel it, and you even get lost in time and space.

In the past, some people came to worry about the time a player could spend sitting playing. The reason is that, for the time he spent being without activity, he could be considered sedentary.

But with Virtual Reality games this has changed. Even, you can do exercises and get in shape while you are playing. And that’s because in some cases you have to get up and move, because you get into the virtual world.

New and… Affordable concept of Virtual Reality games?

We already know that this concept of virtual reality is not completely new. It is only that the price of equipment has long prevented conventional players from buying them and joining this community.

Although in recent months we have seen the rise of many computers to play in virtual reality. Even the headphones that are used in Virtual Reality games are being affordable for most users. That is why we have now seen an increase in the people who are buying in the market everything related to virtual reality.

As a result, the demand of these games has been higher than ever. And that’s why we can find many virtual reality games on different platforms. Of course, newer games offer an amazing experience as they have better graphics. So these result in a much more realistic experience.

Releases of Virtual Reality games in 2020

Whether you are fanatic of your Pc or on the contrary, more of Oculus, PSVR, HTC or Verve, you should know that for this 2020 there are several releases. Then, we will show you some of them, so you know all the good that is coming, we leave you as, our super list.

1. The Walking Dead: Saint and sinners

Developer: Skydance Interactive Distributor: Skydance Interactive
Genre: Terror Platforms: pc

This scary game is being announced for the first month of 2020 and is bloodier than you can imagine. The human body and its parts are so real that you won’t be able to digest it so easily. Fights are stronger and more horrible than ever, and humans so thirsty and hungry that they can make you want only one thing: stay to beat them.

Imagine you’re in New Orleans, there’s been a massive zombie outbreak and you’re trying to beat them. In the meantime, you try to survive not only their attack but also that of the other humans who are slowly starving.

The city is in ruins, and chaos and anarchy prevail. In addition, there is little to eat and a constant threat of violence. Then you’ll need to create and implement a variety of strategies to keep you alive and to help those you think require survival. Of course, the game gives you access to a variety of weapons.

The bloody narrative

A very interesting aspect is the storytelling, which has no restrictions, so the horror takes over the whole environment. You know, if you like horror, this game is definitely for you.

The narrative consists of a blood-filled campaign in which you’ll see some survivors along the way while you’re there ready to survive. You have the option to choose the dialogue, and as you progress, you will feel as you are taking control.

In the game you are working to complete missions and thus help others. But it’s a phase that you can ignore if you want. If you prefer you can only dedicate yourself to just moving around the city however you want. And there you will discover all the horror that is kept in it.

You’ll be completely stunned by how real the attacks you’re going to do on walkers are because they’re amazingly graphic and even see how you can maim and kill a lot of enemies.

2. World of Diving

Developer: Vertigo Games Distributor: Vertigo Games
Genre: Simulation video game Platforms: Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, macOS

It is a video virtual reality game for Oculus Rift that offers us a great realistic diving simulator for PC. In this game we explore the sea depth but you go on your journey through the depths accompanied by other users. It is incredibly graphic so you will be able to explore as an expert the seascapes.

The idea of this amazing virtual reality game is for each user to feel and live that they are freely exploring the ocean depths.

Exploring the ocean depths Of World of Diving

The task is underwater exploration, and to facilitate this task, it is included a small compass that helps the user to guide themselves. And it is also provided with a small visual indicator in the form of light and that will be marking the objects to be followed.

The objects to be followed are also places of cultural interest or that will have some relevance in the missions. And therefore, these objects are loaded with small challenges, which can be simple or complex.

The tasks can be taking photographs of the animals in the background seafaring. Or they can be even discovering old little ones hidden between different places such as reefs, some stones and even other sunken boats.

These elements are undetected scarred are what make World of Diving very but very entertaining and different from others, turning the game into a great experience and mixing curious elements such as luck, skill and above all patience.

You can play it alone or even in company of other players

Although World of Diving can be played alone, it’s really designed to play with other people. And the best thing is that we can communicate in a very real way, either with gestures, and once there we lie in the water and start exploring the ocean together.

This fun virtual reality game also includes a large and beautiful number of scenarios, such as coral reefs, sandplains, corals and sunken boats. It is impressive the great work that its creators have done to give the impression of being facing a very realistic ecosystem. There are many animals that can be seen together on the screen, each with its own characteristics and behaviors.

Not only will we encounter natural scenarios, World of Diving also has an artificial pool that will be very useful because it will help us to get acquainted with the controls, it also has a mission editor for users to create experiences from taste to the seas.

Virtual reality makes it absolutely immersive

We know that World of Diving is developed in 3D, and offers us great drawing distances. It also offers us a huge number of all kinds of underwater species, which are recreated in a very but very accurate way. In addition many scenarios of absolute realism, incredible sound effects and a great soundtrack, which will undoubtedly help you relax.

3. Visage

Developer: SadSquare Studio Distributor: SadSquare Studio
Genre: Virtual Reality / Terror Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 y Xbox One .

The game was scheduled for 2018. However, this Survival Horror game developed by Canadian company SadSquare Studio will be launched this 2020 and will initially come out for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Visaje is a first person horror game that will take us to the 80s in a very secluded village. It takes place in a huge and very old house, and that’s when we come across a paranormal horror which will modify even the reality in which we move.

You will feel constant presences and ghosts known as that of a cursed man named Dwayne. Besides, you will have to discover a macabre story that envelops many families and neighbors of that town.


Visage will be located within this huge old house full of murder stories. The player must relive small fragments of things that happened throughout the history of the house. Including without being able to avoid it in the fate of the people who once suffered terrible experiences while living there.

4. Half-Life: Alyx  PC

Developer: Valve Corporation Distributor: Valve Corporation
Genre: first person shots Platforms: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift y Windows Mixed Reality.

This virtual reality video game belongs to the first-person shooter genre. The story is that of Alyx Vance, who appears as a player character and that of his father Eli who is in his fight against an occupation of the land by the Alliance.

This game takes place between Half-Life and Half-Life 2 events. Users control Alyx Vance as she and her father Eli Vance battle an alien race, known as the Alliance that currently dominates Earth.

Half-Life: Alyx has been said to work with all Virtual Reality viewers that are compatible with PC. The features that have been revealed to us by the game include gravity gloves, which allow the player to manipulate gravity.

5. Firmarment

Developer: Cyan Distributor: Cyan
Genre: Exploration adventure and puzzles Platforms:PC

Firmament is being designed for virtual reality and also for PC, and it is expected to come in July 2020. In this virtual reality game will tour many types of scenarios, such as snowy peaks, lonely beaches and even environments Industrial.

The most interesting thing about the whole game is that users have a somewhat curious device that will accompany them. It is practically considered as the multipurpose key with which you can solve the different puzzles and also with which you can trigger the mechanisms.

6. Furious Seas  PC

Developer: Future Immersive Distributor: Steam
Genre: action Platforms:pc

In this game you will have to take the helm of a deadly pirate ship and embark on an exciting adventure about a story of revenge and destruction.

You’ll have the ship and crew within range, and you’ll be able to sink any enemy that crosses in your way. You’ll also have the power to sculpt your legend in the midst of these raging seas.

7. Broomstick League

Developer:Virtual Basement LLC Distributor: Virtual Basement LLC
Genre: sport / action Platforms:PC

It is a fast and fun competitive style multiplayer sports game. Broomstick League is a fast-paced, high-flying online sports game in which players split into teams and traverse huge arenas on their reliable brooms.

The main idea is to take possession of the ball and tap it around the stadium while beating other players in an effort to score. Equipped with a broomstick and wand, players must hone their flying skills and use magic to dodge enemies, defend their target and make inspiring moves.

Armed with the blast spell that hits the ball out of your opponent’s hands, and the flickering spell that teleports players to create goal scoring opportunities, there are endless combinations of moves without two matches alike.

You will have to customize your witch or wizard and equip a variety of brooms, wands and other unlockable magical cosmetics.

8. The Lighthouse | VR Escape Room

Developer: Shadow Knights Studio Distributor: Shadow Knights Studio
Genre: suspense and terror Platforms:PC

This is a virtual reality game with a lot but a lot of suspense. In this game, you find yourself trapped in a room inside Wescott Manor, which has been abandoned for years. You have to use the headlight light to guide your exit. And you must get out before the evil lurking on the other side of the door catches you.

It’s a race against the clock as an unknown evil approaches you. Teleportation is an option and you will have to solve puzzles that will help you get out of the room. This game is also characterized by a high quality sound design and an original musical score with high quality images made with the power of Unreal Engine 4.

Here, you have many Virtual Reality games coming soon in 2020. Now, you can choose the game that attract you the most. After analyzing this list, you know what to expect for. Certainly, 2020 will be a really great year to Virtual Reality games.

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