The Under Presents oculus quest review

The Under Presents: Oculus Quest Review

The Under Presents is now available for Oculus Quest. For those who know this game is a very thrilling news. However, if you haven´t had the chance to know this game we are going to help you right now. So, don’t move and continue reading. You will not regret of doing it.

What is The Under Present about?

Imagine a place where immersive theater meets virtual reality games. There is no doubt, it is an intriguing multiplayer experience set between two worlds: a joyful vaudeville stage and the heartbreaking survival narrative.

Can you imagine being on a stranded ship while supplies run out and day to day a fog from another world approaches? That is what happen in The Under Presents game.

Discover the history of this ship and follow the intertwined destinations of the characters. Let´s immerse ourselves in this unique experience of the Virtual Reality world.

The Under Presents combines theater and virtual reality

The Under Presents is an immersive multiplayer game in which virtual reality is combined with the theater to make it easier to tell the story of two worlds, present world and past world, intersect. The combination of this two technologies makes this game an exquisite and unique experience.

The Under Presents, is a world chaired by an enigmatic MC in which players converge having spectacles that are changing constantly. The Aickman, is the main program that provides a long narrative. It lets players can explore the mysteries of a research ship in which you can manipulate the time and destiny of your crew.

The Under Presents is a story with two parts

The Under Presents is divided into two parts. The first part is based on the main story. Maybe, you can understand with it how and why this mysterious place exists. So, the possible answers revolve around that mysterious ship, a kind of microcosm formed by the Aickman and its passengers. The player unravels that story on his own.

On the other side, the second part focuses on the central world Under, a place for ten prerecorded rotating acts in which players gather. This area is very special because you can, as a player, experience a couple of intimate moments.

Here, there are no written introductions, you can be driven by mysterious ocean floors, through parallel windows and until you can get lost with puzzles in time. You will see an introduction of the character of the MC.

The fascination of the puzzles

At some point, you will come to puzzles with numerous doors. This could perhaps generate some anxiety, but if you quickly understand the trick, these puzzles could become a tool.

This puzzle will teach you how to interact with others, how to move and how to start the story of The Aickman. Right at this point, you realize that you have the ability to cast magic into this world and apply acts that will appear on stage. Besides, you can even take a look at the final Under game.

The Under Presents and its artists live

One of the coolest aspects of this Virtual Reality Game is that, as you discover the Under, you can meet some of our itinerant artists live.

Itinerant artists join even the crowd by showing some of their skill. Nevertheless, the most incredible thing is that you can interact with them. Imagine! Interact with an itinerant artist thanks to the magic of virtual reality live!

The one&quot experience is one of the main attraction of The Under Presents

In the theater world there are moments known as one&quot. These moments are very coveted. Let´s see what are they about.

Well, these are intimate and special vignettes with characters in which you communicate with them with wide gestures or using your fingers, and you can even be invited to another place for this characters. They even usually share their dreams and motivations and you can listen to them and you get to feel that you connect with them.

So, one&quot is a very valuable tool that cannot be achieved with the AI ​​of traditional video games. That is why this mechanic is where The Under Presents shines most.

Live artists time

The artists will be for a limited time. It has been revealed that the next four months will have a serie of artist participating in the game. Players must explore the rest of the game’s story surrounding the Aickman. The live presentations of the artists will be held from November 19, 2019 to 29 March 2020

Magic realism in three acts

Around the predestined crew a story of magical realism told in three acts is spun. It crosses the story of an actor, a captain, a scientist and a dolphin that goes wrong when Weil, a stranger, is taken on board. There the story is discovered from the point of view of each crew member and even their possible destinations willing to control time.

At this point you will have a goal in which you have to even go through the story if you want to find a character.

The Under Presents powers

At the beginning of the game you will get several powers that throughout your progress you realize that you are losing them. So, there comes a time when you wonder who to follow and why. But it is possible that you can interact again in a face to face and return to the trip to discover the enigma of Aickman.

Throughout the game, the puzzles will reappear as mazes and you concentrate on your mission to solve the problem assigned to you. Also, it could happen that the lack of sounds takes you out a little bit of context. It could also seem that the dialogue inside is being scarce.

Silence and lack of dialogue

Sometimes, there are moments in the game where you can feel the dialogue is missing and you may doubt if the characters have decided not to speak because you don’t find unusual inactive animations without narrative substance.

I do not mention it as a negative aspect, this immersive theater is still fabulous and more if you are a fan of immersive theater. This silence and lack of dialogue is part of the game that plays with your mind and feelings.

The Under Presents is thought of you

This is a game designed for those who like to solve puzzles and discover the rules of the world without direction. Participants that are active in their stories and not depend on cut scenes.

It is an excellently constructed world so that we go very and very deep and we will not see the bottom. The Under Presents has a mystery, one that can be exciting, transformative and personal.

On the other hand, personal connections are undoubtedly the masterpiece of this game in which you will discover, hopefully, fragments of The Underworld and that is something powerful. So come on, enter the stage and help us prevent the fate of souls trapped in time. You can save them.

The beginning … a cold hell?

When The Under Presents begins, you are in a dark and muddy wasteland. A mysterious magic geo cover your hands, as if you had left the dark mud below from you, and you learn that you can detach yourself from the mud if you go developing your skills.

We synthesize… The essence of The Under Presents

  • You have a world to explore.
  • For doing it, you have to travel from the dark to the desert in ruins.
  • Then, you find remains of a fallen ship.
  • Everyone in the scene seems to keep a kind of mystery.
  • There is a small theater.
  • You could see bands performing on stage.
  • You can meet and interact with real artists live.


Without any doubt, it has been fascinating have explored the best of The Under Presents. A game that combine theater and virtual reality world, and give you a personal experience.

To conclude, it is important to focuse that it is not just about exploring the game world. Deep down it is about to find a story, a mystery and a mission in which all the characters have their own stories. There, you can choose who to focus on by following them. So put on the mask and come to play.

So, don’t hesitate and enter the ship. Don’t lose the opportunity of live the marvelous experience and the events that occur in real time. Remember: Your mask is, apart from your hands, the most valuable tool of The Under Presents.


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