What VR Headsets are Compatible with Steam

What VR Headsets Are Compatible with Steam?

So, after a while saving your money, building carefully your pc for VR specifications and waiting for the development and improvement of the technology, you have decided that now is the moment for acquire your first headset to play the most recent games that take advantage of this wonderful new technology.

The decision could be a difficult given the number of headsets that are available in the market, followed by their price which can range from $1000 all the way to $200. A choice that can really impact your experience on how you are going to play the games and to consider how you must adapt your own space for playing as much as possible.

What VR Headsets Are Compatible with Steam? The Valve Index, HTC Vive/Vive Pro, Oculus Rift/ Rift S, PSVR and Samsung Odyssey+.

So, to help you in this process of what VR headset is the most adequate for you, in this article we are going to recommend you a few of the options that range from price but mostly the ones while the most compatible to steam and its platform SteamVR.

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Valve Index

Currently the most premium of the VR headset options. Launched in June 28, 2019 at a price of $1000, could be the guarantee that you will have the best of the current experience in VR technology right now, offering 4K graphics directly into the headsets and establishing a process of connection that is enviable by any other standard.

Being developed by Valve, it ensures that not only supports Steam but a wide variety of VR games available in their catalog, including the much-hyped Half-Life Alyx to be launched in March 2020. Practically every innovation that is being tested right now in VR headsets are present directly into the Valve Index, first has a dedicated audio system, also integrates multiple refresh rates for the displays, that goes from 144 Hz to 80 Hz, giving the headset more flexibility of adapting to different kinds of games and resolutions as possible.

Also, as well the main advantage that it has from other competitors are its controllers, called the “Knuckle” controllers, can allow specific and precise movements coming from the user. These controllers are integrating in a commercially available VR headset, pressure sensitivity allowing a better method of controlling the characters in different games, however this is still available in a few games so the complete benefit of these controllers still to be seen soon.

HTC Vive/Vive Pro

Following in price and specifications we have the second oldest of the VR headsets and its variants, the HTC Vive is one of the most modern VR headsets currently in the market which are completely available and compatible with most of the systems.

The difference between the HTC and the Index are quite small, the differences reside only their price and by controller differences, the HTC and Valve systems are very similar into the setup process and the displays are available within the headsets, by looking at the specifications you might be tempted to buy a secondhand HTC Vive, or a more proven HTC Vive pro that already has a significant price reduction since its launch.

The sensor tracking systems that are available for the HTC are the same ones who are available for the Valve Index, so the main reason that you may choose an HTC VR headset over other options, it is given the more robust build quality, accessories available to make the headset more comfortable, but above all the experience of the company with the technology by giving them better experience in VR technology right now.

Costing $800 the pro version, it is one of the most precise VR headsets on the market and also one of the most integrated 6 degrees of freedom system in VR games, that is compatible with all kinds of games available in steam, making it look as an investment that really can show to the user the possibilities and flexibility of the VR Headset system.

Oculus Rift/ Rift S

The Pioneers of the technology and its massification, is still a very recommended option for people who can acquire this first version of the headset in the second hand market, as a way of experimenting the first massively commercial VR headset, and also with the upgrades that has been receiving over the years, to play very competently many of the games that are available right now.

On the other hand the new version the Rift S for a price of $ 394 in Amazon and many other online stores, is a very accessible headset that has all the benefits and flexibility of the first version, but with new technology that allows it to adapt faster to the new technologies that quickly being developed in the games in VR.

The advances of the Rift S are mostly concentrated on the control systems, resolution in the visor and the response time has been accelerated considerably allowing a seamless experience with the user.

The main advantage of this version of the Oculus Rift is the fact that the sensors are integrated directly into the headset, eliminating the necessity of installing sensors around the room, and calibrating them into a process that in many cases could be quite difficult for people with small rooms or small living rooms where they are adapting these kind of technology directly.

The head tracking system is one of the most advanced and with that price that Oculus has put into direct competition of their best alternatives by offering a quality product with all the current advantages of VR systems.

One important thing to take into consideration and to clarify, the Oculus Quest is a standalone system and must not be confused with the Rift and Rift S, while it has the possibility of having a connection with a PC and use the SteamVR platform, is still a feature over Beta testing and requires a significant amount of technical expertise to make the games work properly in most instances.


This is by far the most recommended entry for experiencing VR for the first time, not only because of its price, but also as well by integrating the two biggest VR platforms on the market, Steam VR and the VR games catalog available Playstation Market.

This VR headset may not have within its hardware the advanced technology implementations that of any of the competition has, but the PSVR has one particular advantage that none other of the systems is capable to offer, the online community offers a level of support that ranges from experimentation to improvements to the system, and has grown large enough that makes it the most visible and popular system right now on the market that has made this headset compatible with steam and the games available.

PSVR is a well recommended option for those people who already have a PlayStation 4, and a PC that does not have all the requirements for playing VR, this headset is not very demanding comma and allows to be a first-hand experience on how well we are is going to work for you.

But at its price comes a certain amount of sacrifices, its controls directly derived from the PlayStation Move are not the most precise and its visor has the lowest resolution of the VR headsets on the market and with refresh rates of only 120 Hz and 90 Hz, but for an entry option is very capable of playing current games and test if you want to make a higher investment on a VR headset.

Samsung Odyssey+

Based on the Windows Mixed Reality Platform, which puts it into the middle ground between the Windows VR system experience and the SteamVR experience. This system is completely compatible with both systems, which allows a flexibility into accessing content and to enjoy the available experience in games in both platforms.

It is one headset that takes complete advantage of Samsung’s leader technology on AMOLED screens directly into the headset, also utilizes better ergonomics and distribution of weight making it one of the most comfortable experiences for doing extended sessions, and similar to the experience of the Rift S has the trackers directly into the headset, making it more comfortable to use without requiring external sensors.

It is one headset that it is being very promoted by Samsung and Microsoft creating a very quality product without sacrificing too much issues. The cost of this headset is around $400, but in different sales, including Black Friday it has been said that its price has lower down to $250, making it a better proposition of buying a PSVR system, and a strong competition to the rift S, that can be accessible to users who still are looking to know VR technology for the first time with the most quality possible.

Its compatibility with SteamVR, allows the headset to access the many games available in VR technology, without sacrificing too much resolution or depending too much on sensors to increase the precision in the movement of the characters.

Go Ahead, pick your option and start your new VR experience!


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