1. The Ultimate List of the Best Oculus Quest Free Games

The Ultimate List of the Best Oculus Quest Free Games

Since its release on May 21 of this year, this second Oculus virtual reality headset has taken important steps to expand the VR world, offering an immersive and quality experience at a reasonable price.

The Oculus Quest enables wireless room-scale VR with high resolution displays and it has two controllers without any need for a powerful PC; that is, you can take your headset anywhere and play any game wherever you are.

What is the Oculus Quest?

Created by Oculus VR, it is a completely independent system that includes everything you need in its VR headset; in addition, it has a rechargeable battery and two different versions, the 64GB version and the 128GB version.

Although, both adapt perfectly to your environment, so you can play while you are sitting or walking in a large or a small room. Besides, it can be easily configured, whether you are at home or elsewhere.

How does the Oculus Quest work?

Thanks to the Oculus Insight your movements are reproduced in VR, no matter where you look. It also allows tracking throughout the room without external sensors. So look around, cover yourself and change the course of the battle from anywhere in your play area.

The Oculus Quest has positional audio integrated directly into the glasses. You can listen to both your team and those who speak in the real world, even without headphones.

In addition, with Oculus Touch controllers, hand movements and gestures are transferred to the game. Then, feel free to hit, shoot and pick up objects in virtual reality.

List of Best Oculus Quest Free Games

At first, it had about 50 games and applications, but now, it has an extensive catalogue with some highly anticipated titles and others that may go unnoticed. So in this article, we bring you the best Oculus Quest free games that you should give a shot:

30. Deep Water Solo

It may seem a normal climbing game, but actually it is much more than that. It is quite interesting because after the second or third level, there are very specific rules on how you are allowed to climb or grab certain objects.

Each block requires being held at a certain angle, but some blocks will not let you push yourself up or grab two blocks at the same time. There is even more rules while the game goes on, making it more difficult; however, if you love challenges, this one is for you.

29. Notes on Blindness

After decades of deterioration, John Hull became totally blind in 1983. He started to record his thoughts, feelings and experiences on audio cassettes, which were used to develop this game.

In Notes on Blindness, you can experience what he describes firsthand while you enjoy a beautiful and abstract interpretation of his audio diaries. Although at the beginning the game is non-interactive, after the second chapter you can interact with the environments.

This is probable the best way to live in someone else’s shoes and develop some empathy, so it should be a must-have game.

28. Mission: ISS

Journey into space and feel what it is like to be on the International Space Station! This Emmy Award-Winning simulation takes you into the vast emptiness to feel the weightlessness of being in orbit.

You can walk out, follow the instructions and hints that real-life NASA astronauts have left for you, complete three short missions or choose the free mode to explore the infinitive space.

Besides, the game visually looks stunning and the audio is fantastic; however, it is a little different to what you would expect. Even so, you can consider it one of the best Oculus Quest free games you cannot miss.

27. Tetro Throw

There is not much to say about it, but you can enjoy a 3D clone of the classic Tetris. In this VR version, you can grab the blocks that float by you and put them into place. What are you waiting for?

26. SuperHOT VR

“Time only moves when you move” is the concept of this interesting game. SuperHOT VR is the Oculus Quest demo of the PC game released in 2016, and it takes the player to a minimalist environment where they need to defeat red crystal enemies.

It is another must-have game that you cannot miss. It is incredibly fun and creative thanks to its Matrix like combat experience. Also, it perfectly detects our movements and hand position, something that takes the whole experience to another level.

25. SweeperVR

Sweeper VR is another 3D version of a classic game; Minesweeper in this case. However, this one is a little bit more fascinating; even though it is in 3D, its graphics are identical to the original ones.

So this retro game can be considered one of the best Oculus Quest free games, especially because you can customize the minefield, choosing the size of the play field and how many mines there should be. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

24. Deisim

You are basically a god in a sandbox who is creating an endless world. Deisim allow you to create a world from scratch, as well as a civilization that will grow to worship you.

At first, it is a little limited to grass, forests and lakes, but while your civilization grows you become a more powerful god, building more variety and terrain like ice and dessert.

But do not forget to meet your people’s need; be sure to build flat land, animals for hunting, provides miracles to stop disasters or create one if someone take away your people’s faith.

23. Rec Room

Half social network, half game, this must-have Oculus Quest game cannot go unnoticed on this list. Rec Room is not just great; it is an impressive title with thousands of different rooms with multiple games, battles and laser tag, as well as pirate adventures.

In this community game, you have virtual social interactions with friends or strangers while you choose a very funny hairstyle, a beard or a pirate hat for your avatar.

You can also customize your own bedroom and have access to a huge number of maps, rooms and games created by people.

22. Pavlov “Lite”

Perhaps, this is the VR version of counter-strike, but Pavlov is a FPS shooter multiplayer game where you have multiple maps, game models and even zombies to defeat.

You can play online with strangers or offline with bots that replace the real people. This game is more realistic, so you need to train and check out all the guns before go into the battle.

It is not officially out yet, but it is going to be released on December 19th and it seemed to be a must-have title for fans of FPS games.

21. Final Hunt

You are the last survivor in a zombie world, so it’s your duty to defeat final bosses and shoot every single zombie that cross your path.

In Final Hunt, the player is set in an apocalyptic environment with very limited ammo; besides, every time you shoot a monster, the boss will light up red for you to see it. So this is a simple but challenging game you can enjoy for a while.

20. Bait!

Do you want to relax without leaving your sofa? Then, Bait! is what you need. It won’t cost you a single dollar and it is definitely worth to download to your Oculus Quest. Created by Resolution Games, Bait! is a basic fishing game.

It includes four different lakes; each has its own style and a unique variety of fish. You get ranked on the fish that you catch, so the bigger the fish that you catch the more points that you get. Good luck!

However, certain fish also require different baits and rods, which you can buy in the store. Yes, a real store! So this is a highly recommended game if you want to relax and do not spend a single dollar.

19. Moss

Moss is a beautiful adventure created by Polyarc and starring a little mouse called Quill, who can jump and defeat minor enemies, while we assume the role of God or a powerful creature that helps Quill, either clearing his way or performing other actions such as “high-five”

This is probably one of the qualities that place it among the best Oculus Quest free games. Although, the peculiarity of this title is that each scenario looks like a diorama, which is a scene reproduced in three dimensions by placing objects or figures in front of a painted background.

In this way, we must look for platforms and paths to move forward, as well as vessels that contain orbs, one of the two collectibles of the game, besides the scrolls.

Perhaps, this is not a new game since it was released for PlayStation 4 on 2018, but its Oculus Quest version includes The Twilight Garden additional content, a new adventure in which there are new puzzles, new skills and new characters to discover.

18. Job Simulator

You are in a world where robots have replaced all human jobs, but you want to know how it feels “to job”, well, this is your game! Players can simulate the wonderful days of work being a gourmet chef, an office worker, a convenience store clerk or a mechanic.

Job Simulator is a good example of the interactivity that can achieve the Oculus Quest Touch Controller, since with your movements in real life the character will cook, eat a donut, fix cars and manage customers with a fun touch of humor.

Although the game is not visually pretensions and requires some space to play, the truth is that it is very entertaining, runs perfectly and thanks to the Spectator Mode, you can swap cameras and have another perspective. Isn’t it interesting?

17. Fruit Ninja VR

Do you remember that cute ninja game where you cut fruit with a katana? Well, this is its VR version. Fruit Ninja VR takes you to this peculiar universe to slice fruit from all angles. Be careful with the bombs!

From backyard to battleground, you compete against friends or strangers in four different and exciting modes:

The Classic level you already know and never forget; the Arcade chaotic mode where madness and insane combos rule; the relaxing Zen mode that teach you that practice makes perfect; and the new Survival mode that tests your reflexes.

Are you ready?

16. PokerStars VR

For sure, at least once you played poker and you were fascinated with its M.O, so you decided to try the online versions from your computer. Well, that’s over! Right now, you need to try PokerStars VR.

You can sit down at a table with friends or strangers and actually play like in a real game. You can also pretend to smoke, holding a cigarette, take selfies or use a gun to scare other users, just like in a real game, maybe because it’s a real game.

Besides, you can even look at your cards and put you chips down. Don’t you think this is one of the best Oculus Quest free games? Yes, of course! So if you really like poker but do not want to spend money, PokerStars VR is just for you.

15. Puppet Fever

Act like a puppet master, play with your friends and discover the magic of this virtual theater! Your job is very simple; you just need to make the other players guess the secret Word Card!

In Puppet Fever, you will wear the headset while your friends play using an app called Puppet Fever Companion, which is free on iOS and Android. Besides, it has 3 different modes and hundreds of puppets and props.

This multiplayer game is fun and simple, even small kids can play! So take your headset, make up silly sound effects and do not forget to have fun!

14. Ninja Legends Demo

Another interesting Ninja game on the market! However, it has three game demos and the last one is free, so that you can download it and try to survive in a single level of 360º ninja combat.

It is a visually simple arcade where you deflect the ninja stars and slice your enemies like paper using a katana, but it’s still quite fun. Will you give it a try?

13. Bogo

Do you like pets but you can’t have one? Then, Bogo is just for you! This is the cuter and lighter game in the list, because you only take care and play with a virtual pet that grows faster while you explore a scaling play area.

He is super adorable! You can feed him, pet him and brush him, as well as play games with him such as fetch, ring toss and keep the fruit balloons afloat. Don’t forget, he also loves belly rubs!

12. Labradory

Feed the Labrador and make it happy! In this puzzle game you will release some delicious meatballs from a dispenser in the ceiling in order to deliver them to the trapped Labrador.

But the challenge of this game it’s not feeding the dog. Actually, to beat each level you must use the objects available in the room. At first, all of the objects float in the air. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

However, next levels will introduce objects with gravity and physics, so balancing will be essential to achieve your goal, especially when the final level has the greatest challenge of all: there is only a single meatball to deliver. Good luck!

11. BoxVR

Yes, with the Oculus Quest you can also exercise! BoxVR is a boxing workout specially designs by real-life fitness instructors to destroy calories while you are playing.

Every workout is recorded, in this way you can see how many calories you have burned, as well as set your own goals and see your progress. Besides, you can make your own playlist.

In the virtual gym, there are 12 pages with different classes or workouts, a multiplayer option, a beginner workout that is less than 10 minutes and boxing classes to get fit.

10. Octopus Quest Pinball

It is obviously a pinball game, right? There is not much to say about it, but it is a pretty good game that you can enjoy every time, especially due to its two themes: the Octopus theme and the Day of the Dead theme. Do you want to play?

9. First Contact

Having trouble using the Oculus Touch Controllers? Don’t worry; First Contact is almost an extension of the virtual welcome area you are placed in when you started.

You can practice grabbing objects, shooting or even moving in the game. It’s a funny way to familiarize with the Oculus Quest’s controls, because you awake in a caravan in some high-tech trailer park of a future with a scared robot that you comfort and befriend.

When you get it, the bot will give you floppy disks that you can use to print off rockets, musical instruments, space guns and shoot targets that show off different capabilities of the touch controllers.

The game is not long, but you will enjoy it too much while experiencing the VR world and its possibilities.

8. Journey of the Gods

This is almost a VR version of The Legend of Zelda created by Turtle Rock Studios. Well, perhaps, it hasn’t its charm or the cute Link, or its soundtrack… but it is equally interesting and deserves a chance.

Journey of the Gods is a first-person game where we can have a shield and a weapon in each hand, like a crossbow or a sword. All this while walking through colorful and intricate scenarios, cleaning the area of enemies and fulfilling small missions.

7. Dead and Buried

This is the Oculus Quest version of the Old West duel game where you will hold your gun and destroy hordes of macabre creatures in the old tavern or in the gold mines. And if you want a real challenge, compete with other players in multiplayer speed duels. Get ready!

6. Vader Immortal

Far, far away in a distance galaxy, you are a smuggler operating near Mustafar, Darth Vader’s home, who is about to start a mysterious adventure at the behest of the Sith Lord himself.

Vader Immortal is a chronological and exclusive Oculus Quest game (and free). It was created by ILMxLAB, an Industrial Light & Magic studio, which creates the visual effects of Star Wars.

This mission will allow us to explore the environment, solve small puzzles to open doors and, of course, fight with a fantastic and well-known lightsaber. May the Force be with you!

It is an experience with memorable moments, like a face-to-face with Lord Vader himself, and although the plot lasts about 45 minutes and is divided into three chapters, it is a must-have game you need to try.

5. Epic Roller Coasters

In this VR game, you will get the same feeling of a real roller coaster! You will face situations and scenarios that probably you will never face in real life. In addition, you can choose four different modes:

In the Single player you take a ride individually and in the Multiplayer you take a ride and take selfies with friends or strangers.

On the other hand, in the Shooter mode you aim and shoot to high speeds targets, while in the Race mode you take control of the little cart and compete with your friends.

Finally, each trip comes with an exclusive cart and weapon that you can exchange with everyone else, as well as compete for a position on the rating board.

4. Virtual, Virtual Reality

In the near future, what is the purpose of humanity? Activitude, of course; this is the Virtual Labor System where human companionship is still needed by the AI clients.

In Virtual, Virtual Reality you are an employee of Activitude, a metaverse controlled by artificial intelligence. And what is our job? Our mission is to make sure that customers have a pleasant stay in our virtual world.

Wait, have we said “world”? Oh, no, there is more than one virtual world. In this game, you can escape from your job by putting on VR headsets to jump between multiple realities while you try not to get caught. Be careful!

It is definitely a curious and interesting proposal that deserves to be among the best Oculus Quest free games. So give it a shot!

3. Thumper

Half skill game, half rhythm game, Thumper is another VR game that fits perfectly in the philosophy of virtual reality. Do you want to play it?

We are a chrome beetle, which runs through a closed lane in a dark world. We must press buttons and directions at the right time to avoid all kinds of obstacles such as curves, objects on the track, among others.

The game requires precision and excellent reflexes since the difficulty increases with each level and demands much more concentration and speed than at the beginning to identify the next obstacle or the next action.

Besides, there are final bosses, lots of levels, an incredible soundtrack and unforgettable sound effects. Are you ready?

2. Puzzle Kit

In this Oculus Quest puzzle, it’s your job to get the ball into the goal, even when the goal is not a Labrador, but of course, it’s easier said than done.

You will have to organize all kinds of rails and platforms to guide the ball towards the final goal; although you cannot release it and forget about it. There are some activating mechanics that will require time, such as moving the rudders to give the ball a little jump and also opening the door.

There are three levels with specific courses and goals, as well as a domino mode and a sandbox mode that will need your creativity to reach the goal. What are you waiting for?

1. Beat Saber

Let’s finish this list with one of the best Oculus Quest free games. This game was a highly anticipated title before the release of the Oculus Quest on May 21. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game in which we have two swords of different color (one in each hand) that we use to cut the blocks that are coming at us (related to the colors of the swords).

The block indicates the direction in which we must cut. At first, it may seem very simple, but it is quite complicated depending on the level of difficulty in which we play, from easy to extreme.

However, we must not only cut blocks to the rhythm of a wonderful playlist, we must also avoid obstacles that appear, such as explosive mines or walls. Are you ready?

Although this is the end of our list of the best Oculus Quest free games, there are still many other free games, as well as exclusive ones, that you can play using this wonderful and wireless headset, either alone or with your friends.

Will you give them a shot?


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