blaze rush review

Blaze rush Review

Toy cars have always been the favorite of millions of children (and adults!) around the world, so have the racing games, since they appeared (think Need for Speed or Dirt). Russian studio Targem Games has recognized the popularity of both of those and put them in one VR game.

Gotta go fast!

Targem Games describe BlazeRush as an arcade survival racing game, and although many think this genre has no place on VR, since it doesn’t really add anything to the emotion or immersion, I think that this game’s rather interesting camera position – you’re seeing the tracks from the perspective of a giant and everything seems tiny to you, hence ‘toy cars’ – unlike many other games that put players in the cockpit of the vehicle, makes it a unique experience, even though it sometimes isn’t the best solution, as it can become difficult to keep track of your car.

The game is all about choosing from 16 different, but rather stereotypical characters and cars, and competing with others in a Mario Kart-styled races, with weapons like machine guns, homing missiles and slowing oozes at your disposal, but also speed boosts, and they all drop from the sky randomly during the race.

You need not worry if you fall behind in this race, though, (unless you’re playing Death Race mode, in which case the steam roller is going to run over you if you fall too far behind) as the game will propel you forward to the rest of the competitors by itself, which can sometimes also be frustrating, as it doesn’t only apply for you, but for everyone – AI included. Even though this feature keeps the races exciting and unpredictable, it has little to do with actual skill, which eliminates all chances of it ever being a competitive game.

(Blazing) hot or not?

Although it is hilariously fun for the first couple of times, after a while the game becomes repetitive and boring, despite it having both local and online multiplayer modes. Still, we believe you should try it, at least for the sake of the pure satisfaction of knocking your friends off the track and watching them burst in flames. 7/10.

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