anshar online review

Anshar online Review

We’ve all enjoyed the Star Wars and Star Trek spaceship battle scenes ever since we were kids. Unfortunately, today’s technology hasn’t advanced enough yet to allow us to experience the action first-hand. Fortunately, today’s technology has advanced enough to allow us to experience the action really close to first-hand. You guessed it right, VR games!

You seem…familiar

Anshar Online is a game published by OZWE studio in 2018. If you think the name sounds familiar, you’re not wrong – the studio had also published Anshar Wars and Anshar Wars 2 back in 2015. Those two are remembered as ones of the most visually stunning games to ever come to VR gaming. Does their younger sibling meet the expectations set by them?

As said, Anshar Online is a spaceship mass multiplayer shooter which, apart from either solo or co-op online action, also offers 50 single-player missions. The battleship’s movements are controlled with your gaze – by moving your head you change the directions, and the controller buttons are used to either shoot regular machine-gun-style or launch missiles, which are reportedly still a bit ‘buggy’.

Why is it good?

Unlike plenty of other Oculus Go games, which are mostly one-time experience, this game will keep you coming back for more, as it has quite a lot opportunities for progress, be it upgrading your ship with various modules looted from defeated enemies, levelling the skill trees which boost your ship’s stats or getting special abilities by levelling the ship.

Since it’s an Oculus Go game, its graphics aren’t really on par with its predecessors, but they’re still pretty amazing, as you can see from the screenshots:

Apart from action-packed battles, there’s also a couple of ‘stealth’ missions, where players have to sneak around in order to avoid patrolling enemies, which also adds up to the variety of content.

The amazing, immersive experience that this game offers is most definitely not only for the fans of space-themed games, but for everyone else, and with its fairly low price, we recommend you try it out; 9/10.

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