Along Together VR Review


Developer Turbo Button has made a name for itself with some lovely VR games like Floor Plan and SMS Racing over the years. After their initial success the Developer brought Along Together to the Google Daydream platform. The game was met with critique prize and an overall positive rating from fans. Now, the game has been made available on more platforms, including the Oculus Go.

What is the game?

Along together takes you on a whimsical journey to many worlds where you will be guiding a child as he solves puzzles and interacts with the environment. With the addition to VR, you  are not only controlling the kid character bit also have free roam over the levels. While it’s a single player oriented game, most of the stages were designed as if they were meant to be played co-op. As you progress through more difficult puzzles you get the sense that the kid is more of a co-operative partner than just an NPC.


You can see why Developer Turbo Button made a name for itself. The graphics in Along Together are on par with other adventure titles such as Tale of Two Sons. The colours are bright and vibrant and the choice of music makes your imagination soar. The character models are original and interesting; we haven’t been able to notice any noticeable defects or bugs.


While the game is fantastic on all other aspects, the controls can be a bit finicky. The free roaming camera can take a few seconds to get into a position and if you aren’t careful you might accidentally zoom all the way to the end of the stage.
Controlling the kid can also be a slight pain in the ass sometimes. Similar to Shadow of the Colossus, the main character has a mind of their own and will need a bit of nudging to do what you want them to.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a game with a whimsical and light-hearted tone, than Along Together is for you. You won’t see any scars or action packed scenes here. It’s just an original puzzle solver that brings a breath of fresh air to the VR market.

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