How to change environment

How to change the environment on Oculus Go?

Changing the environment in the oculus go can become a bit complicated, but with an internet search, you can solve that problem. The wide variety of backgrounds in the oculus go will impress you.

You can choose the one that most resembles your style. Besides this, the environments can be interactive with the user, showing you a landscape with sounds of nature or the solar system itself.

In all oculus devices, you can change the wallpaper, but each has features that differentiate them from each other, at least, the quality of the oculus go backgrounds far exceeds the oculus rift environments.

Oculus go is creating a new era for virtual reality viewers with the ability to switch to a completely different and strange world that invites you to get to know it. This is projected with an HD graphic which we will talk about later.

In addition to the above, the VR viewer can be adapted to your tastes, showing you different themes from which you can choose in its configuration. This will completely change your home screen, diversifying it completely from the common backgrounds.

On the same Oculus support page, it is explained in detail how to make this change of theme on your oculus go screen, but if you have any doubts, this article will solve them without any problem.

Learn how to change the environment of oculus go

We will explain in simple steps how to finish changing the environment of your Oculus goes in a few minutes.

Step 1: Put on your display and turn it on to start setting up.

Step 2: Go to your computer’s settings and enter the Oculus go section.

Step 3: Select the library section at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Go to the environments option, and then enter the section and decide the favorite for you.

There are several elements for the themes, the most suitable for you, remember that you will see them in the home menu each time you start the device.

The environments can be solid colors, landscapes or images that are downloaded in the search engine.

How many wallpapers are there?

In the library of environments, there are more than 25 designs for the home screen. These can be differentiated in some characteristics, that is, there are interactive backgrounds and other backgrounds where there are no animations.

It all depends on what the user wants to put on his home screen. If you are a person who likes adventure, you have environments with landscapes in the jungle, seaports, among others.

Wallpapers can also be divided into two parts, one with a 360-degree environment, meaning that your background will completely cover the user’s vision or simpler backgrounds that do not have this feature.

The oculus go allows your space to become what you are, where your personality stands out, you can place backgrounds that are animated, such as a vision of outer space.

Environments of nature

Oculus go environments can be fantastic landscapes, science fiction, solid colors and a variety of interactive images with the user, most of these images are in HD quality.

The backgrounds are the most optimized to date, an option that allows you to have your home as it fits your need or taste, many users are satisfied with these features.

To start the adventure you just have to put on the viewer and turn it on. At the moment of entering the start, the image determined as the environment will be projected and the options to start enjoying the VR experience will start.

But do you want a more realistic environment, in the library of environments you will find natural landscapes, of all variety, you can decide to predetermine your background with a landscape of the Sahara or a beautiful spring afternoon?

Interactive Environments?

An interactive environment with the user is a wallpaper that has various features such as animations, 360-degree vision and sounds that are congruent with the environment.

In the environment library of the oculus go you will find a wide variety of interactive wallpapers, as soon as you put the VR viewer, the sounds and projections will involve you in a different world from the one you know.

At least, if you select an environment similar to a beach, the sound projected on the viewer is especially of waves, birds, and tranquility, this generates harmony in the user.

Most environments that are natural, calm and keep the user in a relaxed state, who does not relax the gentle waves on an afternoon at the beach?

At the time of its launch, the oculus go did not have so many environments in its library, over time the team has added a lot of wallpapers.

The vast majority of backgrounds have landscapes in HD, meaning that the definition of images with or without animation, is very good, with the use of shadows and technologies in Full 4K.

A good image processor presents a better quality

What do we mean by this, the high-quality resolution of the oculus is 72 fps at maximum, this is thanks to a graphic card of the company and one of the best lenses to date, this results in a wide variety of bright colors, with greater clarity?

Once you put the viewfinder on, it will practically disappear from your head as its design allows it to do so.

The oculus go is a grouping of results such as HD quality, good performance and highly interactive environments with the user, and if so, how will the game quality be?

Do you want more environments in the oculus?

If you don’t like the number of backgrounds in the library, don’t worry! Users upload their artwork to the device so that anyone can determine it as their on-screen environment.

As always there can be very good designs and others that honestly don’t measure up. But, with this new option, we are sure you will find yours.

With these options, you have a wide variety of templates to choose from, from an environment equal to a room, or something much more open, such as a decorated garden.

There are many themes to decorate the home of your oculus go with impressive video quality, you can choose different environments with features of depth, video in 360 degrees and sharpness with bright colors.

New updates for Oculus users.

This update is also for devices such as oculus Quest and oculus rift, in addition to bringing a package of new environments, you can modify the decoration of them, for example, you have the option to move a table to your liking.

This also brings some restrictions, for example, if you decide that your environment is a TV room, you can move tables, but not what is on it, this simply allows you to move some functions of the device.

Besides moving objects, there are different functions such as rotation, which as the word says, will move the object to a position that the user wants.

Also, you can move floor decorations or decorations that are on the wall, all these settings are within the 11.0 update.

The best environments of the oculus go.

Most of the environments are in 3D quality, with their background ambiance. The backgrounds can be recommended for different environments, for example, there are relaxing backgrounds that have a sound and image environment in 360 degrees.

The backgrounds can also be futuristic, a good example of this can be the backgrounds where you can find the setting of an intelligent city, with technological details that will leave you impressed. Unfortunately, it’s the only background, you can’t have a complete interaction.

If you are a quiet person, who likes to relax, we recommend you the backgrounds of nature landscapes, we assure you that you will get what you are looking for, relaxation and harmony at the time of placing the visor.

On the other hand, if you like extreme landscapes, there are environments in the oculus where you will find yourself at the highest point of the skyscraper, watching an entire city. Generally, these environments are found in a rainy climate.

Most of the environments are of very good quality. In the library of environments in the oculus, you will find more than 25 designs, fixed colors or a relaxing landscape.

If you don’t find a design of your choice, you can upload images, or enter the gallery of backgrounds that are made by the oculus go community.

The essentials about environments

The environment is the background that will define your home start. This is simply a feature offered by the oculus systems for the user to decorate his space in his way.

Changing the background is very simple, just follow the steps above (steps only valid for oculus go) and choose the favorite for you.

There are a lot of environments for the oculus, these backgrounds can be divided into colors, solids, relaxing landscapes or extreme environments (not recommended for people suffering from diseases or vertigo).

We hope this information is useful, modify your environment according to your personality.


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