vr casino review

Casino VR Review

Oculus Go came out in May. Along with the impressive VR headset we have seen some exciting new games show up. Games like a new Evil Dead Reboot, a new gunslinger multiplayer, and Poker VR. Now we can shoot, be scared from, and train our gambling skills while also socialising with other players in a simulated virtual reality.

VR Casino came out on the day Oculus VR was released. The app is available cross-platform for free. It features a blackjack table, roulette, and about 20 different slot machines with various themes and pay-outs.


The graphics are good for a virtual casino. When assessing the quality we took into account the type of game this is, more accurately a gambling simulator. Nobody expects these to have graphics like Resident Evil 7 (although that would be impressive). Be that as it may, the gambling games are animated beautifully and we haven’t been able to find any major problems.
What we and some users have noticed is the repetitive nature of the soundtracks in the game. Now, casino music isn’t all that important bit we would have liked to hear something other than the regular show tune on repeat.

Connectivity Issues

While the li-game gambling games run smoothly as you would expect, we noticed some connectivity issues. On several occasions our Oculus Go refused to connect and we were faced with a ‘Internet Connection not Found’. After checking to see that the problem wasn’t local, we established that it might be from the software. A reboot fixed the issue for an hour after which the game crashed again. A patch or fix for this issue would be most welcome.

Hardware Becoming Unbearably Hot

Whether this has to do with poor optimisation or a fault in the hardware, we are unsure, but during testing our Headset felt like it was going to explode. Leaving it aside for a few minutes reduced the heat problem but didn’t fix it.

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