Creed, rise to glory_ Oculus Quest Review

Meet the fabulous Creed: Ryse to Glory, also available for Oculus Quest

This is a great boxing game that belongs to the developer Survius.

There are many games concerning boxing, there have been many adaptations to the world of video games that have been really good as Super Punch Out or Fight Night Round 4, in fact we could compete with great legends of history, however, we believe that Ryse To Glory He has managed to get high, where others perhaps could not.

The reason is because it is a game created for R.V in a very intelligent way, not only with a lot of head, but with a lot of heart. Perhaps this proposal was hanging around Survios’ ideas for some time and they have created this wonder Rise to Glory, a title that is based on the legend of Rocky Balboa to which many bet is a promising proposal.

And Survius is one of the most active studies in Virtual Reality that is always changing gender and this has been demonstrated by offering us a dose of action with Raw Data, adrenaline in Sprint Vector races and even the possibility of being a DJ of the future with Electronaus but now they wanted us to get into a boxing ring with this jewel that is Rise to Glory.

And this proposal we have to continue ensuring we liked it a lot because it suggests adaptation to a movie.

Game modes

When we are starting in the game we can access different game modes. At the beginning we will continue the story by seeing how Adonis Cred stardom is launched. In this way we will be trained by someone little known but we will get to know more, until Balboa himself trains us.

Maybe the game does not surprise you with its great narrative, we will only see the occasional dialogue between battles, and a little more dialogue as we move forward, but the important thing is the gameplay because it is what surprises most about this game .

For each fight there are two phases, one is a training assembly that will determine the level of resistance of the player and his fight, here will be shown several phases of training exercises that can be performed in isolation independently, such as running in a tape, or maybe hit a sack, a training dummy, dodge attacks etc. Let’s say they are like species of mini games based on realism. Something that we consider very useful as a tool, these montages are so real that they make you feel inside a Rocky movie something that you will find incredible.

We then have the combat, which is at the core of the game, which demonstrates a combat system with simulators that have a lot of mechanics, including: mobility through the ring, this uses a movement system and also allows you to move a little and even To be able to get away from an opponent.

The music Inside a legendary movie

One of the things that you will feel different from other combat games is that Creed: Ryse to Glory is not just a fighting simulator but rather a movie combat, it is a Rocky movie! For what you are going to train and you will fight in all the spectacular battles of this great film saga, and the best thing that you will do with the original background music and even that mythical and unforgettable training we saw in Rocky 4, every Once you get a victory.

And when you do a knock-out, the music goes up in an epic way. And although you will feel the winner, the game is not over, because the opponent can get up and it will be time to study your weaknesses, of course there is the possibility that the opponent remains rest of the fight And of course each fight is so different that this is another of the qualities that we can score in this game.

The effects of the blows are also quite contingent and the voices we hear in English have an excellent level.


Survios looks once again with the details imagine the reality, every time your fists reach to impact the opponent they will present an obvious degradation on their face, it will be noticed as where more attrition the degradation will be greater, and you can see how they are marked his eyes, his cheekbones close, he even splashed you with blood, so illustrative he becomes.

Let’s get into mechanics:

You can see how the technical section is well done, thus achieving a perfect immersion, since the game stands out because it takes you inside it, of that great playful universe that it gives us, here Survios tries not only to find that the game It works well, but also to make this game innovative in its qualities, in fact you will feel for the first time how you are hitting someone, with what is perceived its good functioning and its corresponding innovation.

Other qualities of the mechanics is that during the fight you can even throw many hits in reality, and our avatar will be as fast as our own endurance allows, because our character will get tired and you will notice it when you feel his arms go slower, losing the ability to impact with the same force.

The game implements a mechanic to make us notice the tiredness of our character, so we can not drop thousands of shots in the machine gun style, our character can run out of starmina and we have to look for it because that will only be necessary, but also usual. Since in this game all participants are elite, each hit could be capable of causing a knock-out.

Another aspect that makes mechanics a fascinating aspect is that we will notice when we are tired as the fists will be covered with a kind of red hue, so we will know that we are losing starmine, and to be able to recover it we must keep our fists always on guard and in this way that color will disappear and we can again hit with certainty and aim.

Another brilliant mechanic appears when you move to the back of the avatar at a greater distance and it will move away from our sight and we will only see a central point, and you will feel outside the body, and it will be urgent to return to it again to recover, sure of That you look amazing.

All these aspects will be achieved in Oculus when the two controls can be moved asynchronously, being able to move forward and backward and even move laterally, of course you can also change the viewing angle if you can repeatedly press a button on the controller that will be indicating in the tutorial.


Game with various modes

It should be noted that Creed: Ryse to Glory presents several game options in which the Race is seen in this our character Adonis progresses until achieving the world championship, in this career mode we will alter the training and combat until all the races can be covered opponents in an hour and a half, in case you are very skilled with mechanics.

With respect to the fighting, these will seem very varied because they will depend on the opponent that will have different characteristics between them and that is why you must face each one with a different strategy, but if there is an aspect that is genuinely brilliant that there are moments that you get so fully in the fight that some might seem like final battles, in the style of rocky combat with Ivan Drago.

Its qualities make Creed: Rise to Glory a magnificent game, because all its fights are very intense in which you will be forced to attack in a technical way and not only throwing blows left and right but rather looking for openings in the defense of the Opponent and that is where you feel committed to maintaining endurance, which makes it the most realistic boxing experience so far.

Each level will face you more powerful enemies that will test your skills as a player, you will also have the free mode in which you can select any character, which includes rivals and even Rocky himself. The fact that each character has its own general characteristics which can make it better in its defense than in the offensive or vice versa, so no fight will be the same.

Without a doubt we are facing a very tactical fighting game that leads us to test the resistance of our character since we are facing a very inverse fighting game and to this we add that we can play against other users online will be even cooler, so by way of conclusion I can tell you that Creed: Rise to Glory excellently recreates the feeling of being in a Rocky movie, so I hope you warm up well before getting in the ring and enjoy your stay in the ring.


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