Darknet Review Oculus Go

Darknet review

What is the “Darknet” Oculus Go game? Basically, it’s a game of stealing without accelerating. You are a hacker and, using crazy hacking skills, affect nodes with viruses and crack firewalls to obtain precious data. It seems complex, I know, but in fact, it is a strategic game that is well explained during the first five minutes of the game.
Instantly, players are directed to the unique location of being on the Internet, showing different points of contact around them, indicated by spherical shapes, sometimes guarded by shields. It is not clear why, but your job is to put a black hat on every defense point, steal its money and use it to boost your system.

Darknet Review Oculus Go


Think of any node as a level or a mini puzzle. The solution of these puzzles in Darknet is evident since each panel is placed in a grid of species, with many blue guard nodes and one core or more. Your task is to choose which nodes to break may be more than one, which leads to successive animations in purple. When players start sequence, the nodes will move in all directions along the way until they touch the nucleus “in this case, you win” or different security blue node. Everything becomes more complicated when the thought of sending viruses in waves appears.

Extra money

You may say that “extra money means extra problems,” except in Darknet, the updates are actually great, give a true feeling of progress. Getting hacks to allow players access to cheat codes, which are described in the game to some extent and have meaning. Make weaknesses more difficult at levels, and Hydras complete the secondary stages, and purchasing extra viruses gives players further moves.
Darknet is something that can work technically in a regular environment externally VR, but the nature of the game feels sustained.

The map

The map is nicely open, though the final goal is to penetrate the root node to overcome the game. Players can unlock any joint they can view, a useful feature in attack preparation; It is also a hard job, mainly when it opens the root. In a fresh change of velocity that was surely lifted by a decision to turn it into a virtual reality game.

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