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Discovery VR Review

Virtual Reality is so often described as a form of escapism for most people. While there is an appeal to shutting yourself out on those rainy and moody days, virtual reality helps you discover and connect with the outside world like never before.

Discovery VR helps lovers of the outside experience even more. It is available on Oculus Go, HTC VR, App Store, Google Play, Daydream, and Gear VR. So already there is a big market for it.

What we mean by help explorers explore more is that you can put the headset on and join some of the most breath-taking and extreme excursions ever. Like mount Everest. The quality of the video is superb, taking full advantage of the most modern  360 cameras available to virtual reality headsets
Is Everest too extreme? Try the Puppy Bowl where cute as heck puppies wrestle and have fun. Again, every video has crisp like quality so you will not miss any of the fuzzy cuteness.
Besides puppies and extreme sports, you can catch up in discovery original series like Fear Thy Neighbour which is a show focused on exploring feuds between neighbours.

If that’s not what you’re looking for maybe some exotic animals will be just what you need. The Discovery VR review lets you get very close to some animals that you wouldn’t want to get close to. Pandas, lions, and sharks are just some of those. The added benefit is that you get to experience everything in virtual space; the experience of staring down a deadly predator isn’t the same as on television.

The app is fantastic. It offers another way of learning about the outside world from our home. This is another attempt to create a learning space for VR, something that I think we can all agree is necessary and a step in the right direction.

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