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Electro Beats VR Review


There was a time when rhythm games ruled the world. Remember DDR, Dance Dance Revolution and Crypt of the Necrodancer? Yeah, those were good games. The world had almost forgotten about rhythm games before Electro Beats showed up. Maybe it should have stayed forgotten.

Electro Beats for VR is a rhythm game where you use the headset to control when and how you hit notes. Turning your head left and right changes the direction of the game and lifting it up and down hits the notes. So far so good.

The game features an impressive soundtrack of over 50 electro inspired songs. Most are available by default or by beating a certain stage or unlocking them. Some can be purchased as DLC. The songs are all very good and it is easy to get into the rhythm. Again, so far so good.

There are leader boards and online competitions where you can take part in and try to beat the highest score.

The game fails to connect…
Ah, here it is. The game itself is fine, maybe a bit heavy on the neck and eyes but it’s a decent rhythm based game. The problems arise with the network the game is hosted on. One out of five people won’t be able to connect to the server or download the game a all. Sometimes the game will crash in the middle of a musical stage without anyway of launching it right away. We’ve heard of people losing their progress.

These are just some of the horrifying things plaguing this game. If hey were to be patched out, and the game updated we might have a new contender for top VR rhythm game. Until then – play at your own risk. And watch your neck as it gets awfully stiff after three to four songs.

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