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End Space Review

Basically, you’re in deep space and you’re shooting stuff left, right and center. But…is that all there is to Oculus Go End Space? Well, that’s what I’m here to unveil. And to answer your question compadre, there is much much more than meets the eye in this indie-developed virtual reality (VR) title. Now, obviously, it didn’t quite have the advantage that big space VR titles like Star Trek™: Bridge Crew and Detached have in terms of origins. These guys were released on fairly big platforms while Oculus Go End Space started from a smaller platform. Considering it’s comparatively humble origins, this space virtual reality title still packs quite a punch.

The Story

Coupled with beautiful space visuals is an exciting storyline which puts you in the cockpit of the Minos Starfighter from the United Trade Consortium. You’re the pilot and the spacefighter that has been handed the honor of protecting the company’s secret technology from the enemy, Tartarus Liberation Front insurgents. You need to defend yourself in each level in the right amount of time to earn credits. You’ll need those credits to upgrade the ship’s attack system; guns and missiles and lots of it. Now, it doesn’t have a lot offered in terms of upgrades, only a few or the guns and missiles but Oculus Go End Space is still a pretty decent space VR game.


Orange bridge studios did a bang up job in aligning all the cockpit based flyer control options to the player’s motion controllers. This means that players will be enjoying an intensely immersive experience while being seated only. Players have the option of using an Oculus touch controller which can be switched depending on your comfort (left or right). Now it does feel a tad bit, shall we say, iffy, at first. That’s because players can use both input methods (Oculus touch and the control sticks). You do need to give your body the chance to adjust to these sensitive controls. This will naturally happen over time. Although, you may want to avoid any stomach turning rolls and dead drops, especially after lunch!

To Conclude

It may not have some of the things we may see in bigger VR space titles, but I’d still recommend this VR space game with a solid rating of 8 out of 10 purely for its immersion technology and out of this world (pun totally intended) visuals.

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