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Oculus Go Best Games to Exercise

When we prepare to use the oculus go we find various activities to entertain us or relax us, either by meditating or watching our favorite series.

In addition to the various functions that can have the oculus go, being able to exercise is one of its benefits. The various games that can have this VR console keep you in constant motion, with quality of HD video, so the hours of exercise will be much more fun.

Below, we will show you a list of games that will keep you in constant movement.

VZfit Virtual Reality Cycling for Oculus Quest and Go

Cycling has been upgraded to a new level, this video game comes with a cardiovascular exercise machine in its package. This new control can be operated by wireless controllers on a sensor located on the handlebar.

In addition to this, the pedals are linked by Bluetooth, allowing the user to ride without latency. This cycling game comes in 13 modes that can be played alone.

You can play online with your friends, or in an online race. The bikes you are unlocking according to the time, are completely adapted to the cardiovascular exercise machine.

You can exercise anywhere in the world. A pretty high appeal when it comes to getting relaxation and a good workout. Press the function and explore in the game. You will get to know the famous cycling tracks in countries like Spain, France, and Germany.

Membership can be optional, but for only 9.99 per month, you can create tracks and share them, unlock the multi-player game mode completely, the exercise you will know like never before.

We are completely sure that a good diet and 3 hours a day of this game will be more than enough to reduce fat and many calories.

In just 1 month you can see the results. We recommend that when you start to exercise you do different types of stretches, after that, choose the easiest practice track, take it as a warm-up.

Beaton 2000

It is a game developed exclusively to keep your body in constant movement and following the rhythm of the music. You can find it on the oculus page and install it easily, this game has several musical orchestras.

You will keep yourself in constant movement and each level is a new kind of melody. Beaton 2000 is a game with several melodies and each block you break interacts with the song that is playing.

You will have an afternoon of daily exercise with this game which will help you to reduce many calories because it is specially designed to contribute to reinforcing the whole upper body.

With the use of 2 controllers, you can focus on building resistance in the chest, back and arm areas. We recommend that you exercise with a very soft playlist at the beginning of your routine, this will help you avoid suffering any injury to your shoulders or arms.

Always before starting a hard exercise session, it is recommended that you do some stretching. After you have been exercising for a while, get into songs a little faster.

We assure you of a considerable reduction of calories and recommend that you practice this exercise at least once a day with a time of 2 hours.

The game is set with a design very similar to the Tron film, also, the tool for hitting are discs, these will make the job much more difficult, good luck!

Racket Fury

One of the legendary Ping Pong games that we are sure will never go out of fashion and for which we will no longer need annoying wiring because the Oculus Go is completely wireless, without the use of annoying tables that have to be positioned properly.

This game stands out thanks to the environments designed with HD quality with Racket Fury is possible to connect online with your friends and enjoy some very good games of the classic sport.

Its scenario also stands out because of the large number of spectators in the stands, transporting you to a completely different world of sport than the one you have known until now.

Also, in the game, you can gradually adjust the difficulty, to set yourself challenges of greater value.

This game promises great hours of constant exercise depending on your ability, so don’t miss out!

If you are a ping pong fan, this game is for you.

Benefits of exercising with Oculus Go

Exercise using apps from the Oculus Go? A real therapy, safe and cheap.

It is true and it is also a very effective medicine to play and train with the help of the Oculus. Believe it or not, it is possible to lose those extra pounds or even stay active through play.

Some of the health benefits of playing with Oculus Go are

– Lowering blood pressure and staying active.

– Decrease stress.

– Together with a proper diet, you can reduce your body weight and eliminate those extra pounds.

– Improve your metabolic profile and, in particular, improve glycemic control in diabetic patients.

– Increase mood.

– Reduce depressive manifestations of anxiety.

It has been demonstrated that exercise is beneficial to health. Leading a sedentary life is not healthy at all. Relying on technology for a better lifestyle is something that should be taken advantage of.

With the Oculus Go, you can not only entertain yourself but also exercise and have a good time.

One more step into the future

Since its launch, the oculus go has been the most innovative intelligent device, (being this one surpassed by the Oculus Quest), with all its accessories and its space sound, you are transported to another world with the device.

For children and adults, it is ideal for escaping that sedentary life with a routine of totally original interactive games that will help you have a better quality of life, from the comfort of your home and without spending money.

Oculus go has a wide variety of exercises and games in the computer store, where you can download most of them completely free.

Until recently, virtual reality or the equipment that provided it needed to be connected to a PC or a Smartphone, forcing you to spend more money buying a graphics card with greater capacity to have a good performance in games.

This is now a thing of the past as the Oculus Go is easy to connect to a PC and is completely wireless. You only need to connect at the initial installation to a smart device.

If you are a sports professional, these exercises will also serve as an optimal training, as they are conditioned in high graphic quality and work perfectly to exploit your skills as a player.

Considerations before exercising with the Oculus Go

The Oculus go is recommended for those who want to get away from everyday life. The device allows you to access many applications to enjoy virtual reality. The only defect is that the battery does not last more than two hours.

Robust and sensitive to expectations. If you need to connect to external instruments, we recommend using Bluetooth connections.

Virtual reality can be your partner in the quest to exercise. Set your routine and have fun for hours at your favorite game.

We recommend using a fullbody tracking system to make the workout much more profitable.

Oculus users have reduced 15 kilos in 2 months, verifying that the device does contribute to reducing body weight.

With a diet rich in low fat you can even notice surprising results in less than 1 month. With perseverance, commitment and entertainment, losing weight will be just another everyday game.

The experience with virtual reality can change your life and your health, and with the helper (assistant inside the device) you can organize your weekly exercise routine.

We recommend that when you start your routine, you have a bottle of water, a towel and a protein-rich shake ready.

The various games presented are developed to exploit the user in terms of physical activity. Get more and more into a game that studies your characteristics and tries to become a competition for you.

If you are new to this world don’t worry, the handling of the games and the device itself is very simple, what are you waiting for? Time to start your routine!

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