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How to factory reset your Oculus Go virtual reality headset

Oculus Go was released four months ago. It was received by many as a very decent addition to the virtual reality family. It doesn’t make enough changes to the hardware to make it groundbreaking, but its sales and customer satisfaction prove that there is still a needy market for VR.

There haven’t been any noticeable bugs or problems with the oculus Go so far. But even if your Oculus Go virtual reality headset is working properly, sometimes you just want to start over. The Oculus Go virtual headset has a factory reset option that erases everything on your console and makes it brand new. It is advised that most computers, phones and consoles do that at least once every year to extend the lifespan of the device.

Be warned: performing a factory reset on the Oculus Go is irreversible. You will lose all apps, passwords and changes in settings. There is no way to get any of the information back once the process has been complete. Only factory reset your device if you are completely sure it is necessary.

How to factory reset the Oculus Go

You can reset the Oculus Go from the headset itself.

  • Shut off your Oculus Go headset completely.
  • Wait around a minute for all electric charges to leave the device.
  • Hold down the power and volume button simultaneously until the screen shines.
  • The volume button will function as your controller. The power button will serve the purpose of Yes. Use the volume button to highlight the factory reset option. Choose Yes and wait for the system to reset.
  • Once the factory reset completes, log in to the Oculus application and set up your device. Keep in mind that no passwords will be saved at this stage. We recommend that you extract all valuable information to use in the future.


That’s it. You have factory reset your device!

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