Human Anatomy Review Oculus Go

Human Anatomy VR: Complete Edition Review


Who says that virtual reality is just for video games? Just like in science fiction books and movies, we now have the ability to have hands on learning of the human body from the comfort of our home.

Human Anatomy VR

Human Anatomy VR is a learning software for the Oculus Go that allows a user to explore the human body like never before. This app allows for a unique way of learning Biology: by being able to take a stroll inside a digital model of the human body. It reminds us of movies like Interstellar and Honey I Shrunk the Kids, but with more accurate science.

What you can expect from the app is the ability to shift between overview and under view. Meaning, you can isolate certain parts of the body like the brain and heart and study them up close. Really up close. The powerful rendering processor in Human Anatomy VR allows you to see the pumping of blood through the cardiovascular system. You’ll be able to trace the flow of blood from one organ to the next and see just how the four heart valves function.

The Complete Edition has improved some of the performance issues that the original app had. They have also added new functions like being able to break down the different parts of the connective tissue and search  for different kinds of fissures. New tools and content are planned to be added at a later date, including a way to simulate more advanced diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Thyroid Cancer.

While not a game, but a learning tool, this Human Body Simulator can be used by students and adults as well. You don’t have to be a medical student to broaden your culture and we think that this would be a welcomed addition to any classroom or home.

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