Eve Gunjack Review

With the international release of Oculus Go, we’ve seen some new and old titles resurge in new and exciting forms.

Eve Gunjack Review 2

Eve Gunjack is the ‘spin-off’ of the vastly popular title Eve Online that captivated the world with it’s amazing space battles and impact on real life stock markets.
While it’s not a sequel or continuation, Eve Gunjack bares some of the elements of space battle that made Eve online so popular.

The game is essentially a turret shooter and tower defence. You will be playing as Eight, a mute and obedient worker who is given the task of influencers the base from any hostile influences. Your mission is to guard the base from waves of enemies, bosses and surprise meteor showers. Simple and played out, yet the VR brings a fresh feel to the formula. Your head is essentially what targets the turret while your hands control the weapons. The entire gameplay is focused on beating missions and progressing down an upgrade path.
The graphics themselves aren’t anything to write home about; we feel that more could have been done to add variety to the different models of spaceships. However, it’s a merit to mention that the models are very pretty and well modelled. There are certain customization options that allow players to make their ship unique.  Those are sadly not as impressive when you remember that you are a turret and what you’ll most likely see only the debris of all the destroyed ships.
Speaking of destruction, the game does a good job of setting its models in front of a visible background. This helps in identifying high value targets and potential threats. It also does not tire your eyes out as much as some visually darker games do.

Overall, Eve Gunjack is an average game. It doesn’t bring much new to the turret/tower defence game besides the aforementioned VR. It’s not a bad game by any stretches but it just doesn’t capture the attention as much as the original Eve Online did.

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